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  1. Thanks for the lead, Mike. My friend bought the switch. Appreciate your help. Jim
  2. Looking for an ignition switch (key cylinder not needed) for a 1968 Riviera. Last year for the dash mounted switch. Any replies appreciated. As always, asking for a non-computer literate friend.
  3. Thanks for the comments, Greg. The odometer has 29,xxx miles on it. The odometer had 29,xxx miles on it when I first bought the car in 1963. It has not been driven much, if at all, in over 50 years.
  4. Terry, When I bought it the first time in 1963 I was 18 years old and weighed 147 pounds. I had no trouble getting in and out and fitting between the seat and steering wheel. Lets not talk about today.
  5. We drove it onto the trailer when I repurchased it. When we got it home, we couldn't get it to start. I think that it could use a rebuild of the vacuum tank, the carb, the starter/generator and the coil and distributor. I had the pan pulled and cleaned out - very little in it. It was reinstalled with a new gasket. Replaced a leaking freeze plug. Has new plugs and wires.
  6. Buickborn, the original factory literature I have gives the 6 cylinder b.h.p. as 50 and the 4 cylinder b.h.p. as 35.
  7. 1922 Model 46 coupe for sale. The only Model 22-46 listed in the 2017 BCA membership roster. Featured in The Buick Bugle, Volume 47, Number 3, July 2012, pages 30 - 32. Asking $9,995. Owned from 1963 to 1971 and from 2008 to the present. History known. Solid car - no rust, good wood. Engine not stuck, needs some work to get it to run. Upholstery well worn with a couple of pack rat holes. Glass is good. Should be solid black, was repainted with a dark blue body in 1950. Brand new (incorrect size) tires; should be 33 x 4 black side wall, are Goodrich Silvertown Cord 35 x 5 white side
  8. Where is the ignition relay located on a 68 riv. Asking for a friend. Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks for the responses. I have ordered it all from Centerville.
  10. Have a 65 with the 401. I need the driver's side motor mount (will take both sides if available) and the transmission mount.
  11. My friend's 68 GS is getting ready to paint. He is looking for rear wheel lip moldings to complete the car. He needs both sides.
  12. Thank, Jason. That's the info I was looking for.
  13. I see in "Options Not Included" for 68 that 47% of Rivs were equipped with the stainless steel rocker moldings. My question is: are they painted solid black or are the tops of the ribs cleaned off for contrast?
  14. Thanks to Mike, Randy and Jason. I bought one of those on eBay. This forum and its members are absolutely the best.
  15. This is the manifold I'm looking for. It does not have any part number on it.
  16. A friend is looking for the plastic vacuum manifold that mounts on the firewall of a 68 Riv. It has ten ports, three of which are used. One is the main line from the engine, one goes to the vacuum tank and one goes to the heater controls.
  17. Jim65Riv

    1965 Riviera

    Jim's 1965 Riviera
  18. I'm tired of winter - it's 5 below with a 20 to 30 below wind chill - don't want to go outside - what to do? I re-read all of the posts on this thread. Had several good laughs. Feeling better. Remember "Vita Brevis, Spammis Longa". Loose translation - Life is short - Spam never expires!
  19. Wonderful, another early 20's closed car. 4 cylinder or 6? I suggest that you contact Mark Shaw, who is the director of the BCA's Pre-War Division. His address is 11400 NE 30th Ave, Vancouver, WA 98686 - 360-573-2823 - durcodude@Comcast.net. If you are going to have any questions or need any help, he's the man. p.s. - pictures - we love pictures.
  20. That's because it was sent to Hairpin88, not to you.
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