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  1. The Potter trunk was also used on the 20's & 30's Hupmobiles.
  2. Every 2 months , the club publishes the PARTS LOCATOR newsletter with good information. My guess is your contact is traveling from CT to Lebanon Canada for a 5 day Hupmobile rally/tour starting Monday, July 16th. I believe the 2013 tour is in southern Indiana just north of Louisville, KY. They are a fun event and I plan to attend next year. If you don't bring your car, you are encouraged to ride with someone.
  3. Someone correct me if I am wrong. Try using unpainted nuts on the head as they look much flashier. Also, the oil float level unit should be painted white. Are you a member of the Hupmobile Club? If not, join.
  4. It is a darker green but not a forest green. One photo was in the sun and the 2nd in the shade. Actual color is between the two. I am told that some 6 cyl engines were painted black like the 8 cyl. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PPG Platinum Distributer Ohio Auto Kolor, Inc. 700 S. Jefferson St. Dayton, OH 45402 (937) 223-9195 OEM:FG HYUNDAI DAR49712 FOREST GREEN Remarks: VOC: 4.3% Lead: 1.15/MSDS:DARE2 Tinting Guide:DAR49712 DMAR414 375.9 DMR499 313.3 DMR490 217.6 DXR495 20.2 DMR400 73.5 DMR480 38.3 DMR475 23.2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ OEM:FG HYUNDAI DAR49712 FOREST GREEN Qty:1 Quart --Code-- --Color-- --Cumulative-- --Parts-- DMAR414 Blue 375.9 375.9 DMR490 Str. Bla 593.5 217.6 DMR400 White 667.0 73.5 DMR480 Yellow 705.3 38.3 DMR475 Red 728.5 23.2 DMR499 Clear 1041.8 313.3 DXR495 Catalyst 1062.0 20.2 ==================Additional Notes=============== VOC= 4.3 Mix:VOC= 4.3 Ord:
  5. Close off the vacuum line, at the manifold, to the wiper and try again. If a leak in a rubber hose exists, the vacuum can drop below the critical limit. Just something to check.
  6. Sold to an Indiana private owner. Keep your eyes open for it.
  7. Sold to an Indiana private owner. Keep your eyes open for it.
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  9. Now, the question is, is any one interested? Thanks for everyone's input.
  10. It is light weight aluminum with no marking of mfg or identification numbers. It is 15 inches wide and 7 inches high.
  11. My guess is it is from a late 40's or early 50's Chrysler product. Can anyone provide the actual detail? It is pot metal and is 21 1/2 wide by 8 1/2 inches high.
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    I posted this in September 2010 on a thread about 15% ethanol. The prices are based on two years ago. I believe you can still get 0% ethanol as you drive across Iowa. My brother lives in Stuart Iowa that has an ethanol plant just west of town. I need to check about the status of the plant. I was filling up at BP stations in Iowa. ---------------------------------------------------- One suggestion is to move to Iowa. They still sell gasoline without ethanol. You can also get 10% and 85% if you want it. Remember, they grow the corn to make ethanol and you can get non ethanol gas. Check out my experience with using 10% ethanol in a car designed to use 10% ethanol. September 8th, I filled my 3.8 2008 Buick Lucienne in Ohio with 87 Octane (10% ethanol) and drove 450 miles at 70 MPH getting 27.3 MPG. On the return, I filled up in Iowa on September 13th with 87 Octane (zero ethanol) driving 450 miles at 70 MPH and got 31.4 MPG. In Iowa the ethanol gas was $2.55 a gallon. With no ethanol gas, the price was $2.69. The total cost with ethanol was $42.03 versus $38.55. This was a savings of $3.48. From my experience, I will always skip the ethanol gas additive when given the option.
