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  1. Thanks Charles, does that apply to sedans also? BTW, I sent you a PM a while back. Please check it when you get the chance.
  2. I'm thinking it's going to have toothed edges and have to be tucked in as you said. Won't really know until I dive in there. I've been messaging SMS and Newstalgiaparts and the major difference between them and WLS is price. BIG difference! Even doing the sun visors are half price. Trouble is they don't do the napped cotton. I don't need a showroom finish but also don't need a crap job. Decisions decisions.....
  3. The foam backed material has sleeves sewn in for the bows. The foam is very thin but strong. You raise a good point though. You would think the manufacturer would take this into account. I was able to find a couple YT videos where a guy is doing a '57 Bel Air. I'll keep researching and pricing. Thanks Bloo.
  4. Thanks Todd - SMS sounds like a very reliable source for fabrics. The thought of installing the napped cloth scares me of ripping. I would imagine there's got to be a little tugging and pulling to fit. The foam backed polyester seems more durable and I think I've seen a couple cars in shows that have them. I'm leaning towards WLS for the fact of this material and that they can do my visors for a modest cost and have matching windlace. Thanks for the input as I always like hearing other opinions and facts. Cheers.
  5. Another less interesting find as I'm sure other have, when I removed my front seat to do floor work and placed it on end, it sounded like one of those rain sticks. It's a hollow stick filled with granulates and when you tilt it from end to end, they slowly trickle down making the sound of rain. Sounded weird coming from a seat. Of course when I placed the seat back down, the dried up kernels spilled out onto the floor. I still find a kernel or two the odd day.
  6. I'm getting pretty close to figuring out on where to get my new headliner and windlace from. I'm looking at WLS and Stock Interiors. Are there any others I should consider? I have samples from WLS and they are a type of foam backed polyester. Stock states they sell napped cotton. I'd like to stay as close to original if I can. Anybody have any experiences on this? Thanks for your thoughts and opinions!
  7. Haha I hear ya! I did run into that problem when I wondered why my brake lights didn't work properly when I got the car. Thought maybe it was the hydraulic switch and because I was changing the entire brake system, a new switch would be in the works. After full installation my brake lights still didn't work. It turned out to be a faulty NEW switch. Bought another and haven't looked back.
  8. The system is 6 volt including all bulbs and flasher. Wiring is in good shape and all connections are clean and tight.
  9. Thanks for sharing! There are a few on ebay and a couple are "heavy duty". I''ll order another over the winter and give it a try. I'll post any results. Cheers!
  10. I've always been curious on this one. When I first got my car, my turn signals seemed intermittent, a bit sporadic and just didn't seem right. I purchased a new P229D flasher and it's been working since. But they still have a very short flash which is kinda hard to see. Hard enough that some idiot honked at me from behind and went around me while I was waiting to turn left last summer. I don't think he could see my turn signal on. I realize these cars aren't the best in lighting but I'm still wondering if this short flash indicator is indicative of this era or maybe there's a better flasher out there?
  11. I did the same as well and mine now starts like a 12 volt.
  12. I also had an insurance invoice from the early '80's from Minnesota with a name on it. I was able to message a woman who confirmed she owned the car and it was her grandfathers. Maybe this was him? Thanks for those little tid bits on this town. I love hearing the history on such things.
  13. Just the usual stuff...match book under the carpet, bobby pin in the trunk and an old pencil that rolled in the recessed under seat heater. This also wasn't glamorous but wasn't expected folded up in an envelope.