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  1. I was surprised today was sunny and 60 degrees. It's been a warmer than usual spring and people start getting the bug. It's hit or miss this time of the year and we could still get a snow storm. This week's forecast is wet and cold so I thought maybe I could wax up the car inside the garage. Trouble is it's covered in 6 months of dust and could use a wash. After much paused cranking it fired up. Ran it for a bit, put it in reverse and blah quit. Wouldn't start again. Pulled the plugs and ya they were pretty black. Sandblasted them and threw them back in then fired right up. Think I'll order a
  2. Looking back I might have still used the 3M double sided tape but I already had contact on the shelf. Lining up the trunk probably took just as long and I had forgotten how fun matching body lines were. After much frustration, the lid seemed to have to be moved sideways for proper fitment. I finally closed it with the bolts loose and moved it in it's best place. I cracked the lid open enough to be able to reach inside and tighten the bolts. The trunk wouldn't move from it's spot that way. I don't know if other trunks will hold open itself that way but if you'res does I highly recommend it. One
  3. Demo video's show 3M adhesive seem easy and even fun to apply. They're doing it on bare metal and a flat surface. Didn't work the way I wanted it. I also found it seemed to melt away some of the paint and lifted in some spots. I never really enjoyed working with contact adhesives but I gave it my best. I key I understand is a thin layer. Putting the coat on the 4 foot gasket side was also challenging. I wasn't overly impressed with the match up with the corners and straight piece. I ended up gluing those together to try to make it match and look better. It ended up sticking quite well and bein
  4. Started tackling the trunk weatherstripping body side. Pulled of the old and used a wire wheel on a drill to get the old stuck on rubber off. Laid down a drop sheet as I knew this wasn't going to be pretty. Glad I did. Sanded down the entire perimeter and slapped on a coat of rust and match paint. I sure wish the painter could have gotten closer to the Biloxi Beige. The inside of the trunk showed a lot of original colour and man do I like it!
  5. I had one of those in my '74 Olds cutlass.....it had a lot of snot and seemed bullet proof. I was young, single and drove the heck out of that car! lol
  6. I don't know how many times I went back to those nuts after replacing the gasket. Every time I could get a little more squeeze out of them. I usually check them beginning of cruising season for fun. Same went for hose clamps which incidentally, when I was greasing the front end I noticed the fuel connection under the rad where the rubber meets the steel a little wet....squee-e-eze!
  7. Thanks! Initially I replaced all the fittings for fun and to make the job easier. Looks like the idler arm has it's fitting built in and can't be removed. That's the one that gave me the most trouble. I wanted to get more grease in there than I did but my arms petered out! I ended up shooting some behind the boot with a needle adapter, in case that helped.
  8. 21 greased and accounted for sir! Idler arm was stubborn as it's built in and couldn't be replaced with a new fitting, but I got it moving. Thanks for making me count....even if I needed my toes!
  9. I cleaned up the front wheel wells and slapped some paint in there to give it a cleaner look from the outside. I just did the sheet metal and not the frame or suspension cuz that doesn't seem right. Thought I'd grease up the front end while the wheels were off....forgot how many points there were again! cuz t
  10. I do some of my best thinking during my daily dog walks with my yellow lab. Even though it's freezing out, Lab's love the cold and I'm thankful my 7 year old girl gets me out everyday. Her name is Summer by the way. Came back and found this in my box of adhesives. I remember trying to fix another vehicle who's PO did a rather terrible job with yellow cement to some hanging door gasket. Went to my favourite auto body supplier and they suggested this. Works darn good too! Thanks for the suggestion Gary...just in case I had totally forgotten! You sure can accumulate over the years.
  11. We had a record breaking warm January where temps sat just below freezing, with snow of course. This week we are being visited by a Polar Vortex up north and if memory serves me right -40 is -40 regardless of fahrenheit or celcius. My company has been shut down since December 26th for a Provincial wide lock down because of you know what. Sounds like we may slowly open again next week but at this point I'm starting to go a little stir crazy! Luckily my oil stove warms up the garage enough to get out and do something. I'm also cleaning up and slapping some paint the inner front wheel wells. I co
  12. I've still got a spray can of 3M Super 77 left over from the headliner job. I found it works great but I'm worried about overspray so I'm thinking 3M double sided stuff could work. I've got to clean and paint up the surfaces first and think about it. Did you have those clips that hold the end of the curved portion to the deck on the original? Guess those are redundant now as the new curved sections are shorter.
  13. Even though I don't enter shows or most people don't see the inside of the trunk area, I never liked the rust that developed under the weatherstrippng. Not a fan of over sprayed, cracked stripping either. I got my new stripping and started to tear the old stuff out. I finally realized to do a proper clean up and install on the deck side, the lid's gotta go. I still amazes me how creative one has to be when their only helper is a furry four legged one! Probably going to regret lining it up again come time but should make the job easier. Hey John, what did you use for an adhesive? Not sure if I
  14. I find the same thing too and actually have to drive accordingly because of it. I also notice that some drivers DO keep a distance maybe because how different the car looks compared to the rest on the road....I also like to believe that other drivers THINK the car is worth big bucks and wouldn't dare collide with it! "Oh, it's only a cracked tail light"....that could cost you $300!
  15. Trouble is MY depth! I'm somewhat of a chatterbox especially if it's something I'm passionate about or the other person has the same interest....drives the wife nuts! I'm just...too....nice. Maybe it's a Canadian thing! Sorry...lol
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