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  1. After 21 years I decided to offer my 1950 Cadillac 4door 6219 for sale. I am the second owner. The car has always been in Tucson AZ. The first owner was the wife of Davis Monthan AFB Commander. I have the build sheets from Clarke Ave Detroit in June of 1950 to Apache Motors Tucson. It is an AACA Senior from 2007 and numerous Repeat Preservations, last was Oct 2013, Palm Springs Ca. It won a CLC Grand National at Anaheim 2006 in the 1950 to 1953 class over 3 Eldorados with 96.66 points. First Place at the CLC Regional Meet in Phoenix in 2012. VMCCA Golden Award of Excellence. This may be the finest 50-53 sedan in the country. Color is Savoy Gray (Sikkens single stage urethane). Glass is mostly new except the back which is perfect, as well as all weather seals. Ivory steering wheel recast by JB Donaldson. Interior & exterior are flawless. Every component in the car works as new... including the vacuum antenna & Wonderbar radio. Tires are 5 years new ... Firestone Dlx Champions WWs, with Sombreros( flawless). New fuel tank a couple of years ago. Even the one-year-only original tool bag holds the tire jack and tools. Included in the deal are my inventory of parts worth easily $2000 as well as every shop manual possible for the car. Pictures on request at email... rsotardi@yahoo.com or 520-749-8659 Ron Sotardi. Price = $28,000
  2. Thanks Roy. A quick update on payment of your 2015 dues: Fran & I were just notified that there is a 10 business day backlog between the time that someone pays their '15 dues on line, to when it is entered in Nationals data base .Please, be patient, but keep this in mind.
  3. Hi folks, I'm Ron Sotardi, President of the Tucson Region. Along with Fran, my wife of 42 years, we are the registrars for the Western Spring Meet & the Annual Grand National Meet in Tucson AZ. The Host Hotel is a 4star resort, the Casino del Sol. These are meets that you do not want to miss. There are personal services that can't be beat and very affordable. Another example of distinction :while the gents are on the field showing their vehicles, their spouse can relax in a hot tub with a cocktail, only a couple of hundred feet from the show field. Of course, there is the Casino, for those who enjoy the challenge. Just a reminder.... please before you register, make sure that your 2015 dues are paid to National, and give National a few days to enter the 2015 dues in their database. See you in Tucson. Ron & Fran
  4. A Trabbie.... sweet ride! The cutting edge of East German technology.
  5. Used to live in New York. It could get so cold that I had trouble holding tools with numb fingers. I ran a kerosene heater to maintain some sort of warmth. 20 years ago I moved to Tucson, AZ. You think that the cold saps your enthusiasm? Try doing repairs in a garage( out of the sun) when it 105 degrees out, & 115 in the garage. Ambition becomes a lost art. Then comes the beautiful winter.... 62 in the afternoon (January), but 32 in the morning until after 9am. Oh well, we're just getting old. Do a little each day. Don't try to complete projects on a schedule. Take a little longer to finish, but so what? your dead a long time. Ron
  6. rons49

    wireing problems

    What year & make? Quickly it comes to mind that one (or both) that current is feeding across into another line. If the wiring is old ,the insulation may be cracked and touching another line. I just found this on a friends 37 dodge where a metal crimp(meant two tie the two wires together) cut through two wires: taillight and stop. Along with a poor ground due to a wonderfully painted fender & powder coated under carriage, when the headlights were on, a small glow was present in the stop light filament (same bulb). Also on older cars the current for running lights were fed through the turn signal switch, although the headlights were separate. Check the whole line using a circuit test light.
  7. Could some one advise me if the later model Sisson electric chokes, 1950 to 1954, can easily be installed, and operate correctly, on the 1935 to 1941 6 cyl Dodge Stromberg EXV -2&3, or the Plymouth Ball & Ball carburetors. I know the later ones were mounted in front of the carb and the 35 -49s were mounted behind the carb. Can they be reversed? or will that put the arm in the irrevocably in the wrong location, causing the choke rod to bind? Ron
  8. sold it. Now to figure how to repair the original motor. Do they come apart to expose the armature/ windings?
