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  1. My question is - does the BCA office have regular hours posted somewhere? I can't find anything in The Bugle or on the BCA website as to when the office is staffed. I have contacted the BCA office in the past, and Mike and Nancy have always been quick to respond with the information requested. In early November I renewed my membership online - 3 years - periodical class - charging $130 to my Discover Card. On November 10th, a charge from the Buick office appeared on my statement in the amount of $105, which doesn't match up with any renewal options. I sent an e-mail to the BCA office on 11/13 about this issue. I have not had a reply. I left a voice mail at the office about this issue on December 21st, and added the fact that I had not received my December Bugle. Again, no response from the office. Brian DePouli did respond with an offer to send me a December Bugle next week if I don't hear anything from the office.
  2. I haven't received my December Bugle yet. I left a voice mail last Saturday at the BCA office. I'm hoping that after the holidays I'll get a response.
  3. Either a 1921 or a 1922. 1920 and earlier had a sloping cowl. Buick raised the hood in 1921. Not a 1923 due to the flat top fenders. 1923's were crowned.
  4. "Different strokes for different folks" - Sly & The Family Stone
  5. Wonderful, another early 20's closed car. 4 cylinder or 6? I suggest that you contact Mark Shaw, who is the director of the BCA's Pre-War Division. His address is 11400 NE 30th Ave, Vancouver, WA 98686 - 360-573-2823 - durcodude@Comcast.net. If you are going to have any questions or need any help, he's the man. p.s. - pictures - we love pictures.
  6. That's because it was sent to Hairpin88, not to you.
  7. I got a NAPA 7-1102 hose for my 65. The cost in August of 2013 was $28.99.
  8. I have an 83 with a 307 V-8 that needs a new alternator. Will a T-Type alternator work? If not, any suggestions? Also, where do I find out the amps rating? Thanks.
  9. Looks great! Early 20's closed cars are very rare. Nice to see another one.
  10. It helps keep you awake when you're driving!
  11. If your car has a/c and the fuel filter with a return line, you have the return line click. If you search through the threads on this forum, you'll find more information about it. I have owned my 65 for 12 years, and it has always had the click.
  12. I'm surprised that the right hand mirror is still attached to the Electra, considering who installed it for you.
  13. To quote Bruce Norgard (BCA 26172): "I drove my car to a trailer show."
  14. Congrats to both John & Ed. They are bringing home Archival Awards from the Heartland Regional. It was great meeting and visiting with you, especially after following this thread since you started west. Have a safe trip home, and I hope to meet up with again down the road; "Happy Trails To You." p.s. to John - nice mirror!
  15. Paul is at CentraCare Health, Monticello. 1013 Hart Blvd, Monticello, MN 55362. Room 242.
  16. Just got a text from Donna - Paul will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow morning and will transfer a rehab center in Monticello, MN. It is about about 30 miles away. Exact name and address of rehab center is unknown at this time.
  17. I just visited with Paul, Donna, Fred, Jan, Chewy, and assorted doctors and nurses. Paul was alert, knew who I was, took a walk with physical therapy, and drank two cups of "bad" hospital coffee (Paul's description). His speech is fine. He has some vision problems, minor memory issues and occasional balance issues. His discharge meeting is at 10:30 am today. Donna is looking at in-patient rehab for a while. I'll try to keep the forum updated as information becomes available. Paul & Donna really appreciate the messages of support on this forum.
  18. I just came from Mercy Hospital. Paul was awake for about 30 seconds while I was there; long enough to acknowledge my presence. Donna said that he has a couple of awake periods a day, usually 7:00 - 10:00 am, and 2:00 - 4:00 pm. For all of you locals, he is room 351 East. Donna said that there is no medical reason for Paul to still be in the hospital. He needs to be transferred to a physical therapy facility, but he also has to be awake for longer periods of time, so he may have to go to a nursing home first. There is no paralysis; he can move and talk. There is a vision impairment; he is missing the lower half of his field of vision. I brought Paul a copy of this thread, so that he and Donna are aware of all of the caring and support which has been expressed.
  19. Transferred from ICU yesterday afternoon. Still at Mercy Hospital, Coon Rapids, MN
  20. Saturday, August 9: 9:00 am - 400 pt judging and tabulation 1-2:30 pm - regional meeting 6 - 7 pm - cocktail hour 7 - ? - banquet
  21. On the Bendix, the cap that covers the master cylinder reservoir screws on. On the Delco Moraine, the cap is held on by a spring clip. Based on your picture, you have a Moraine unit.
  22. 3 days to a great show. Dan really makes everyone feel welcome. Come out and support one of the top suppliers to our hobby. AND - even better - there isn't any entry fee!
  23. Welcome to the Riviera forum. You have made a number of very smart decisions: you bought a 65 Riviera, you joined the ROA, you posted on this forum, and you included your location. Since we are all friends here, a first name is also good. One other thing - Pictures - we love pictures.
  24. If the Syrdal's and Kevin would just register ALL of their cars, we would run out of space.