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  1. Chevy 305s from1977 to 1983 had a problem with cam lobes going flat. Wasn't the oil, it was a manufacturing defect. A class action suit was won by owners in Chicago District Federal Court, awarding owners of inflicted cars the cost of parts, not labor. I change my oil every 1000 mi in my pre 55 cars with no filter.Add a quart of marvel every other change. Standard 10w-40( in AZ.). Rumor has it, syn oil will pass through old style seals like,you know.
  2. Many of us us Stabil in our fuel to preserve the gasoline. Question. Does adding stabil + correct amount of MMO cause adverse effects,ie, too much additive?
  3. Check your cables, use 00 gauge cable, especially on 49 and newer GM cars with 6v use proper ground strap. Do not use little green wheel type batt kill switches.They can only pass 250amps,Big GM starters pull @ 325amps. Use an Optima if you can afford it. keep it charged. if you try an 8v battery you will need to adjust your regulator to 9-9.5 v or you will drain the batt every trip. If you have an electric fuel pump you will probably burn out a 6v motor on 8v. And the radio will possibly say good night as well.
  4. Although my first car was a 1959 Buick conv, a 31 Ford deluxe tudor was my first hobby car.Still have it over 20 years. Bob, the guy in Talmedge was his name Gerry Crater?
  5. That's one way. But can be seen by judges if it matters. Also some where in the"feedback" line a fuel restrictor must be installed or there will be a drop in fuel pressure. A stock brass 1/8x1/8npt with a .030 orifice does well. Downside...if the elec pump is on and the mech pump diaphram spouts a leak gas can dump into the crankcase. Two safe ways...1. put elec pump by the fuel tank run a straight line to the carb put a check valve in the line to maintain fuel close to the carb.Keep the mech pump on car after the cam arm is removed, block hole so no oil is lost place dummy lines from the gas line to the original pump. If you have a dual action mech pump then a small vacuum storage tank can be added or removed in seconds,to keep wipers from stopping on accel.2. instead of a straight run, cut the fuel line and send incoming fuel through the old pump and out again as originally done. Diaphram must be good or gas will leak onto the ground.No check valve needed as there is one in the mech pump. Both systems will probably need a pressure regulator before the mech pump. Reminder solenoid (E-8011 6v, 8012 12v) is a pump that claims freeflow,ie,gas will pass when not running, not true with a gear driven and a rotary vane has no check valve. Have fun!
  6. There are at least two gas preservatives on the market, Sea-foam or Stabil both work well. The AACA must consider changing the rules soon before we learn of a member killed when his, or her , car fuel starved getting on a freeway or through an intersection. Bad publicity like that will cause alarm through the land and may suggest demands to remove vintage vehicles from public roads. An electric fuel pump, installed with professional standards may be considered a saftey upgrade such as seat belts etc. There are ways to reduce vapor lock (actually fuel starvation)but, a electric pump is almost always necessary. I have done extensive research on this for another club. One of my cars was just judged by some one on this thread and that person, or any other judge, would not know that there was any modification.Think of cars as you would a airplane. No one would fly a plane that will stall under a certain cicumstance, nor drive a car on the highways. If AACA rules permit prewar cars to have electric pumps for safety, is it too safe to install them on a later model for equal safety?
  7. If your car is prone to vapor lock eventually that will happen.Modern fuel flash point is about 147F. fully 10 less than when the Ac or Carter dual action was new.That aside there are drawbacks to all choices. What are the summer temps where you drive, is it stop and go? If you get vapor fuel starvation it is dangerous, as you lose control in the traffic flow. So, you can put back the mech pump, and put a electric one in line.The question here is, will you restrict the suction draw from the mech pump and need to run the electric anyway? Also if a leak develops in the mech pump than you could have gas pumped into the crankcase by the elec pump. None of this will happen with the elec alone.Use a pressure reg in line. One other thought is to"hollow out" a mech pump, run the fuel and vacuum line though it with the ARM removed and the engine hole blocked. Then you still have the wiper situation( booster is disabled). On my Hudson I must floor it to get the wipers to stop fully, so, add a vacuum tank if the presence of it won't bother you or the judges. They cost less than $20. Easy to remove for AACA meets and the judges can't tell with the lines all appear as correct.
  8. If you want to use the original switch,the circuit breaker in those cars are replacable.Probably 25amp. Pull it out and see. Napa sells most of them for about 10 -15 dollars or less. Strongly advise that you install a headlight relay. Then you will never replace the switch CB again. You can go to Fifth Ave Auto Parts in Ks.on line for info. If you still have 6volts there is alot of current under that dash. If a fuse blows you will be a hazard on the road.Check it out. Ron
  9. Out here in balmy Arizona this is a problem we have had for years.You are getting fuel starvation, a pre vapor lock. If you run a electric fuel pump ( mounted near the fuel tank) to the mech pump you will agravate the issue , because the mech pump has to pull the fuel from the tank with even more resistance. There are 3 types of E pumps: Solenoid(looks like a fuel filter, Airtex is the common brand),rotary vein,and a carator (gear driven).Only the first two are 6-volt. More on these later. Also if the diaphram in the M pump fails then the electric(Epump) can dump gas into the engine. So I would not feal safe doing the pumps in series. Even though the gear driven pump is 12volt it will work on 6v at half the speed 15 gph but it draws 6.5 amps at 6v. The best way to solve this is a Gear driven one(Carter) the others have some disadvantages. No concoction ever worked for me on my Hornet. I blocked the mech pump and run a staight elec line with a4psi regulator. There are ways to retain the original look for judging. This is why the AACA needs to relax the deduction for elec pumps. Ron
  10. Is the horn relay operating correctly?Bench check the horns before buying new ones, if you havn't already.
  11. need to replace lost emblem for radiator on a 1933 Studebaker. please email at rsotardi@yahoo.com
  12. I have a 6-volt Optima in my 50 Cadillac and one in my 53 Hudson.They are 3years old and are great,and worth the money.However check what the current draw is on the car that you will be installing the battery in.Optimas pack a large punch i.e.,they have a high current capicity and if you put a battery kill switch like the "green Wheel" type the current will be restricted.These switches are only rated for 250 amps,and that is not enough for some GM cars.If this is the car that you have ,I suggest that you put a "knife"style switch in as a kill switch.I also have a hollow tar top box that the battery sits in. The battery box comes in two styles for group 2.Check the position of the terminals so as the cables will be in the correct position.Ron
  13. 1970 Ford Maverick wiring diagram for sale. I only want $5.00 +shipping cost. I can be reached at rsotardi@yahoo.com .
  14. Pima Co.,Arizona,which encompasses the City of Tucson and its surrounding areas attempted to bring to a vote of the Pima Co. Board of Supervisors a new amended version of the zoning regulations.The new law would have made it illegal to make any "major" repairs on your own registered vehicle in sight of the public."Minor" repairs would be limited to only 2X'S per month and must be performed at least 50 feet from the property line. Only 6 vehicles can be permitted to be seen from the street on property of no less than 1 acre and these must be registered.The Arizona Auto Hobbyist Council and many concerned enthusiasts blitzed the County Board members and the vote was put on hold pending a rewrite and a public forum. Stay tuned.Ron
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