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  1. If you enjoy fall colours and hate the bugs then this time is for you! Summer is coming to an end and that means the car goes away for 6 months soon. It was a bummer that we had no shows to attend and even a bigger one on my bucket list. We had planned to attend Back to the 50's car show in St Paul MN held by the MSRA. Over 10,000 classic cars. Only an 8 hour drive from where we live and had been cancelled for the first time in 47 years. Guess it's on my list for 2021....hopefully! Enjoy the pics.
  2. I had to place 2 washers under my mount in able to remove the belt. Had just enough room and the mount still looked like it had more life left in it.
  3. My speedo reads a little high also....could be why I'm passing people on 4 lane streets! I find my car cruises pretty good in last gear. Just won't win any take offs.....lol
  4. I installed one same place so the clock doesn't run 24/7....don't want a draw or wear it out!
  5. Funny, your posts and pics bring back memories! When I first got my car, I took it for a spin around the neighbourhood to see how it ran, stopped and shifted. It pulled when I stopped but I expected that adjustments were needed. Everything seemed pretty good so I parked it in the garage for it's first winter rebuild. When I took the wheel cylinders apart they were packed with dried mud! Personally, I couldn't even see how they were working. I was fortunate enough that I had extra money and the border was open to pick up my parts at the time. I replaced every aspect of the brake system right do
  6. Do a little reading up on the types of plug wires. I think those engines like a certain type. I ended up getting copper core/silicone wires from CPR which needed to be cut and ends installed. At least from what I can remember.
  7. Just curious why you went with s/s and not the standard chrome bumper bolt? Still looks good John!
  8. LOL true....but it's usually followed by snow then our city plasters it with road salt. Something this old girl ain't ever gonna see! I can't even take it out early spring because the roads are covered in white dust. I wait until the rainy season or road cleaning before it comes out of the cocoon On the subject, I never did get around to changing the viscosity. A fresh jug of 20/50 sits in the garage until next year's oil change. Seems the engine quite enjoys cruising around at 18 degrees C or 64.4 F
  9. Ah, I remember spending hours upon hours with a scraper, during the winter in a cold garage on my back, scrubbing inch by inch the decades of dirt and debris. I found a good sized rock inside the frame and wondered....in what state this rock got kicked up and how many decades has it been there? Probably the rattle the owner could never find. Those dash lights are pretty sharp!
  10. Lookin' good John! Wonder why there are so many bumper bolts on these bumpers. I got 5 on each end of my rear one. Was that for bling or options?
  11. I'll take a daily driver any day over the ones that get trailered in for the show! Lucky for me I don't get the finger point, there are far and few Pontiacs in my neck of the woods! I find mostly Fords, Chev's and Dodges. 😐
  12. I rather enjoyed doing the brake system. Just a heads up, when I installed the front flexi hoses, one of them inadvertently rubbed up against the inner rim when turning sharp and almost went through! I replaced it and paid more attention on the orientation and it's been fine ever since. Double check them by turning the steering wheel and noting the hose position after you're done. Didn't think THAT would happen.
  13. It's all about personal taste! Like I had said, I'm a big fan of chrome so I like the look. If others had their choice, mine ride would have a V8, dual exhaust, 12 volt and disc brakes! I once built a bobber motorcycle and was unsure on what look to go with....someone said "make it the way YOU like it" and stuck with that philosophy ever since.
  14. I've always been curious about this one....the chrome strip or streak down the middle of the hood. Yours is all chrome and mine is painted to make 5 pinstripes. Do these 2 styles denote the year of make or are they all painted at the factory and some people remove the paint? I like the look of both but I refuse to change mine as to keep original.
  15. It's Auburncoupe and the fella's name is Glen. Seems like a nice chap. Any inquiries are to be PM'd to him. Try searching his nickname if you need. I don't know how to forward it to you. Good luck!
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