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  1. Jan, You should bid on it and come on some of our local AACA Southern Chapter tours. Would run faster than your Moon. Tom
  2. I have been coming since 1970 at age 12. Missed a few years in High School and College but none since 1982. This year's had the best weather I can remember with 5 straight days without rain and mild temps. Our area in the Red Field was much fuller than recent years and bigger crowds. Hats off to Hershey Region for all the work. I heard the Hershey Hanover Tour had good weather too. Hope to have my 12 McLaughlin on it next year.
  3. Matt, I will be at RNA 15-18 Light Post 7 By the Football stadium. Look forward to seeing your cars this week at Hershey and next Weekend on the Ohio Region Tour we are hosting. Tom Muth
  4. Again, you need to post where you are located as there numerous top shops around the country. I know an Amish guy about a hour from Cincinnati that has done several brass era and 20's cars. Tom Muth
  5. Will look you up. Would the windshield fit a 2 cy Maxwell? Tom Muth
  6. I have been to his shop on a couple tours. Amazing work!!
  7. The Ohio Model T Jamboree gets around 100 Model Ts every year. Done the last three in our 1911. Lots of families participating. Wonderful time! Unfortunately I have to miss this year due to wedding of good non car friend.
  8. I have a 1909 Maxwell model A. Look at a the HCCA for sale site as several 2cyl 1909-1912 have been sold or are for sale over the last year. My gut feel is number 3 condition running car would be around $20,000 plus or minus a few thousand. I have seen number one condition cars go for over $30,000.
  9. Cool, you were near where I grew up. Might have seen a 13 Stevens-Duryea Model C near there owned by a friend of mine that would give your Mitchell a good run in a drag. Hope to stop in to see you soon. Tom Muth Cincinnati, Ohio
  10. Matt, Looks like a great show. A lot of work. I enjoyed the tour of your facility a few weeks ago. The AACA Ohio Region Tour we are hosting is the weekend of 10/18-10/20 in Cincinnati. We will be touring a nice car collection of a local well known Car Dealer late Friday afternoon, with Dinner on your own in Old MIlford. Saturday Tour will be about 100 miles with stops at Tristate Warbird Musuem, Lunch at the Horsepower Farm, afternoon stops at Caesars Creek Dam Overlook and Vistor Center, Waynesville for antiques shops and Irons Fruit Farm. Dinner and Halloween Costume Party featuring Eli's BBQ (#3 BBQ in the Country.) will be at the host hotel near Milford. We hope to have the final details for registration done later this week. Tom Muth
  11. Seems like I saw this on the Akron Model T tour last year. Nice car!
  12. We have a local HCCA Club that is supposed to be for pre 1916 cars but many drive Shays.
  13. Andrew, Sounds great. I have four brass cars two of which are running. Hope to do some Snappers tours but most are too far away and will have to wait till retirement. We have a local HCCA Region in the Cincinnati area but no one drives brass just Model A's and Shays. Hope to change that when I get a few more issues sorted out as we have a few brass car owners in the area. I travel in your area on business an may stop in someday to chat and see your cars. Love your videos! Tom Muth Cincinnati, Ohio
  14. Nice car, have a friend with a 28 Master Phaeton and overdrive they have toured with for years. You need to keep it running and driving and someone will come along. Sitting a long time even with draining gas etc can mean issues that are prevented by driving. I try to at least run mine enough to use a tank of gas a year. Meantime enjoy it this summer on nice days or do a tour in your area.
  15. The majority of cars on Reliability Tours are four cylinder 20 hp to 35 hp like Model T's, Overlands, Buicks. They are comfortable at 30-40 MPH speeds on flat ground but the lower HP one bog down to maybe 20 or less on steep hills. 30-35 HP ones will take the hills a little faster. You will also have some six cylinder cars like Pierce Arrows, Stevens, Locomobiles and V8 Cadillacs that can run 45-50 or more. That extra 10 mph costs means double, triple or more in cost thus why more four cylinder cars on tour and the most common being a Ford since parts are made in volume vs Non Ford parts being custom made. All of them have so so two wheel brakes unless modified. You will find on days when it rains, many brass cars will stay in their trailers and tow vehicles will be used. They are certainly all capable of going most places as many have done cross country trips like the Swanns from PA did a few years ago in their 1912 EMF. They have very interesting blog on their trip that you can Google. As far as 2cylinder cars, not many attend unless the routes are set up for them as most 2 Cy Maxwells,, curve dash Olds, ROE's Etc run on the flat at 25 MPH and maybe 5-10 on steep grades. Sometimes you might have a steam car like a Stanley that have plenty of power and can keep up with the big boys but need water every 40-50 miles that they get from Fire Stations, willing area residents hoses, lakes or rivers. Hope that helps.