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  1. Wow, I am surprised at the verity of DUMB questions posted that I have not been asked. I have a 1931 Hupmobile 6 cylinder that I take to local shows and some cruse ins. I am under 70 and am also asked if I purchased it new 80 years ago and I thought I was the only one. People see the "H" on the hubcap and ask me if it is a Hudson? When I say Hupmobile, thet then ask "A Hup what?". When new, the sales information stated it was capable of speeds of 70 MPH. When asked how fast it will go, I usually say I drive about 55 in the interstate and 50 in 2 lane highways. Then they ask "Will it really go over 40 MPH?". I always know I am in trouble when they ask "How many speeds does it have?" or "What is that thing in the floor in front of the seat?", or "Why does it have 3 peddles on the floor?". When asked "Can you put modern gas in the car?", a friend once spoke up and said that 80 years ago the octane was only 60. He said the car runs better when I fill the tank about 1/3 with Kerosine to reduce the octane down from 92. My classic was when a father was showing his 12 & 13 year old boys the wood spokes. One boy said they were not wood and the second told his dad they were steel painted to look like wood.
  2. Two years ago, I purchase a new aftermarket cruse control unit, installed, on a Ford Focus for $300.00. The desirability of your unit depends on the application. Is the buyer going to use it on a driver and not judge it, or as a trailer queen for show only, or something in between? You didn't say if the unit is operational or if the condition shows usage and age. Photos will be a great help in establishing the value.
  3. What is the outside diameter of your carb? There is an air cleaner on ebay with an inside diameter of 1 5/8 inch. He is located about 30 miles away in Voorheesville. Send him a message that you will pick it up and pay cash, see what he says. The ebay Item number is: 150637758137 & the link is: 1930 1928 1929 1920s Air Cleaner Ford Dodge Chevy NOS? | eBay
  4. Measure the wheel hub with a set of calipers. If the hub is 16 threads to the inch and the diameter is 2 1/2 inches, I have a wheel puller for you.
  5. I agree with everything posted to date. To cover Hershey, plan on about a 22 mile hike. My brother & I cover it in 3 1/2 days. Plan on about 7 miles daily from 8:00 am to 5:30. Hershey is approximately 1 1/2 miles long by 1/2 mile wide with 10,000 or so vendor spots. I brought my 21 year old nephew to Hershey in 2001 and all he could tell his dad was "I can't describe it, you have to go". RESTORER32 is correct, it is very addicting. The following link is for the swap meet information. Hershey Region AACA: Fall Meet Maps & Information Go to the following link to see an overview of the swap meet fields. Wear very comfortable shoes and forget about style. Blisters are a reality. The grass in the parking lot can be wet in the morning and if it rains, your shoes will get wet. I carry an extra pair of socks. October in Hershey can start at 45 degrees to 65 degrees and the temperature can rise 3o to 35 degrees. Plan to wear clothing in layers to peal off as needed. Rain will cool the days temperature as much as 20 degrees. It has snowed in past years and could happen this year. I use a nylon rain suite as umbrellas don't work well in a crowd. Most vendors show their merchandise in the open and will cover them with blue tarps in the rain. If rain is forecast for Friday, many vendors will close up and leave on Thursday. There will be very few places to sit other than on the curb, the ground is often used. If you have difficulty standing for any length of time, bring something with a seat that you are willing to carry along. Some people bring a 2 or 4 wheel cart/wagon to carry things including their purchases. Your best chance to find the difficult items is Wednesday and Thursday. With all of this advise, go for it but find a hotel now. At this date, you may need to stay 20 to 40 miles away. For the record, we are going again this year to enjoy ourselves, I wish you the same.
  6. My experience is people asking for price usually have no idea of the car's value. I will quote a price double what it will take to duplicate the vehicle. Sometimes I plead stupidity and tell them the fair price is when the seller thinks they are giving it away and the buyer thinks the seller is out of his mind. Then they chuckle and leave. The best answer I have heard for a looker was "A dollar $2.98".
  7. Under the Germans, the French converted trucks to burn wood as gas was in very short supply. This truck ran on wood fuel. I don't know how they converted the truck to run from gas to wood fuel. After Paris was liberated, he was stationed in Paris with the military post office. His actual duty was to drive a 6 by 6 mail truck from Paris to the front lines and back. I believe I have a photo of him with the truck.
