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  1. I have been reading Hemming since the 1970’s but mostly hand me downs from my Dad. After he passed, I got my own subscription. I have been checking out Hemmings.com for years finding my 1912 McLaughlin Buick nearly 20 years ago. I still do that and like the Hemmings Auctions and parts section online. However, I still like the brown paper copy that has coverage of the auctions that I don’t find anywhere else and services ads for parts rebuilding like Marks Mags and such. I also like glancing through the car ads for fun. I also like Hemming Classic Car too. Try to pass all of these to younger
  2. Had planned to bring my 1912 Buick and 1996 Buick Roadmaster this until it was moved to the July 4th weekend that is booked every year by my wife as a boating trip. Hopefully they will move this back to May next year.
  3. Been using Westley’s on cars since the early 1970’s and no issues
  4. My 1912 McLaughlin Buick model 35 has a nice pair of Corcoran headlights. My 1912 Buick has all Corcoran lights. Maybe some day I will take them to the Corcoran factory location for pictures. Tom Muth Cincinnati, Ohio
  5. Having an Active AACA Regions and Chapters( VMCCA or HCCA too) that tour in an area I would retire would be most important. Fortunately I have that now in Southwest Ohio and Northern Ky. Have to continue working on getting new members and existing ones to host tours and hold offices. Even with COVID last year, we were able to do picnic/outdoor stops during every warm weather month but April last year. This year we have hosts for just about every touring month already. Tom Muth
  6. I had planned to bring two cars a 1912 Buick and 1996 Buick to Auburn but the change to July 4th weekend stopped that as we had booked another non car trip with the family before the change. Hopefully next year they can go back spring. Understand we are at RM’s mercy and I am sure they are hoping things might be better in July this year. Not a big show guy but enjoy going to Auburn since it is close and a nice guys weekend in our Motorhome with trailer staying on the grounds. Tom Muth Cincinnati, Ohio
  7. Doc Pressler and his wife Vi were long time members of the Canton Chapter of the Ohio Region AACA. He was a fantastic guy and owned lots of great classic and brass cars he used on tours with the Canton Chapter, Ohio Region and National AACA. I vaguely remember this car as I had moved to Cincinnati in the 1990’s and only saw Press and Vi at Hershey or Ohio Region tours. It had to run great if he owned it.
  8. Looks like a great hot weather tour car. I have 1996 Buick Roadmaster that is now an eligible AACA car. We used a few times the last few years on local tours when it was 90 plus high humidity. My other collector cars do not have A/C. Now it is official and I plan to maybe have it judged for first junior or HPOF at some point. Mostly use it to tow my brass cars but now can take it on a Founders tour. Have fun with your Caddy!
  9. Jeff, Pat Mescher in our club owns a speedometer repair business he does on the side. Bills-speedometer.com Tom Muth
  10. That show was was one of the last tv series I watched. Loved it! If I had room and not 11 other collector cars, I might consider it. Tom Muth
  11. Catbird, Very Nice car! Truly a Big Boy toy as Ed stated. While some touring was cancelled last year, we did tour from May to October with our local AACA club with just some back road stops at Parks or outdoor memorials and had social distancing at picnics. Our local tours are mostly 1950-90's cars but some of us have brass. We did a local Model T tour in June and the Snapper Brass and Gas tour in Port Clinton, Ohio in September. Had a RR Silver Ghost, Three Locomobiles, a Simplex along with more common makes like our 1911 Ford. It was great but not without the hosts having to do
  12. I have a 1911 Ford Touring that my Dad taught me to drive at age 13 and was the first car I ever drove. We have done several Ohio Model T Jamborees and the Hershey Hangover Tour this past October. While we tow it behind a Motorhome in an enclosed trailer, I drive it around our area 20 - 30 miles or so with a flashing red light on the back like the Amish use. Mine is stock rear end so it cruises at 30-40 MPH. After I do the Old Car Fest in Dearborn Michigan someday as my Dad took it in 1955, I may put on the disc Brakes(Old Car Fest does not allow) and maybe a two speed rear end. My buddies wit
  13. I took the drivers test in my Mom’s 1967 Camaro RS Convertible. I also had my first date in this car and other firsts we will not discuss. Also had 9 people in it after a football game with the top down when we drove to a bonfire party. Few weeks later the right spring broke. Dad never knew why. Below is a picture from a few months ago. Yes I have it. My Dad bought it in 1972 from his boss for $500 for my Mom as she did not have a car. They were very involved in AACA starting in the 1970’s and would drive this car on tours when his 36 Ford Phaeton was not running( I still have that too and it
  14. By the way, this is what I bought at the Denver Pa beer distributor and consumed after the day touring in my Model T on the Snappers AACA/HCCA Hershey Hangover Tour. I have been rationing out the case I bought till I recently found it at our local Cincinnati Kroger. Something you can have over the holidays to help remember our favorite old car place!
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