  13. You should use a bell shaped wheel puller. The different wheel makers used individual size hubs. Measure the hubcap diameter to purchase the correct size. You can then post a request for your size on the Buy/Sell forum. There is a man previously identified here that will make one for you. Does anyone have his phone or email address. You can also look on eBay using the following search, there are several of different sizes available. ("HUP pULLER","HUB PULLER","wheel puller") -(flywheel,"fly wheel",honda,clutch,"steering wheel","Brand New Universal Hub Puller") The photo is an example of what you are looking for but is probably too large. Hope this helps. wheel puller on ebay.pdf
  14. Ad in craingslist, Columbus, OH. Not my ad. 2000 roadmaster 20 foot enclosed car trailer 2000 roadmaster 20 foot enclosed car trailer - $4500 (columbus) 2000 roadmaster enclosed 20 foot car trailer new tires inside real nice new lights black,, 4500.00 call for more info at 614-778-5660 anytime thanks
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    carter carb bb-1

    Your experts for your car are on the Dodge forum. Try posting there and they can tell you what carbs you will work best. If I am wrong, some one correct me, I believe the Carter BB1 carburetor was first used on stationery engines to drive pumps, compressors, etc. They hae been used as a good aftermarket carb when the original carb needed replaced. I have a 1931 Hupmobile that originally came with a Stromburg U2 made with pot metal. My car was purchased with a carter BB1 carb that worked fine. The BB1 does not have a unit for a hand throttle. I used it until I found a reproduction U2.
  16. In SW Ohio we have many events to show our vehicle. These are not AACA events but my 1931 Hupmobile always draws a crowd. We have an individual who has a web page of events within 50 miles or so of my home. Notes from Event Flyers June 10th we had a concours d'Elegance held at Ault Park in Cincinnati to support the Arthritis Foundation. The Sunday car show is free to show your vehicle but spectators pay $25 the day of the event and $20 if purchased in advance. The are charges for the optional special events the days preceding. I planned to show my car this year but was preempted by the granddaughter's dance recital. With luck, next year. AULT PARK Concours d'Elegance Once a month two of the local communities block off the downtown for a free car show with about 300 car or so attending. They provide a DJ, food vendors, and the local restaurants do a brisk business. In the Country Cruisers web page you will see them listed. Germantown Saturday Night Out Cruise the Burg | Summertime Fun on Main Street in Miamisburg Ohio ON the last Saturday in July there is a nice 12 mile Antique car parade with over 300 cars participating. The cars must not be hot rods or rat rods. A fellow I know had baby moon hubcaps on his 56 Chevy and he was not permitted to participate. If you register by July 20, it is free and $10 if you wait to the day of event. AntiqueCars Home Page Just outside of Dayton, there is a Friday free cruse in with 300 or more. Additionally, on the east side of Cincinnati, the is an even larger free Friday cruse in. I have wondered if other areas have a wealth of car nuts?
  17. Try Entertrainment Junction, a very large G Scale train layout of 2 miles of track. It is on I-75 at exit 22 about 6 miles north of I-275. EnterTRAINment Junction | Home of the World's Largest Indoor Train Display You can back to I-70 by taking I-71 to Columbus. Also, go east on I-270 to RT, then east to 32 to RT 35, to Charleston WV, take I-64 over to I-81 and North east to Harrisburg PA. This as an interesting trip with only the section from Charlestion to I-81 being hilly and it is all interstate. I have driven all the roads except I-81 north of I-64 to I-76 at Carlisle. This is the Shenandoah Valley and there will be abundance of things to see.
  18. They were sold as bug deflectors. You could also use the wind speed to add or minus your speedometer speed to check how much of a head wind you had. If you had a 12 mile per hour tail wind and you were driving at 60, your actual head wind would be 48 MPH. The were sold in the 50's or 60's and I don't remember actually seeing one.
  19. There is a Kaiser Darrin for sale in the Buy/Sell forum. Use the following link to go directly to the ad.
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  21. Am I correct, is this a Ford about 1933 or 1934? It is not the best photo but any help would be appreciated.
  22. It is for a 1931 Hupmobile 6 cyl Century 6. It may have been used in the 1932 Hupmobile 6 Cyl Model 216.
  23. Number 3 is for a Hupmobile, late 20's to early 30's. A normal and common error on Hupmobile parts.
  24. Have you checked out a company called "Trim Parts" in Lebanon OH. They make car parts for 1949 through 1974. They also make carpet formed to just drop into your car. I have nothing to do with the company other than living about 12 miles away. Check our their catalog web page at. Trim Parts
  25. I suggest you go to the following link as an example of a talented person. The link is a chronological history of his work in restoring his 1929 Hupmobile. I suspect he has many more photo than what he posted.