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  1. Compare the notice of the Heartland Regional on the BCA Calendar, and Paul Syrdal's postings on the Meets and Tours forum. Paul's pictures from French Lake Auto Parts has generated several comments and interest in the meet. Pictures aren't posted on the BCA calendar. There is a place for both - the calendar and the forum - sometimes redundancy is good.
  2. I took a chance and opened the e-mail. It was an ad from a women's health magazine for women to take 23 pounds of belly fat off in one month. So, if you get an e-mail from the Riviera Registry, just trash it.
  3. I received an e-mail from the Riviera Registry, which I have not opened. Does anyone have knowledge of them?
  4. According to Seventy Years of Buick by George Dammann: "Appearing for the last year was the Super Tourback Sedan, Model 51...Priced at $2,256 and weighing 3,755 pounds, this car has a run of an even 10,000." - Page 228 "Buick's most popular car this year was the Super Riviera Sedan, Model 52, of which 92,886 were built. It cost $2,437 and weighed 3,845. The car used a 125.5-inch wheelbase, as compared with the regular Super wheelbase of 121.5 inches, and was 210.2 inches overall." - Page 227 Note - Buick didn't build a true 4-door hardtop without the "B" pillar until 1955. Any reference to a four door "hardtop" prior to 1955 refers to a standard four door sedan with a "B" post.
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    The convertible looks like a 47 - I don't see the model script on the front fender that the 48s had.
  6. 83 Riv isn't ready to go - I'll be driving my 2003 LeSabre - at least it's a BUICK!
  7. AACA/ROA Internet Forum social is Wednesday from 10:30am to 11:00am.
  8. Hey, Ship; Are you going home to do laundry before coming to Minnesota for the Heartland regional, or are you staying out here in fly-over land for 6 weeks?
  9. Scheduled for Wednesday, June 25 from 10:30am to 11:00am. We'll have to be social in a hurry. Who's going to be there?
  10. From the 1997 BCA Roster: John Button BCA 30615 Summerfield, North Carolina 1955 56C Mr. Button wasn't listed in the BCA 1999 Roster.
  11. Don't you just hate it when they forget the decimal point!
  12. There was a discussion in early 2012 about the significance of a star on the 65 data plate. No definitive answer was offered. Has anyone determined what the star means?
  13. If anyone has used Enviro-Safe Refrigerant to replace R-12 I would like their opinion. Thanks.
  14. The Gopher State Chapter's board of directors last night voted to make Dan's BBQ an official GSC event for the awarding participation points again this year. I mentioned that Paul was helping organize the show this year and some smart*** said, "Don't use my son's name and the word organize in the same sentence."
  15. Congratulations to Dick (ROA #146) on his re-election to the BCA BOD.
  16. According to the published meet info, the AACA/ROA Internet Forum contributors social is Wednesday, June 25 from 10:30am to 11:00am. We will have to be social in a hurry to be done in 30 minutes.
  17. Good looking shirt - what size do you wear, Mr. Earl? We'll pick one up for you. Thanks for inviting us again, Dan.
  18. When the ignition switch is turned on the shaft starts rotating to ease the meshing of the starter gears and the flywheel.
  19. My wife's father was a Bataan Death March survivor, as were two of her uncles. Another uncle died in a POW camp in the Philippines. As the "Greatest Generation" slowly fades away, please take a moment to reflect on how their legacy affects all of us today. Jim Boelter SP5 U. S. Army, Pacific - 1965 - 68 Tripler Army Medical Center