  8. I am not surprised the teenagers handled driving manual transmission cars. With a little incentive most can learn to drive a shift car very well. In 1990 I purchased a 1988 Hyundia with a manual 5 speed for my 17 year old daughter. I took Stacy out for 2 hours before super and a friend did 2 more hours in the evening. She drove to school the next day and did the bunny hop for a week or so but the car survived. Seven months later she was hit in an intersection and the car was totaled. Her replacement request was 4 doors, A/C, and a manual transmission. I actually found a 1990 year old Ford Tempest and she was in heaven. A manual shift Tempest will get 38 to 40 MPG on the highway. In college Stacy and her older sister requested to drive it when making road trips. Stacy met her husband while in college and he was astounded she drove a manual also. When I sold the Ford, I was concerned about finding a buyer wanting a 4 dr with a manual shift. The buyer was a 35 year old woman, 2 kids, who drove 40 miles who wanted only a manual. A friend of mine died in 2008 and his 19 year old grandson asked for his 1928 Hupmobile Roadster. His modern car was a manual but double clutching was a new experience. I was honored to instruct him on handling the shifting and his mother later said it took a while but he has become very proficient. It appears several of his friends are astounded that cars came that required you to double clutch. There is hope the younger set will take to the manual transmission. They just need a little incentive. Today, my daughters will get in a manual shift car any time, they are a little concerned about an antique but will when asked.
  9. I maybe confused, is this being paid by your collision insurance or is this being covered by the other driver's liability insurance? I am not in California but in Ohio and here this would be covered by the other driver's liability insurance. As such, they do not have the right to tell you where it will be fixed of if they can total it. Does California have a type of no-fault insurance where your company reimburses you even if it is the other driver's fault? Can someone clarify this?
  10. Do I understand you, the other driver was at fault. It sounds like you were hit from behind and pushed into the car in front of you. If this is the case, you are liable for the damage to the car in front of you. The driver that hit you is liable for the damage to your car and the amount charged you to fix the car in front. If they don't pay, the person who hit you can have their license suspended until you sign a waiver stating you have received your money. Most states require financial responsibility to keep a drivers license after an accident. Am I correct the $30,000 covers your collision and applies only if the person behind you can't pay or the accident is your fault. If the driver behind you has insurance, they will reimburse you for your costs. Have the car fixed and present them the bill. They do not have the authority to tell you how to fix the car. LIN400 has great advice, get the estimates and present the bill. I don't live in California and if I am wrong, someone please set me straight!
  11. Your comment about: My wife wants to go back to see the bridges of Madison County. Winterset is the county seat of Madison County & 40 miles south west of Des Moines. Your wife should enjoy site seeing the area. July 1st - 3rd, at the fairgrounds on the east side of Des Moines, The Good Guys car show will be held with many antique but mostly hot rods on display. An interesting side trip is to Pella, just 40 miles east of Des Moines. Very important, do not go on Sunday or a holiday, everything is closed! This is the boyhood home of Wyatt Earp until he was 12. The have a square block historical area of homes and history to visit. But they one of the finest bakeries in the country. It is on the center of the south side of the square and opens at 6:00 AM. If you are into pastries, this is well worth the side trip. Jaarsma Bakery, Inc. 727 Franklin Street Pella, Iowa 50219
  12. There is one on ebay, the number is 110705734440. Hershey in Oct will have restored ones and you can find them on ebay. I have one on my car for show but have gutted it. I use an electric fuel pump next to the gas tank.
  13. This is a "For Sale" sales pitch. I believe this is the kind of vehicle being described as a decent first car. It is a 1953 Willys Aero (ACE) automobile built by the company that also built the Willy Jeep. Willys built 102,000 between 1952 & 1955. Most mechanical parts are interchangeable with the jeep. This is a running car I have driven 3,500 miles in the last 3 years. It has 60,700 miles as of June 23rd and I will put another 100 miles this Sat on a club tour. I have taken it to one local car show, it received a 1st place in 1960 to 1959 class. I look at it as a touring car and defiantly not a show car. The car is 770 miles from Tulsa in SW Ohio. It is a nice car but my interest is actually in pre WW2 vehicles. The following link is to the ad previously posted on this forum. You can also do a search on " 1953 willys aero "
  14. The original owner used this 1940 Ford 15 years to tow his fishing boat. The ball size 1 1/2 inch and showed signs of much use. It was purchased by the 2nd owner in 1967 with the trailer hitch already installed. The photos were taken in April 2008 when I removed it from his garage. I sold it in Aug of 2009 with new tires, new fuel system, complete brakes, other things to get it running. The current owner has installed a complete wiring system, new seals on windshield, including passenger side headlight and tail light assemblies. This car has the original paint and interior, a true survivor.
