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  1. Where is the ignition relay located on a 68 riv. Asking for a friend. Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks for the responses. I have ordered it all from Centerville.
  3. Have a 65 with the 401. I need the driver's side motor mount (will take both sides if available) and the transmission mount.
  4. My friend's 68 GS is getting ready to paint. He is looking for rear wheel lip moldings to complete the car. He needs both sides.
  5. Thank, Jason. That's the info I was looking for.
  6. I see in "Options Not Included" for 68 that 47% of Rivs were equipped with the stainless steel rocker moldings. My question is: are they painted solid black or are the tops of the ribs cleaned off for contrast?
  7. Thanks to Mike, Randy and Jason. I bought one of those on eBay. This forum and its members are absolutely the best.
  8. This is the manifold I'm looking for. It does not have any part number on it.
  9. A friend is looking for the plastic vacuum manifold that mounts on the firewall of a 68 Riv. It has ten ports, three of which are used. One is the main line from the engine, one goes to the vacuum tank and one goes to the heater controls.
  10. Jim65Riv

    1983 Hood Ornament

    Bought from Jolly John.
  11. The hood ornament on my 1983 Riviera broke. Does anyone have one for sale, like Jolly John?
  12. I bought mine from Metro Moulded Parts, 800-878-2237, www.metromp.com. Fit was good, quality was good. I bought from them because I drive by their business two times a day and saved on shipping. I have also purchased rubber parts from Steele Rubber, 888-778-2237, www.steelerubber.com. I was pleased with the quality of the product.
  13. I'm hoping that someone who has been through this will post the best way to remove the power antenna on an 83.
  14. Jim65Riv

    New Tires for my 65

    Checked out Diamondback's catalog. I didn't see any whitewalls narrower than 2 inches. But - Wolfgang - I love the look of the triple stripe tire. I'll check those out. Thanks.
  15. Jim65Riv

    New Tires for my 65

    Thanks for the replies. I'll check out Diamondback. Seafoam - I like the idea of the underinflated spare tire. I'll give it a try.