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  1. I thought I'd post some pics of a car just put up for sale in my town. The old "selling for health reasons". I haven't personally seen it and don't have the cash on hand at the moment but these cars have always intrigued me. Here's what I know. Mostly restored, garage stored past 10 years and ran when parked. Asking $10,000 CDN which is currently $7,000 USD. What do some of you think?
  2. Spinneyhill, The fuel does enter the outside of the paper. The inlet is the hole in the center. The fuel goes down the hole and exits at the bottom, then comes back up between the element and glass bowl to be filtered from the outside of the paper. It passes through the pleats then exits those tiny holes to the outlet to the carburetor. It's nothing like the lined drawing. That's the best I can describe it. It isn't your OEM filter I guess but I know what you're saying. I couldn't blow any air through it before the mod and now it blows through to the outlet. These are the different styles of fuel filters below. Mine is second from the left an AC Delco repop. This isn't the first time I've had to tweek new products to make fit or work. Bending the hold down clip was easy to make fit more gaskets. I also wonder why the spare filter element came with 2 gaskets when the complete unit only has 1. I'm thinking I got shorted a gasket. I could probably get away with just 2 but I feel a better air flow with the 3.
  3. I suppose the flow can be from either direction depending on the manufacture. If I were to switch the inlet/outlet the media would get caught on the inside of the pleats rather than the outside. Also those little holes could get plugged. All in all as long as sediment can easily drop to the bottom. Looking back myself, I failed to inform or take a picture that my filter element has a hole completely through it. Sorry if I confused you (and me). Fuel enters the center and drops sediment straight down to the bottom of the bowl.
  4. You are correct. Check that diagram again, green fuel in, red fuel out. The bottom of my element was so tight against the bottom of the glass I couldn't blow ANY air through, let alone fuel. I am so glad I tried this for fun before I tried starting my car for the start of cruise season!
  5. I was able to make use of all 3 gaskets. It has little to no restriction now. But this is what I would recommend. The top of the filter element is flanged somewhat. 1 gasket goes on the housing then push the element in place then and add the remaining gaskets. Those added gaskets not only lengthen the glass allowing fuel to easily pass but it holds the element in place and prevents it from possibly dropping out of it's seat then becoming redundant.
  6. I was able to stick the filter in the vise and give it a squeeze. I can now easily close it up with 2 gaskets installed. The unit came with only 1 gasket. The spare element came with 2 gaskets. I'd be more comfortable with 3 gasket for best flow but it's a little tight. Guess this post turned into more of an informative than query. Sad, always having to use your brain to fix old AND new.
  7. Looks like I'm answering myself like I so often do LOL. My spare filter element came with 2 housing gaskets. I put 3 gaskets on the lid so it lengthened the bowl and when I held it tight I could blow air through it. Trouble is the hold down assembly is too short. 2 gaskets it's really really hard to reinstall and I'm scared of breaking it. I'll see if I can do some bending to the clip and make it longer. I still fear that when the gasket becomes compressed, the element will once more bottom out and then I'll have a fuel flow problem. Grrr.....
  8. I found a post about a fellow whose filter keep falling down. He posted a diagram on fuel flow and looks like the same element as mine. If this is correct like I was saying, the element is so tight against the bottom of the glass there is no way any fuel can get by. I even bought a spare filter element and it's the same size. I am the only person to get one of these?
  9. So I recieved my new fuel filter bowl and just for fun I thought I'd blow into the inlet port and I can't. Also can't blow through the outlet. I also can't wrap my head around how this is suppose to work. I'll explain my best on how I think somethings wrong. The inlet (left) enters the bowl down through the center of the filter. It exits through the center and that's where it stops. The center is solid. Although it doesn't appear to but, the filter element sits tightly against the bottom of the glass bowl. I can only imagine if the element sat higher, (like the bowl was longer or element shorter) the fuel would exit the hole in the bottom of the element, come back up and through the pleats then exit through the smaller holes at the top to exit the outlet side right. What am I missing here guys?? It's the filter sold by CPR - Thanks
  10. and from what I've been seeing I agree. Might as well shell out the dough to get a new one hardware and all. I've never had one so I wouldn't know how they are for driving. Just like the looks of it. I also drive around town or to shows, no highways. I have other items of more importance to purchase until then.....thanks!
  11. Sorry Bloo I can't remember and my conversation has been long deleted. Half the time the seller isn't sure of the year anyway. It measured too short so I ended that one. I tried searching for the seller but I can't find him. I believe he was in Southern Ontario.
  12. I've checked bijims as well as another company on ebay manufacturing aftermarket visors. After converting the USD to CDN and shipping made them pretty pricey. Almost what I paid for the car LOL. I also checked with a few scrap yards I could get a hold of and none were available. I was hoping for a used one that I could clean up and save a few bucks. I found one in my province that was off an earlier year that looked good and the seller wanted to get rid of it. He measured it and it came up short. Thanks for the reply! Mark
  13. Looking for an outside sunvisor for a '53 or '54 Pontiac Star Chief. I think it can also be for a Chieftain. Earlier years had split windshields so I think the body size was different. Unsure of the years above 1954. The only way would be to measure length with brackets and I think it's around 56" long. Thanks.
  14. It's been a very long time since I changed the pump. Does it look like this? Is the engine block raised where the gasket goes? Maybe slap some paint on the block and pump where it doesn't seal? BTW, here's the color of the engine when I first got the car. Well, the timing chain cover at least haha.