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  1. Holey moley. Spent the better part of the afternoon tackling the window pillar configuration. Thank goodness for using staples and a little two sided tape to temporarily hold things. I had to take the assembly apart I don't know how many times. I tried making it the same as the factory but I couldn't get it to work with the backing strip they sewed on. I decided to use the tape to close the lace up for stiffness. The problem was getting the lace to fit tight but I got it. It actually looks better with the door closed! The metal plate behind the upholstery holds it in good and tight. The other side should go quicker. On a note, first time using 3M SUPER 77 spray contact cement. I've had some bad experiences with other brands and I read up nothing but good things with this. I used it for the formed piece. So far I'm liking it.
  2. I finished making the windlace that slides into the front side door brackets. I used maybe 16 gauge wire that would slide in and not pop out. I found some black CanTech two sided tape in the garage to adhere the back of the lace. I practiced on a small piece first and when I tried to open the lace back up I had to literally destroy the material to do so! Pretty amazing stuff. I was kinda nervous because this was a one shot deal and I don't have enough lace to make it back. Almost every inch is critical. I would have ordered more knowing this. I'm making sure I have enough for the doors first and if I were to run out, (sure I won't) I would have to come up with a plan to fill in the bottoms at the back seat .I still had to trim about an 1/8" along the length and it went in with a little tugging and pulling.
  3. I replaced the original antenna with a universal one that can be retracted all the way closed. The original one only goes down to the first section which leaves it up a foot or more. I did this because the first summer I got the car I was using a fitted cover and it was worried it would rip with the original antenna. I've still got it and if needed can be swapped back quite easily. I've since been using a portable canopy which I can just park under and makes life easier. If I can just keep the wind from blowing it away! lol
  4. Doing a lot of dry fitting. The lace will sit better when the pillar cap is upholstered and installed.
  5. Also reinforced the edges of the main pillar strip with duct tape. Actually stiffened it up the weak cardboard. Did a couple 3/8" staples and folded them closed to hold the lace. Didn't want to use too many in case I had to remove them. I have to practice keeping the lace tight against where it gets fastened. I actually just wanted to get a better measurement of the length of lace. I had ordered 40 feet and they didn't give me any little extra. When I did a rough measurement I was a little concerned if I was going to make it or not. Today's practice confirmed I will have enough.
  6. Tinkered a bit today. Wasn't sure if I was going to be able to reuse the front pillar mold or have to make another. Acetone, a stiff rag and elbow grease removed 65 year old glue well. It's made of very thin belting and quite durable. This is going to be the trickiest section of the lace/upholstery work. It's funky with stitching, gluing and folding. The bottom lace also slides into a channel in a bracket and is held there. They just bunched the back part of the lace and stitched it thick to make it work. I have an idea when it gets to that.
  7. I found 2 mystery holes in the hood above my lamp. Though mine lamp is different, I suspect those would be the holes for the bracket for different years.
  8. Just crawled underneath. Forgot about a support. Hope this could help.
  9. Just by a double clamp thingy that I don't have a pic of. Keeps the two hard lines together down near the bottom.
  10. Not sure if the '54 is the same.
  11. I found it funny that one of the tangs were bent straight up and they welded the center brace over top of it. I was able to force it back out. While I was waiting for glue to dry, I did a quick fit of the mat/carpet for under the front seat. I didn't have a long enough piece of carpet so I'm just putting 2 pieces down. I'll glue the carpet to the mat and screw the whole thing down. Doesn't end up being seen anyway.
  12. Makin' the tack strips New black tack strips around the doors. Should have done myself a favour and made them a tad under 1/2" wide. Was bit of a tight fit.
  13. New liner tucked in. Same material different colour. Used as packing when I received the kit. This way I can tug and pull and play with it with no consequences.
  14. Turns out I didn't have enough rubber strip to make the tack strip. Found some 1/8" rubber matting so I have to cut 3/8" strips and double them up. It holds a staple well also. Instead of making the strips today, I experimented with doing a sample. Have to make sure everything is a go before I start my first headliner. I found the alligator strips too tight against the body to shove any liner up there but it's quite forgivable. I think those tangs will help hold it in too. About 3/8" of material goes up and under and holds. Because this is foam backed and not as thin as the cotton nap it feels it holds quite well. About leaving excess for later readjustment seems a little difficult. Gonna have to be patient on this job! New stapled lace and tack strip vs old hanging lace Alligator strip installed
  15. Slick! I hear you about the bulb removal especially if at a show with the hood up all day.