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  1. When I sanded the corrosion down I got a clean copper surface. Maybe that'll help.
  2. ...because I always drive around with one LOL.....the starter usually kicks in next try but thanks for that idea!
  3. I've heard of guys bypassing it permanently when they have issues.
  4. Dang, wish I would have waited for your reply LOL. The solenoid mounting plate is slotted allowing it to be moved forward to backward but the funny thing is, each bolt holding it down are at the outside of those slots. It can only be mounted in one position. So I can't see any way it can move or be adjusted. Now I'm just curious what the pinion measurement is. Maybe it's not the correct solenoid for that starter. It does look awful new.
  5. I almost forgot about the other bolt head. I turned that one 180 also. I also decided to open up the starter seeing I had it out. It really was clean. No dust or anything. About the only thing I could clean was where the brushes contact and the end shaft. The old grease felt gummy so put a little new grease on it also. I really hope this is the fix I've been looking for!
  6. Took the solenoid apart and I've seen cleaner contacts. Contact area is the edge of the bolt head and edge of the disc. 4The bolt head can be turned 180 degrees to make a clean surface again. I wish I could flip the disc to the clean side but it seems the pin holding it on is squashed a bit to hold it in place. I don't want to mess around with that or I'll probably be looking for a new rebuild or something. I lightly sanded the corroded edge smooth. What's interesting to me is the disc looks aluminum and the contact area is copper. Is that a coating of some sort?
  7. Actually, I found my charger came with ring terminal connectors still in the box. I'm going to attach them and leave them outside the battery cover. I can plug the charger in any time now without the hassle of removing anything. The forum doesn't just answer questions but sometimes makes one think a little harder to get a solution that is long over due!
  8. No you haven't Bloo. I will check into that, thanks!
  9. I almost feel like a doofus asking this but, can I hook up my trickle charger to the battery while it's still connected positive to starter and ground to engine? I have a smart 6 volt Genius charger. I somehow remember doing this last year and when I came out the charger had turned itself off. It's a real pain too because I have a cover that holds the battery and it needs to be removed to access the battery terminals. Could I hook the charger to the OTHER ends of the battery cables? At the starter and engine block? Thanks for any info on this!
  10. I adjusted the switch a good 1/2 inch down and went for a cruise today. Not nearly as many click restarts as the first time. I did have one however. I'll keep trying and post any results as I can find them. I'm feeling this helped.
  11. I need some feedback being still new and all. I've got a new battery with a good clean system and cables. When I start up the car and it's revving higher with the choke engaged, the dash charge indicator is way up on the positive side. While I'm driving it's halfway or a bit on the charge side. When I'm at a stop, the indicator is discharging. Take off and the gauge moves positive again. Is this indicative of these systems and generators? Wondering why it would discharge? Guess the reason I ask is, I went for a cruise around town and stopped at a store. When I went to start the car again, it sure turned over slow. But it did start. I did thought I had issues last year of leaving the car to sit for quite some time and the battery didn't have enough "umph" to start the engine. I chalked it up to the phantom power draw of the clock. This year I made a switch under the dash and turn the clock off when the car is going to sit in the drive for a couple weeks. Thanks!
  12. You're's a '53 and not a '54 Pontiac. I was merely quoting from a site and should know better LOL
  13. Thanks for the suggestion!
  14. The producer skimped on the set giving the director only half a cab to work with and no background. This would have meant the scene would be shot and out the back window you would have seen the studio, not a moving street background. At the suggestion of one of the crew members venetian blinds were thrown in the back to cover up the window. Oddly, a special feature on a DVD has film critic Martin Landau commenting on the brilliant decision for the blinds and how it only helped the mood of the scene.