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  1. Did the 1936 Chevy have a voltage regulator or a cutout?
  2. What a great article. I forwarded it to the our Region(Tucson) and the Old Pueblo As if you didn't mind. Ron Sotardi President, Tucson Region, AACA.
  3. To answer the price question, I believe it was $360 + any options, such as steel posts to mount them on a bumper, but recessed a bit behind the front edge of the bumper. The issue is how responsive is the company when a lenses needs replacement or a battery pack fails, if it is a procrastination on the primary sale/delivery? If you have 2 or more cars, it is a major convenience and can be sold if you decide to dispose of the car. I really would have liked them, but...
  4. I ordered Smart Signals back in November with a $25 deposit. I was told they may not be delivered in time for Christmas. When I did not receive them by the middle of February, I contacted the company and was told that the company was sold. I requested the deposit be returned, which was credited to my PayPal, with an written agreement to send a set when they are available. That was the last of that endeavor, and still no signals. Great idea, and a few folks in the Model A Ford clubs, who received them before my order, seem to like them. Ron
  5. Thanks guys, I was looking at a 38 Plymouth business coupe with a friend. The seller said that signals were required in Pa. but these were not hooked up. I never heard of a retro active requirement . in the US or Canada, however I have heard of some in Europe regarding emissions.
  6. Does any state or province in the US or Canada require that turn signals be installed & operational in cars that were manufactured before signals were required by law, I believe 1952? Some one told me that Pennsylvania demands that ALL cars be equipped with turn signals such as 1938. It's a good idea, but I never knew it was required. I believe the Amish buggies are required to install lights, but cars?? Ron
  7. The Tucson Meet info is attached Dual in Desert single page.pdf
  8. How does that residue from the chemical extinguishers come off? Fortunately, I have never had to use one. I have two at my work bench and two in each car ( one is a halon). The chemical leaves a mess that looks like ceiling "popcorn". Must you scrape it off or hose it with water?
  9. Did anyone ask what transmission is in the 54? standard, overdrive, Hy-Drive or Power Flight? That could a reason for slower acceleration.
  10. rons49

    Carburetor Dye

    What makes you think that gold is incorrect? A year or so ago I went on line to see why some Carter WA1s were gold and some cadmium color. It turns out that the company Crown Plating that dyed the carbs for Carter was across the street. When Carter had enough parts to bring over for dying they were dyed with whatever Crown was running that day. See the Carburetor Shop web site for the story. Most Stombergs were zinc, but not exclusively.
  11. My father in law bought a 73 Sedan Deville from Potamkin in NYC. Very low price but, you could wait weeks for a service appointment.
  12. Paul, nice response. Enjoy the hobby and do not expect to make money. Hope to make friends and life long relationships. Its not a good thing to be obsessed with value of your toy, for when a profit motive steers folks in a hobby, it ceases to be a hobby but a business. This holds true with a home. For over 60 years or more folks expected their home to be an investment to help out in their later years. We all see what happened in 2008. Enjoy the ride... your dead a long time.
  13. I agree with Matt. The issue is also the demographics that we have developed in the US. By the lack of investment in education cost control, young students are strapped with enormous loans upon graduation. There is less investment in education and research fields due to a "sequester", an attempt to placate one age group at the expense of another. The dissolving of "steady" employment, in other then service fields, that is , remaining with a employer "for life" with incremental raises( and promotion) from within. Today employees move from employer to employer seeking better compensation. That makes an employee a "rolling stone" ,selling his/her talents to the higher bidder... think ballplayers at the end of a contract. Let us mention always being on the edge of a next move, many times moving from city to city, even nation to nation, think Military. The last 30 years have seen stagnated wages putting a strain on workers. It is no wonder that collector car prices( NOT Exotic) are flat. Collector cars are just an anchor to most. To a large extent, the same can be said for home sales. When a 10% salary increase beckons in another state, who needs to worry about selling a house, or storing ( maintaining) an old car. Another point is the rise of the "Renter Society" Frankly, it is my opinion that the days of defined pensions, and long term stabile employment began to end for those born after the mid 1950s. WORSE, although most folks admire old cars, I have heard people more then once, mumble under their breath referring to the " old rich Bastar...". I hope that we do not become the image of the wealthy robber baron, driving his Dusenberg past a breadline.
  14. What about the intake manifold gasket or carb gasket? What is vacuum reading? The bolts at either of those components could have expanded and need a retorque & be drawing in air from the outside and running rich. Don't forget to verify that the choke is not staying closed. BTW, I just had to replace a PCM on an '03 Impala. The car ran great for days, then out of the clear blue while driving, the engine shut off. Hook up a reader and "rock" the PCM housing and watch the meter go nuts. But, of course not an issue on the ' 69.
  15. Mark, I have an Audels from 1949 and 1964. These books are not so much specific to a particular car, but more to general info on eras and the workings of types of engines and components. Frankly, if you read ( ie studied) these books cover to cover you probably would qualify as a professional for the era discussed. The best book for a particular car, in your case a 1931 REO is a Motors 1937 edition that goes back to 1931. It gives complete specs and "how tos" for your REO. Ron
  16. What I did was go to an Ace Hdwr, purchased small black flathead screws that thread down about 1/8 ". Drilled tiny holes where the staples were and tightened them down. They will self tap & they will sink into the fur material and appear nonexistent. You can do this with out removing panels, just remove the garnish & roll the glass down. The Philips screws are smaller than pop rivets and can be a bit easier to align on center as depending on the door. I used 4 per door on my 50 Cadillac & 53 Hudson. Ron
  17. I won't swear to it but I believe Hudson offered them in '54. It is of course redundant since the guidelines state "tubeless" can remain on the lettering of the sidewall. Goodrich supplied Hudson on many cars but Goodyear was prevalent. I have never seen a judge ask for "docs" on 53 -54 cars. Of course radials are a whole 'nother issue. Cadillac offered Vogue tires as a factory authorized upgrade, even if US Royals & Firestone were standard. Anyway, Tubeless are safer. Thanks guys.
  18. I was going over the judges guidelines for 2013 . It states that tubeless tires first appeared in 1955. Only 2 weeks ago did I read on line that BF Goodrich applied for a patent in May 1947, but did not offer them until Feb 1952 when the Govt issued a go on the patent. Rims were made to accept tubeless tires some years before in anticipation of the eventual production. It's on line in the history of tubeless tires and BF Goodrich. Can I get an explanation why AACA does not accept cars from 1952? I am aware that thy became standard on most cars in 1955, but were available before that, I believe. Ron
  19. Ciao Camilla, What part of Italia do you reside? We have family in Amilia-Romanga. Piacenza and Rimini. Ron
  20. Thanks to all the folks who worked so hard to make a fine Meet in Palm Springs, Ca. The Sun & Sand Region did a good job and our group from Tucson all had a fun time. Ron Sotardi, Tucson Region.
  21. Matt. That indeed is a Tillitson X. Good carbs except for one glaring issue. They tend to warp due to the white metal that they are made from. Heat causes the issue. An air leak can be oh so small and on a turn the base may flex and as the fuel moves to the inside of the float chamber( right turn) air is drawn in. I too, advise a good Zenith. Could be a gasket leak in the carb or intake manifold. Ron
  22. Thanks for the heads up. I bet it is a lot of work and a lot of nail biting. Thanks to those folks who put the Meet on. All these years I thought it was a combined effort with National.
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