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  1. jmmaly

    Who Built It?

    Thanks for your reply. It appears you are a purist which was what I was hoping to hear from. Have any suggestions of where I might find and original restoration. They seem hard to find and mostly seem to be in the upper Northeast.......long way from South Texas. Thanks.
  2. jmmaly

    Who Built It?

    I'm considering buying this 1929. Does anyone know this vehicle and who may have built it? Any info would be appreciated. My contact is 281-744-6083. Thanks.
  3. Wow that's getting down to "technical" I'd be happy finding either! That's another item I haven't found yet. jmm
  4. I agree. The grille and chrome really make it an attractive classic. The way it looks, if I ever get it done, it may very well be the only one. I can find pics but I can't find any real trucks.
  5. I actually have not tried it myself bc I can't find fenders for either the Ford or Merc. I'm told that it is in the hood meeting the fenders plus front cowling and that the Merc grille projects out in front of the headlights with the Ford is slightly behind the headlights. Without having the two side by side to measure it's hard to tell. They look the same to me but I've been told by more than one builder including 'Mercury Charlie' in San Antonio that they don't exchange. He is supposed to be THE authority on Mercury. I've been a Ford person since high school, (early 60's) and don't ever r
  6. Dave, thanks for your response. Here's the story and thought process. My wife found this truck and wanted it. I ASSUMED it was the same as a Ford so bought it for her. (my mistake) Now I find that in fact the 46 and 47 Mercury trucks, made in Canada, are actually different than the Ford from the windshield forward. From 48 forward they are all Ford with different badging. I can't find any frame drawings for the 46 and am working with Heidt's for front and rear suspension. They have never done anything for the 43 to 47 model years so we are looking to see which years had the same chassis.
  7. THANK YOU! That is more info than I've found in two months. jmm
  8. I'm looking for anyone that can help with sheet metal parts or INFORMATION on the chassis for this truck. Trying to verify if the chassis is the same as possibly a 1948 Ford pickup. Chassis drawings or any info would be appreciated.
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