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  1. OK Folks, I have finally figured out how to do this picture thing. So here go's.
  2. I finally got some picture, I just have to figure out how to get them from my phone to this page.
  3. Exactly like that. Did yours have radiators/defrosters under the rear side windows?
  4. Evening folks, I am looking for some information on my 1949 Buick Model/Series 41. I understand they are somewhat rare and information may be limited. The story I got when we purchased this car was that it was left over of an 800 car special run for the military. Supposedly, 600 were purchased by the military and the remaining 200 were left sell to the general public. A lady in Wisconsin that is restoring one says hers does not have the little defroster/radiators under the rear sliding side glass on each side of the back seat. Is someone feeding me a line or are these cars a possibility?
  5. Thank you Bryan. I have pictures, somewhere on a computer just not this one. As soon as I find them I will post. Out of the 5,777 made, would it be possible that the 800 I was told could have been for the military and they only bought 600 leaving the rest to be sold stateside?
  6. Dave, thank you. I have pictures but will have to find which computer they are on. I am located in Ohio for the moment but soon to return to the Heart of the SEC. I will see if I can find this Buick forum and do as you have suggested.
  7. Yes Dave, you may be correct. I may want to do that. Thank You. Do you have any information regarding the question I have posted?
  8. Good question. I would have to guess the Korean war. I don't believe I know of any other models. There is supposed to a so-called Buick Guru in northern Ohio but I have yet to here a reply from him and it's been 2 years.
  9. Fella's I am looking for some information on a 1949 Buick Series/Model 41. Apparently they are very rare and not too many people know about them. I spoke with a lady in Wisconsin who has one in her body shop getting a full restoration. The story that came along with the one I have is, that it is one of 800 built and one of 200 that didn't get purchased by the military and sent to the south Pacific. There is something different between hers and mine, mine has defrosters/ radiators under the rear side glass on both sides of the back seat. we were told this was so the officers riding in the back could see the troops. The runs and drives and all electrical items work except the clock. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank You in advance.