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  1. Thanks, guys, truly appreciated.
  2. Just to add to my last post, the tree is famous because for more than a century every woman and her dog have gone down there to have their picture taken. In earlier times you could back a horse and carriage or car into the hollow. Google "Hollow Tree in Stanley Park" for the story. After that nice little diversion, I'm still wondering if 95Cardinal has it right -- is that car at the top of this post a 1908 Peerless? The date certainly fits what I know about the photo. Anyone?
  3. Yes, it is. I believe your two pictures were taken a few years back when the Vancouver parks board was refurbishing the tree. The city wanted it removed as a hazard but after a public outcry came up with a plan to keep it standing. Search "Hollow Tree, Rawlings Trail, Vancouver, B.C." in Google Maps and you can check it out in Streetview.
  4. Wow. What a great bit of information. Thanks, PFindlay. The number on the cowl lamp was indeed readable and I now have the name of the owner of that vehicle, which tells me a whole lot more about the photo because the owner was the husband of the young lady at the wheel, and they got married in May of 1911, so everything adds up!
  5. Could anyone tell me the make and model of this car? Would be so grateful for some help.
  6. Hey, thanks, nickelroadster, that's really good of you. I've done the Google Images tour and it sure looks like you're right. The problem for me is that I really want this picture to have been taken in 1907 or 1908 because that would help me identify one of the ladies in the car. Any chance it's an earlier model Cadillac?
  7. Another mystery vehicle I would really love to identify.
  8. This photo was taken at the famous hollow tree in Stanley Park, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, which is still there today. Would be grateful if anyone could tell me the make and model of the vehicle. Thanks.
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