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  1. It's always nice to see your car from a distance rather than a foot or two away for months on end. I find myself parking in a parking lot as far away as possible....not to protect it from getting scratched but to take it in for the walk back. Sharp lookin'!
  2. Thanks guys! I get confused sometimes with USA or Canada and other makes. Saw a Pathfinder at a show once and looked like a dang Pontiac/Chev mix. Hopefully the tag is there and readable.
  3. Exact reason I didn't attempt it when I had my leakage. I had already broken a flange bolt removing the exhaust then went ahead breaking off the "ear" of the manifold flange itself trying to remove the rest of it with shitty taps. Ended up costing me in repairs on top of the machining. Sometimes when it ain't broke.....
  4. This chieftain came up for sale locally and the seller thinks it's a 1952. The side chrome looks right for the year but I'm not having much luck matching up the hood ornament. Any thoughts of the correct year? I'm going to check it out and see if it's worth any spare parts or stuff.
  5. I had hoped and tried Permatex Ultra Copper to seal up my original leaks with little success. I took mine to a reputable shop but they still said they had a hard time fumbling around with it. They ended up breaking the choke tube off but that was an easy fix. I was still skeptical when I reinstalled it but they obviously made it better. Worse part was the price but what was I to do? I think I've seen somebody using a belt sander too on the manifold but that can't be very uniform. Would be easier but you could really screw things up!
  6. Can't remember if I asked if you checked the manifold. Mine was leaking and I had to get it machined. It seals perfectly now. Great job Phil!
  7. I went with Bill's engine color too. You won't be disappointed. I brushed it on and it flowed awesome. 2 years and still looks good. Mine was originally that light blue. Didn't like it. The dark green had to grow on me but I love the black/green contrast now. Good job on your retore!
  8. Also what's neat is I've got a tab like that on my intake where a bracket would go. On the bottom instead the top. Guess it could be for the same set up?
  9. Don't feel bad....I never noticed either! Interesting trying to wrap one's head around it......
  10. When I first got my car the manifold was warped. I replaced the gasket and used a sealant. It did help but not enough. I got it machined by a reputable shop but they kinda fumbled around with it. Ended up breaking off the choke tube from the exhaust. Not feeling 100% confident, I believe I still put a thin coat of Permatex Ultra Copper rated at 700F on both sides of the gasket around any ports in question. I like to think it helped. I personally wouldn't use it if I didn't feel the need to. I also drilled out the old choke tube broken in the manifold, rebent the existing tube to reach back into the manifold and sealed it with the Permatex. The sealer hasn't burnt, bubbled or melted. I also chose to use anti-seize on the bolts in case I had to remove the manifold again. I'm always under the hood double checking things and one of them are the manifold nuts. I usually find something that can be snugged up again. I also consider myself a human torque wrench....never owned one.
  11. Haha thanks John....that's what most people there said. They loved the originality of the car and so do I.
  12. So, in the past 2 years I've gone to our only 3 local car show here both years. Our population is 100,000 and I'd guess around 200-300 cars show up. I just go to show the car and engine to the spectators and get a kick out the purists that really appreciate it. I also meet new friends and get information which is also a blast. I often sit by myself by my car or walk around admiring the rest. I received an email yesterday that I had won something and it was ready to be picked up. I thought, I might as well go get my $50 gift certificate to some restaurant or something. I hadn't entered the second day as it ended up raining the entire day. I was pleasantly surprised to see what it was. There are so many other beautiful vehicles at these shows and the main purpose of going was not expecting to win anything, but to enjoy the whole experience. I don't have a whole lotta folks to share this with and I know many of you have won many awards over the years.....this is just my first. Kinda makes it all worth while.....
  13. How the devil did you remember that! Even I forgot! LOL I find sometimes there's just so much on this site.....
  14. Here's the indicator on my straight that I see it, I should have painted it!