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  1. Trouble is MY depth! I'm somewhat of a chatterbox especially if it's something I'm passionate about or the other person has the same interest....drives the wife nuts! I'm just...too....nice. Maybe it's a Canadian thing! Sorry...lol
  2. My wife says my store runs take waaaay too long. I usually come back to the car with someone standing there, then explaining it's history including under the hood! LOL
  3. I remember having to go back a dozen times to re-tighten those fittings at the junction trying to stop a weep. I thought I'd never get it. Hope you have better luck! Interesting to see the design difference.
  4. Thanks Russ! I have the same glass bowl filter and one time when I completely overheated from sitting in a registration line for 20 minutes, the fuel in the bowl started boiling like you had mentioned. Our temps are rather cooler here but it's good info to know. Mark
  5. Found in a small Canadian town outside the city in a guys field couple years ago. Young guy traded his truck for this and was going to drop a V8 in it and change the rims/tires, etc. Last year for the straight 8 engine and first year for the Star Chief. Came with original bill of sale from Big Sandy Montana. Definitely loved by past and present owner.
  6. Thanks John! I'm going to bend my shield up a little more. Mine is almost resting on the manifold. Keep an eye on those 4 - 1/2" carb bolts...like I mentioned, I've had to snug them down more than a couple times. Mind you my gaskets were new and needed "compression" time. My carb leaked too with the old gaskets no matter how tight I made them. Is that wing thing on the right of your cleaner to tighten it to the carb? I've got a standard bolt that is hidden and a bit of a pain to get to. I like the idea of yours and maybe I can fab one up.
  7. Car is parked for the winter and I was putzing around the garage today. I noticed a residue on the front of the carb. Checking a few bolts and found the 4 nuts holding the carb down really lose! It never ceases to amaze me, I've tightened those several times but not so much this past summer. Maybe I should look at some lock washers for next year. Question - I wonder if the heat shield should be bent up a little more away from the manifold and what configuration are you guys using for the gaskets? When I got my new ones, I just copied what was there. There's about 6 gaskets under the shie
  8. Looking good John! I'm using a Napa 535 6 volt flasher with no issues. A while back Bloo had me do the following and I've had strong signals ever since. Don't know if this would help....I'm weak on electrical. "If that is what you have, you may need to pop the third terminal out of the flasher socket and ground it instead (ground the wire terminal, not the flasher pin). You may find that the dash indicators are backwards after you do that. You might have to switch the sockets in their holes in the dash."
  9. I remember at one of the shows a couple fella's were scoffing at my heat shield. Saying, "you think that thing you made helps at all?" I said, "I dunno, guess the engineer's that designed it must know something." Actually got a couple blank stares.....
  10. Hey Phil! This just came up on a buy and sell just 3 hours from me. They're asking $2,000 USD. That's about what these project cars go for around here. Saw it and thought of you.....no info on the engine condition. Mark
  11. Just digging through some old pics....
  12. Thanks John and good idea! We sized up a new belt today and I threw it on. Engine even sounds better. I had this weird kinda squeaky/squishy sound beginning of the summer that I attributed to the internal parts. Guess it was the belt all along...
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