  9. The one that I have , as well as the one on ebay is not for the deluxe/automatic( 5047686) Cadillac system, but for the standard system. 1949-52 Chevys use the same motor, but Chevy used no ground wire. I presume that the motor is internally grounded and the screws complete the circuit GRD when mounted on the metal duct.??
  10. Could some one help ID this motor? I found a NOS heater/defroster motor. It's 6 volt and GM part #5047733. The number is a bit high for my 50-52 Cadillac and in 53 Cadillac went to 12 volt. I suspect that it may be for a 53/54 Chevy or Pontiac, but not for my Cadillac. Any help would be appreciated. If you find the number you may have it for $10 + shipping. Ron
  11. I believe that the Sisson choke operates in three stages 1. setting the choke valve by pushing down the gas pedal once. That sets the butterfly at half closed along with the fast idle, by contracting the bimetal spring. 2. engage the starter, which by, an Electric charge from the starter terminal, closes the butterfly fully. 3. Release the starter & the current is cut off from the choke and the spring expands to open the butterfly as the engine warms up, eventually fully opening. If the choke does not fully open, then the engine will run too rich. The Sisson will need adjustment or replacement( if the spring is broken). Ron
  12. It can be frustrating. Ne'er a month goes by that I swear that I'm getting out. Example I have a gorgeous 50 Cadillac, that is very reliable. But there always it a "hole to be plugged in the dike". One of my favorites that living in Arizona, I rarely turn on the defroster. Naturally, when I do the motor fails to turn. All you old caddy guys know what I feel when you need to lay on your back & look up at the levers and caldron of "spaghetti" under the dash. Of course I checked for power in the motor first, only to not realize that the alligator clip for my tester had fallen off, and therefore showed no power to the motor.... But, why is there power at the small switch under the dash? After an hour of work, I realized what I did, and figured that the defroster motor just needed to be run because a film covered the brushes and commutator surface. With a removal of the motor(easy) and a little push off it went The cars are only incidental to the folks we meet in the hobby. Be patient, I will bet that the longer you own your car the more comfortable you will become with it. Pick up a copy of Les Andrews book on the Model A Ford. I bet you my have a dirty carb, but it may have gotten gummed up because of a dirty gas tank feeding small debris into the carb. The fan belt could be a victim of the wrong belt ( get the correct one at Brattons or Snyders or another Model A supplier), or too much tension. Join MARC or MAFCA and a local chapter. There is always some one that has had the same issue and once you have knowledge on procedures to identify trouble, life becomes easier and less frustrating. BTW, loosen the gas cap, then drive the car. As are gravity fed and the gas caps like most pre 60s cars, must be vented. If the vent hole is clogged air can't be displaced and the fuel flow will stop. Think of a Coke bottle turned upside down...gluk gluk. Now, put a small hole in the bottom of the bottle. The liquid flows smoothly.
  13. I had a '68 Samco/Cord. SAMCO stood for Sports Automobile Manufacturing Company. Bill Landers, who was a partner of Bill Lear (Lear Jet), bought out the Cord Automobile Co in 1967, which was in bankruptcy. Glenn Pray( who recently passed away) was the man responsible for resurrecting the marque. In 1965 & 66 Glenn Pray rolled out the "second generation" Cords powered by a Corvair engine reversed to give a front wheel drive operation. With the help of General Tire & Rubber's product called Royalite , Glenn was able to make his dream come true. GT&R donated the Royalite bodies to Cord in order to show automobile & aircraft companies what a fine product they made. In 1968 Landers attempted to start over again. My 68 had a Ford 289, 4 bbl & a C-4 auto. In '69 it could be had with a Chrysler 440. The car weighed in at 2820 lbs ( I weighed it on a truck scale), and it was an absolute rocket. But, with manual AMC 10" drums... look out for flying trees. The suspension was a Kaiser Gladiator pickup truck frame with 4 leaf springs. With such a light car on a stiff suspension, it made for some interesting moments. But, it was fun. Samco made Cords for 2 more years ending in 1970. The prices were about $6000, and that really put a drag on sales . The book " Glenn Pray, the Man Who Brought Legends to Life" by Josh Malks, is a wonderful story of the history of the Auburn, Cord, and Duesenberg names after the mother company closed shop in 1938. Ron
  14. Petri, I had my order in in Nov '13. after March'14 I bailed and got my $25 back. Peterson said that he would keep me in Que when the next set comes out. Frankly, I have reasons to believe they never will. I know the company that bought him out. I'll bet it was just for patent rights. Ray Horton of the Model A Ford Club bought a set just before Oct '13 and received his. he had to order an additional part which eventually came. Check out the story on the Ford Barn.
