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  1. Don't forget April 1st (4/01) and April 25th (4/25). And May 3rd (3/64).
  2. Kluhbah, Really nice looking Riviera. But then, I'm biased.
  3. A friend, not internet savvy, with a 68 GS needs new transmission lines. The only applications he has found are for the Electra and the Wildcat. Does any one know if the lines for a Riv are the same? If not, where he could get a set? He has already talked to Inline Tube.
  4. And if both are broken, you better have the hood open!
  5. Dave, I took the liberty of forwarding a couple of your pictures to the editor of the Gopher State Chapter's newsletter. We have had highs in the 50's and 60's - no snow left in my yard. You should move to tropical Minnesota.
  6. August 25, 2014 - The date is in the blue banner above the poster's avatar.
  7. Bill, just get on I-35 going north. After 1,200 miles on I-35, when you reach North Branch, MN, turn left. Cambridge is less than 20 miles ahead.
  8. I received my March/April Riview yesterday. On page 34 is an announcement that Dave was the only qualified member to apply for a position on the Board of Trustees. As the only applicant, his election is assured (I was hoping to be his campaign manager - but only for the groupies). Congrats Dave. I know that you'll do a excellent job. You may even be able to make it to St. Charles if your snow has melted by then. The Gopher State Chapter, BCA is proud of you.
  9. We'll get the date on the Gopher State Chapter's calendar.
  10. In the mid 1980s I was selling at a Chrysler-Plymouth dealership. A new Turismo came in which had been tightened down so much on each end that the car was bowed. When the pressure from the tie-downs was released, and the car driven off the truck, the middle was several inches higher off the ground than the ends. The driver loaded it back up, and we never saw it again.
  11. I got the one from Tangerine - he even identified himself as "banned"
  12. My 83 Riviera came with the factory electric fuel cap lock. I haven't been able to find out anything about this option, except in the owner's manual. Any idea how common an option this was? The previous owner had it replaced with a non-locking cap and plate frame in September 2004. Boulevard Buick - Pontiac - GMC in Signal Hills, CA did the work. Does anyone have the correct locking cap available?
  13. 1st picture is driver's side - 2nd picture is passenger side.
  14. No car - but I have 7 unopened owner's kit which dealers gave to new owners. If interested, I can open one and take pictures of the content for you.
  15. Jim65Riv

    Spam Pie

    I'm tired of winter - it's 5 below with a 20 to 30 below wind chill - don't want to go outside - what to do? I re-read all of the posts on this thread. Had several good laughs. Feeling better. Remember "Vita Brevis, Spammis Longa". Loose translation - Life is short - Spam never expires!
  16. My car is in winter storage right now - although the ground isn't snow covered - so I am working off a frequently faulty memory. There should be a knob under the middle of the window. Loosening it will allow you to put slack in the strap. You can then lower the window using the corner tabs. When the window is as low as you want it to go, take up the slack, and tighten the knob. If the window doesn't want to drop with slack in the strap, it may be that the wood frame has swelled and the window is binding.
  17. Despite getting to know you at the 2014 Heartland Regional, I'll vote for you.
  18. Brian; I went to BCA.org, clicked on "contact us", and went to the listing of the officers and directors - No Paul.
  19. Where have all the board members gone - or rather - where has the 9th board member gone? I just checked the BCA site and the following names are listed as Officers and Directors" Brian DePouli Brian Clark Bill Stoneberg - CFO - not an elected board member Ed DePouli Marck Barker Keith Hosrfall Chuck Kerls Alan Oldfield Dick Sweeney That's 8 board members. What happened to Paul Syrdal?
  20. Based on Mike and Nancy's excellent track record, I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt on the receipt of the email.
  21. Mike said that the office was closed all of last week for the Christmas holiday. I agree with Mark that the voice mail should have an out-of-office message when the Books are gone for awhile. Same for e-mail. As for the e-mail, Mike went back through the folder and couldn't find one from me.
  22. I just received a phone call from Mike Book. We got the issues handled. I seems that I must have a steam-powered brain in an electronic world. I had checked the box for the three year e-Bugle, instead of the three year periodical rate. As usual, Mike was very professional and innovative in his suggestions. I appreciate his response. I'm going to give Mr. Earl's crow recipe a try.
  23. Thanks, Roberta. That clears up the odd amount. re: my original post, I didn't order the e-Bugle. I specifically requested the US periodical class, and I referenced that in my November 13th e-mail.