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  1. This is all great guys. Keep the suggestions coming. At some point I need to purchase a car so that I can recreate the photo for my jukebox museum and I really would like to get it as close as possible. I know this is a very silly question, but has anyone any ideas on color of the bodywork?
  2. The Pontiac would be more valuable. I think an average condition Pontiac is around 8k and an average Rock-Ola of this model would be around 3k.
  3. The jukebox dimensions are: 60" High, 38" Wide, 26.5" Deep. I think that would fit in the Sedan. What we can't tell is if the car is a two door or a four door and if it was a 6 or 8 cylinder. The photo must have been taken in 1940 or early 41 as this jukebox was only produced in 1940 and 41 and as a Rock-Ola sales rep he wouldn't have been dragging an old model around. I also don't believe he would have cannibalised a brand-new car, so the suggestion that it could be a 1937 model seems to fit. My wonder is how he coped with all that weight on the ass end. The jukebox weighs 410
  4. It's a 1940 Rock-Ola Super Luxury Light-up and Dial-A-Tune wall box. This was a Rock-Ola jukebox distributor from Texas.
  5. Thanks, after seeing the photo you posted I have to agree.
  6. I know this is tough as most of this car is obscured but there is a bit of bumper visible. I think it is a 30's car but don't know enough about vintage US models to identify it myself.
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