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  1. Thought I had one, but it must be with yours. I have two 65 back seat speakers if one of those would help.
  2. I have owned a 65 Sahara Mist with saddle standard interior for 12 years. I love the color combination and a get a lot of positive feedback at shows. Within our chapter of the BCA we have 2 GS 65 Rivs in Sahara Mist with saddle deluxe interiors. We once had all three cars together several years ago - it was quite impressive.
  3. I had the same problem with the driver's door on my dear-departed 84 (not dead - just departed). Turned out to be the stupid little plastic clip which holds the various rods together. I found one in a junk yard and had a terrible time replacing the broken one. Access is almost impossible and you are subject to the tender attention of several sharp edges of sheet metal. Have band-aids close by. There is a picture of the system in the body manual, but it isn't very clear. Good luck.
  4. I used small dabs of super glue gel. It has held for over ten years.
  5. One more vote for a sub-forum.
  6. April 5th = February 64. Hopefully you can celebrate with a drive. We can't quite yet here in Frozensota.
  7. Today is the second of four Nailhead days each year. Today is special to all of us with 401s.
  8. Tony, According to my parts book: Group 2.815 Part #391924 - Relay and Junction Box - Horn Group 2.755 Part #1369331 - Relay, Aux - Headlamps Group 2.755 Part #1365166 - Relay, Control - Headlamps Hope this helps.
  9. Hi, Buddy, Send me a PM with your e-mail address and I'll send you the complete diagram.
  10. If we aren't still buried in snow, I'll take my '65 out for a spin. I'll think of you on the 25th.
  11. This is just the first nailhead day of the year. April 1st (4/01) and April 25th (4/25) will be nailhead days for many of us. Also, May 3rd (3/64).
  12. According to my GM Parts Book, the starter motor is Group 2.041 Part #1107313. The application is listed as 64-65 401 - 425 Engine.
  13. A friend with a 65 GS is looking for the following trunk lid lock parts: Retainer - rear compartment lid lock cylinder - Group 12.249 Part #4897246 Cylinder unit - rear compartment lid - Group 12.248 Part #1360003 Spring - rear compartment lid lock cylinder, shaft - Group 12.249 Part # 5712264 Shaft - rear compartment lid lock cylinder - Group 12.252 Part #9703432
  14. Hey, Ship; I figured that you would respond. Thanks again for your help. See you this summer, I hope.
  15. Thanks to everyone who replied, especially Sean. At this time, all of my friend's questions are answered.
  16. The car is at CTC Auto Ranch in Denton, Texas. A member of the Gopher State Chapter of the BCA bought the Stage 1 engine and was curious enough about the car to take pictures of the data plate. I'm asking the questions for him.
  17. Had my headlight system repaired in 2002 - technician replaced one relay - work order calls it the door control relay. The part referenced is STD RY-7. In 2002 it cost $26.80. He just cleaned the other one. The system is still working great (now I just jinxed myself). The aux relay has three contacts, the control relay has four. Original GM part numbers: Control Relay - Group 2.755 Part Number 1365166 Aux. Relay - Group 2.755 Part Number 1369331
  18. The complete data plate is: (spacing close to that on the plate) ST 74 4EY87 FL 1 169265 (74 - year) (4EY87 - Riviera) F (Flint?) L (?) 1(?) 169265 (sequence number) TR 671 (white/blue vinyl interior) 11 (Artic White body) 11 (Artic White top - non vinyl) 04D (date code - 4th week of April AM6 (?)
  19. Next question - was there a code for the Stage 1 option on the data plate?
  20. Looking for a decode of AM6 in a 1974 Stage 1 car on the data plate. Thanks.
  21. If it were me, I'd use either #4 or #6.
  22. I thought that it was the pine tree air freshener that made it special.
  23. I received my December Bugle and on page 34 there is an ad for "The Art of Buick" 2014 Calendar. I had no idea what it was like, but I took a chance and ordered one. It arrived quite quickly and it knocked my socks off. The beauty of the pictures, the originality of the lay-out and the quality of the paper is all outstanding! Each month has a theme: The Art of Buick in the 50's,The Buick Grand National, The Art of the Porthole, The Reatta, The Riviera, etc. with several pictures per page. The calendar is available from Gary Duncan Smith, who is a former Senior Commercial Photographer in the Buick Public Relations Department. The price in The Bugle is $20 including shipping. I have paid more in the past for much poorer quality calendars. Buy one, you won't be disappointed. I have no connection to the photographer, have never met or talked to him, and he doesn't know that I am posting this recommendation.
  24. Suggestion: Re-post on the Riviera site, and check out the Riviera Owners Association website - www.rivowners.org. Lots of good people, information and parts available. Join the ROA for access to members only information. Hope to see you and the cars in the Twin Cities sometime.
  25. 1977 Electra 225 2 door - model 4CV37 - 15,762 Produced 1977 Electra 225 Limited 2 door - model 4CX37 - 37,871 Produced Source - BCA Membership Roster