  15. True, if both carbs(manual choke or automatic) are Stromberg bxv-2, but the '37 presently has a Carter WA-1, has no choke hooked up, idles fast and dumps fuel a few moments after shut down. The car is show quality but the Carter is wrong so why try to make it work when we can install the correct one. What brand /model is on yours? Ron
  16. Jon, I would like to talk to you what is a good way, email or phone?
  17. Thanks jpage, The Sisson 700 series electric was standard on all Dodges for '37.
  18. I did not know that they used the electrics in '37. They look as if there was a cable clamped to the unit and a pull knob on the dash. I'll check that out. He has the shop manual.
  19. Thanks Jon, He will be out of town for a couple of weeks. when he gets home we will call. Ron Sotardi, AACA lifer
  20. Thanks Jon, My friend just bought a 37 Dodge 2door that was totally show GN quality. As I was going over the car, I drove it and the idle was too high. I rolled open the hood and to my surprise a lovely WA-1 sat on top of the manifold ( I have two 968s on my 53 hornet). Out side of B&Bs I never saw Carters on a 30s-50s Chrysler product, or are they listed in Motors or Chilton. There is of course a "oreo" thermostat housing that has no chimney tube, and a dummy knob on the dash that has no purpose. I guess that was the choke pull knob. Did the Stromberg EVX-2 use a manual choke? This car is soooo beautiful that will recommend he look for a original Stomberg. We will, meantime, jury rig the Carter to idle slower and flood less. Who knows what the float is set at?
  21. Could one, or more, of you guys tell me if the 37 Dodge used a Carter WA-1( automatic choke)? My friend just bought the car and the Carter was on it. I have listings for only Stromberg EXV-2. This Carter has the automatic spring choke , but it runs rich, and the idle is fast and when the engine is shut down a small amount of fuel drains down and out the fuel drain tube at the base of the exhaust manifold. I don't want to play with this if it is the wrong carb altogether. It is also missing the spring and "pin" for the heat riser. Any ideas where to purchase the spring? Ron
  22. Question: did Fram and Purolator use reinforced "rubber" flex hose to the filter canister? OR, is it correct to use a steal or copper line . My car has the Fram filter assembly mounted on the engine not firewall. I always thought that the flex rubber lines will fail with catastrophic results and these lines should be ridged, for durability. But, I see units sold new and NOS use flex lines. Which is correct?
  23. Rog, Probably the sender as was stated. but Ford( among others) used a voltage regulator to maintain 5volts to the fuel and temperature gauges. If the new sender does not solve the issue, aim at the VR behind the instrument cluster. Of course the gauge itself might need repair.
  24. Has anyone actually received delivery since February '14. I waited 3 months (from Nov '13), called numerous times asking when I will receive delivery. I was told after 3 calls that the company was bought out and production should resume soon. I decided to ask for a credit of my $25 deposit, which was promptly credited. John, the POC, said that I will still receive my set. Never to hear from them again. Potentially a nice product if a collector has more then one car. But... Ron. BTY the total cost is $360 + options.
  25. Pete, I just found mine on my 50 Caddy. Check the passenger side frame rail behind the motor mount brace, about 6 inches behind the generator. I could not find it due to the undercoating filled in the stamped numbers. When I cleaned the rail it was very obvious. Ron
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