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  1. My first date was in my mother’s 1967 Camaro RS Convt. I now own it and drive it often on AACA tours.
  2. I say car shows are for wimps. Real Men and Women drive their cars on Tours! Two Weeks ago we drove my 1967 Camaro RS Convt on an AACA Ohio Region Tour where we visited John Glenns Boyhood Home along with the Zanes Trace Museum. Visited a winery above Cambridge that had a very nice view. 100 plus miles on back roads of the tour plus a 400 mile round trip commute. Stayed at Salt Fork State Park lodge with the group that was fun. This past weekend we did a local AACA Southern Ohio Chapter tour and lunch to Brookville, Ohio to a Packard Restoration Shop on a farm where we had burgers from one of the owners herd. My wife loves going on tours but has no interest in shows sitting in a lawn chair waiting all day for a trophy. We also have driven my 1911 Ford on the last three Ohio Model T Jamborees and hope to do the Hershey Hangover this year in my 1912 McLaughlin Buick. Tours( Moving car shows) are much more fun and take some real talent with especially early cars to use as originally intended as opposed to taking a trailer queen to a show that barely runs enough to get to the field.
  3. I have follow your posts for years and feel for you as I went through the same with my Mother. We are driving her 67 Camaro RS Convt this weekend on an Ohio Region tour to Cambridge, Ohio. Maybe I will finally figure out how to post on this site.
  4. I have only seen one Daniels and it was a touring on a tour in Northwest Ohio about 6-7 years ago. The owner was named Daniels and had a construction company with same name in the Tiffin, Ohio area. Very neat car and held his large young family easily. I believe he inherited it from his father. Tom Muth
  5. Terry, I don't know if they had Marmon on them. My set of Indiana's are all brass like yours. My Dad always said they were put on Marmon's that were made in nearby Indy. Tom
  6. Indiana Lamp's were used on Marmon's and other cars of the era.
  7. I have had one too for over 30 years and it works great. Only a trickle charge so I have got other higher amp chargers now for when I am in hurry.
  8. I have 57 T Bird my Dad bought new now with 25000 miles. The brakes work fine and are manual. Dad converted the fluid to silicon over 20 years ago and no issues. I advise is to rebuild the whole brake system and put in Dot 5. I have two other cars a 70 Vette(10 years ago)and a 66 Impala(2 years ago) I have done this to and no issues.
  9. This reminds me of the young 25 year old lady I just sold the 2009 Sonata 5 Speed to last month. Her Dad came with her to look at it and he drove it first. She was next and I was ready for some jerky shifting. She was very smooth and much better than my wife who had been driving stick for 30 years.
  10. We had a 2009 Sonata with a five speed manual we just sold a few weeks ago. Valeted several times at events my wife had to do in Cincinnati over the years and was surprised how they always had someone who could drive a stick. Of my eleven collector cars, I would let them valet my 67 Camaro as it is a PowerGuide and plenty of old door dings as it has only been partially restored. My wife and I drive it a couple times a year to our work parking garages downtown. I drove it yesterday to a club lunch and don't worry about where I park it. I probably will never fixed the door dints and rust in the front fender because it is nice to have a couple cars I don't worry about. My 70 Vette is another driver quality one with a four speed I might consider Valeting. I have a 1911 Model T Ford and Matt has given me an idea to try this summer.
  11. I have 48 Cadillac Series 62 Convt that is not eligible while the 1947 and older series 62 and 1948 series 75 limo is. Cadillac used the same engine from 36-48 but for some reason they don't like the Harley Earl fins of 1948. Just wonder why? The flathead Caddys from 36-47 are very popular on CCCA tours and events. Why is the 48 Town and Country Convt in but not a ground breaking fin design from the P-38 airplane used in the 1948 Cadillac convt. It has the same drive train as the earlier cars and the 1948 limo that is CCCA eligible.
  12. All right I guess I will jump in here too. In the early 1950’s my newly married Dad and Mom restored a 1911 Model T Ford they finished in 1955 and took to the Old Car Festival in Greenfield Village. The new T Birds had just came out and Dad wanted one. It took till 1957 till they did. It was ordered with 3 speed and overdrive, 312, radio delete, hardtop without the porthole and full hubcaps. No power steering, brakes, windows etc. Dad’s idea was in buying it was to have a car for life that they would not have to restore like the Model T. They took it on trip to Colorado that year. That was the only time it ever saw rain. I took my first ride in the T-bird in 1958. Over the years, he only let me drive it two times for around the block. In 2015 after his passing I inherited the car with 24000 miles. It is like a new car, has plenty of power and easy to steer with the manual steering and stops well with silicone fluid in for over 30 years. Besides the mufflers and tailpipes and battery, the only thing rebuild over the years is the carb about 10 years ago. In fact it still has two original tires. The other two were replaced with 40 year old “new tires” about five years ago. While that was fine for my Dad that put on about 100 miles in the last 20 years, I plan to drive it a bit more so yes new Goodyear bias ply will be put on in a few weeks. I have been busy sorting out several other cars but will have time to drive this one a little bit more this year. Other than than the tires and tail pipes again, it is ready to go. I also plan to clean out a place in my pole barn loft for the hard top as stated before, it is hard to get in. As the soft top has not been up in probably 40 years, may have some issues there. I love the way the car drives even with the bias tires. While I have radials on my other newer collector cars, I will stick with the original type Goodyears for the look and the fact I will only drive it 200 or so miles a year on local tours. With the 3 Speed overdrive it seem to have more power than my 1970 350/350 Vette. Dad had it up to 123 MPH in Kansas in 57 and still had more but backed off when he saw a truck ahead pull on the road. My vote is for the T-Bird but I am a bit bias. FYI, I also have that 1911 Model T too which has completed the last three Ohio Model T Jamborees. Tom Muth Southern Ohio Chapter AACA
  13. Third one might have a Columbia as the controls are pictured on the dash.
  14. Wayne, It was actually Bernie Golias and the Northern Chapter of Ohio Region that ran this several years ago. We saw lots of Winton places and other car makers including the Templar factory that is now a Museum with several Templars on display. The Northern Chapter is leaving the Ohio Region now because they refuse to host Region Tours. The rest of the Chapters in Ohio Region love touring. Wish we could get board member Megan Boyd to join us as she lives near Joe and Mary in the Canton Chapter. You might mention this if you see her. Our local chapter in Southwest Ohio have great monthly day tours starting in March as does Canton( I belong to both as I grew up touring with Canton). The Spring Ohio Region weekend tour is in the Zanesville Ohio area. We are also hosting the Fall weekend Region Tour in October just after Hershey in Cincinnati that will have several car and airplane collection, a Yak Farm and costume Party. The Ohio Region have not done a National Tour since the Founders Tour a few years ago run by Joe and Mary in Amish Country. We are in the process of rebuilding our Chapter with some younger doers. Taken a lot of time getting active members but have had a full schedule for two years now hosted by different members. Hopefully in a couple years we can think about a National Tour again. My motto is car shows are for wimps, Real men and women tour in their antique cars. I do enjoy being a wimp sometimes though having taken a few cars and a vintage Motorhome to Auburn and Hershey. Tom Muth Southern Ohio Chapter President Cincinnati, Ohio
  15. Jeff, You could even take it to an AACA meet and get a HPOF or drive it on our tours in the summer if the air works. Tom