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  1. The AACA Museum at Hershey Pa, it is a very good place to visit. It is about 3 hours drive north of DC.
  2. The first thing you need to do is to go to the following web page to join the HUPMOBILE CLUB. Hupmobile Club The club prints 4 issues of the "PARTS LOCATOR" a year providing you access to parts available for sale and you can post items you want to buy. They will mail it to you but it comes much quicker by email. They also print a very nice quarterly magazine. Additionally, as a member you have access to experts in the club and a membership roster of names, address, and what model and year cars. Additionally, the club has a meet each in various locations around the country. This year the rall
  3. These two pages should help. National Service Manual - Pontiac 1931.pdf
  4. Contact Harry Sheets (765) 362-2247. He will have many Willys items and sells used parts as requested.
  5. How far you north of Dayton? The AACA Southern Ohio Chapter members are generally located within 40 or 50 miles of Dayton. Distance is not a limitation, everyone is invited to tour with us. We tour around the area and the October tour is the 15th and we will be starting from Monroe Oh. You are more the welcome to visit us with your antique or modern car. The prime requirement to tour with us is to have an interest in antique cars. Bring your wife and children, we encourage family members. Our current monthly newsletter can be found at the following link. New Page 1
  6. Try checking out "Mershons World of Collector Cars" in Springfield OH. They carry very nice cars. Be prepared, they will make every effort to sell you one of their cars. They are about half way between I-75 and Columbus. It is about 3 miles north of I-70 at exit 54 also known as Rt 72. Check them out at google Maps. Their web page is: Mershon's World of Cars: Corvettes and Classic Cars Since 1981
  7. Speaking for me, the newer makes no longer being made are hard to accept as an orphan car. But the DeSoto and Oakland are generally accepted as orphans along with the Hupmobile or Studebaker. It's a mental thing as to when a vehicle becomes a valid orphan. Something like the perfect wedding dress to the bride. My real problem is accepting that my former 1987 Plymouth K car will be an antique car in 3 months.
  8. First, I am not knowledgeable about a 29 Plymouth. Do you have wood spoke wheels with a screw on hubcap? If so you can get a wheel puller the shape of a bell. The inside threads will be same size as your hubcap. Measure the distance across to determine the correct size. The bell will have a bolt that screws into the top.l You screw the wheel puller onto the wheel and the large bolt will press against the axle. As you screw the bolt in, the hub will loosen and pop off the axle.
  9. The car was auctioned for $8,200. The buyer plans to clean it up, assemble it, but but restore it. He has never owned a Hupmobile but has done this before.
  10. The building in question in next to an original Sun Oil Co service station moved to the park. I was able to drive my 1931 Hupmobile into the park for the annual Orphan Car Show to be held this Saturday, Sept 24th. As part of the show event you can take photos of your car at the station. I have participated several years now and always have a lot of fun.
  11. Do you have any details as to where the auction is or who is the auction house? Auction is at 50 Mill St, Mechanicsburg, Ohio about 35 miles west of Columbus OH. Auctioneer is AuctionZip.com Auctioneer #5640 for the sale bill. It is listed as a 1928 in the bill of sale.
  12. This 1930 Hupmobile Model S barn find is being auctioned off Saturday, Sept 24 at noon in Mechanicsburg, Ohio about 35 miles west of Columbus OH. The car has been parked for 40 years and while it has surface rust everywhere, it is solid. Anyone interested?
  13. This 1930 Hupmobile Model S barn find is being auctioned off Saturday, Sept 24 at noon in Mechanicsburg, Ohio about 35 miles west of Columbus OH. The car has been parked for 40 years and while it has surface rust everywhere, it is solid. Anyone interested? Car was purchased for $8,200 by a local 70+ man. He plans to clean it up, reassemble, and get it running without a complete restoration. He has done several cars but has never owned a Hupmobile.
  14. My mistake! Please accept my apology. I can almost guarantee a Model A roadster body will be available at Hershey next month. Try the two ebay links. Greenville OH is 30 miles NW of Dayton OH. Ford Model A Roadster Steel Body 30,31 1930-1931 | eBay 1930-31 Model A Ford Roadster Body & Frame Hot Rod/Rat Rod Project - eBay (item 330613589104 end time Sep-19-11 20:10:20 PDT)
  15. Am I wrong, this looks like an ad wanting to build a hotrod. If this is his desire, he should go to Brookville Roadster & order a new steel body. See link below. Brookville Roadster - Vintage Ford Auto Parts
  16. While you can not put holes for stakes, the poles can not sit directly on the asphalt. You must use a steel plate or something like a 2" by 6" by 6" block under the poles.
  17. U-haul uses a list of approved cars by make and year. If you want to move a car not on the list, the person on the phone will say no. Get the wheel base of the Chrysler and find a more recent car of the approximate size and weight as your car to tow. I have even seen pickup trucks on U-haul trailers. I wanted to haul a 1931 orphan car with 19" wheels and U-haul said no. When I selected a newer car of the same wheel base and weight, they said yes. My only problem was the tire hold down straps were about 1" too short. I let most of the air out, hocked up the straps and refilled the tires.
  18. GoogleMap indicates your trip is an 11 hour trip by car on I-70, will the trailer add one or two hours to your travel time? Will this be a one day trip or are you planning to stay overnight on the way? Keep in mind, I don't like traveling on I-80 and usually try to avoid toll roads. The route on I-70 to Indianapolis and I-65 to Chicago is an easier trip but about 60 miles further than I-80. I-70 in PA is not a fun road from New Stanton to the WV border. It is narrow, has sharp curves, a 45 MPH section, and heavy traffic. Once you get past PA, I-70 is an easy trip. Just be careful of the
  19. Find out if there is a minimum amount of time charged when anyone in the shop works on or is consulted on your car. About 7 years ago, I had some work done on my car for $35 an hour. What I wasn't told is they have a minimum charge of 30 minutes when a 2nd person assists the first person. This applies even if the the time is for 5 minutes. I was billed an unbelievable amount of time for the 2nd persons help.
  20. I was tipped off about an unrestored 1929? Hupmobile sitting in a garage for the last 8 or 9 years and the owner has decided not to restore it. It is eastern Ohio, near Wheeling WV, and I will take a look at it on the way home from Hershey. I am not interested in doing a restoration. I plan to take additional photos and get the price then post it on the for sale forum.
  21. The question is what year and model are you referencing? You should get help from a knowledgeable person for your car. I took an old car door lock to a lock smith and he created a key with out opening the lock. He placed something on the key blank and inserted it into the lock. He then used a hand held key punch & file to create the key.
  22. I had this man build a wheel for me several years ago, did a nice job. He has a spot in the Chocolate field at Hershey. Calimer's Wheel Shop 30 East North Street Waynesboro, PA 17268 717-762-5056 Calimers Wheel Shop: Wooden Wheels Made for Antique Autos.
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