  15. Ed sells at Hershey in the fall. Try him at: Ed Baines 5528 Holmes Dr NW Canton OH 44718 330 494 9763
  16. Yes, I was on I-675 about 11:30 today, only take the trailer when I show the car. I-675 is a 6 lane and allows me keep right with lost of room to be passed. Surprisingly the local traffic really likes to see the car going 50 to 55. Heading to see a fellow about adding seat belts. Three in back and 2 in front.
  17. I have reduced the price to $20.00. I can ship it as required or deliver it to Hershey in October.
  18. The car is black with black fenders. The color options were Black, Dark Blue, Maroon, or Dark Green but all cars had black fenders.
  19. Tire is a CUSTOM CLASSIC 650 X 19 with a 6 ply rating. $20.00 Tire is currently sold new by Lucas Classic Tires for $185. I used it as a spare tire always covered. Flat tire required use once in 10 years for 50 miles. Tread depth is 100%. Tire will make a great spare tire. This has been my touring car and I wore the tread down in 16,000 miles. I changed to a different tread pattern this tire doesn't match the new ones. Located in Dayton, OH
  20. If you go online when you get in the states, you may consider the following. I missed your post earlier, have fun on your tour. Remember, each state has its own speed limit and they can change from state to state. From Chicago you can go to South Bend IN to the Studebaker Museum Interstate I-80. Studebaker National Museum - Official Website At Auburn IN you can go to the Auburn/Cord Museum on I-69. Home Indianapolis IN is the location of Indianapolis Speedway and Museum. Hall of Fame Museum - Indianapolis Motor Speedway The last part of May you can watch the time trials for the Indy 500 Mau 29th. On Interstate I-70 in Ohio on May 27th, 28th & 29th there is a large wasp meet outside Springfield OH. They will have over 900 vendors on 2,200 sites. Welcome to
  21. Wheel Puller for rear wheel. 16 count thread. 2 1/2 inch bell shape. $30.00 plus shipping. Location = Dayton, OH If it is the wrong size, send it back and I will return the $35.00. Jack
  22. I can't speak for other Hupmobile club members but I use the words assemble and restoration interchangeably. In the club you will find cars with everything original without modification to totally restored. It only depends how you want your car. At he Hupmobile tours, you will find the full range. Most members are required to do some level of work (restoration) to get or keep their car running well. The Hupmobile club puts out a quarterly magazine called the 'Hupp Hareld' as well as the 'Parts Locator, newsletter with items for sale or wanted, etc. What town do you live close near?
  23. The first think you need to do is to join the Hupmobile Club. This will give you access to parts available, and Hupmobile tours around the country. This year the week long tour will be in Reno NV. In recent years it has been in north central PA, Dayton, Oh, NH, and next year it will in southern IN. In 2010 we had a second tour of 3 days around northern Indiana. The following link is found in the forum for Restorations under 1929 Hupmobile. You will find his documented project very interesting. You don't need a running Hupmobile to attend the tours. Every effort is made for you to ride each day in a Hupmobile. This will permit you to meet and talk with owners.
  24. Are you sure the Cadillac used a split rim on solid steel wheels? I can be corrected but didn't the wire wheels and steel wheels not use a separate steel rim? Are you near enough to take a photo of the wheel showing the split rim? In your area, there should be a tire company that has been in business long enough to have someone experienced enough to change the tire without damaging the whitewall or rim. Detroit Tire in Xenia Oh is 200 miles away but they have people that can do the work. They are a Coker Tire dealer and can order the tires direct. Last week, I had them change my tires with wood wheels in my 1931 Hupmobile. I elected to reuse the existing flaps as they were in good condition. They were disappointed that I didn't bring any black touch up paint to apply before inflating the tires. Many companies in the late 20's and early 30's had wire and solid wheels available. In 1931 Hupmobile sold wire wheels for $10.00 and steel wheels for $40.00 as an option.
  25. The car is in the final stages of restoration. Engine and carb have not been run yet. Just trying to get it to run the first time. After getting it to fire with starting fluid, pulled a plug and it was completely covered (wet) with gasoline. Feel free to send me a Personal Message with you phone number and we can talk. Also let me know when is the best time to call.