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  1. Jan, I just went through this the last month on my McLaughlin and my 11 T. Tube quality has been a problem for several years at the factory I think Coker, Universal and Lucas use in China. I was planning to take my McLaughlin to the Hershey hangover tour but because my choice of 33 x 4 tires are are now limited to Blackwall in the Lester style that have not held up along wIth some other issues I decided to take my 1911 Ford but it had a smooth right front Lester type Universal tire with just 1000 miles. Decided to put on two new Universal T driver 30 x 3s on the front as that is
  2. Andy, it was great meeting you finally after reading your posts on this forum. Thanks so much for having us. It was a great last stop on a three day tour hosted by the Davis’s taking us to Put in Bay day one, Johnson Island, Marblehead, Lakeside and Liberty Air museum on Day two. Last day was 108 miles to Fremont, Ohio Hayes Presidential museum, Edison home in Milan and on to Peters Motor Cars. My 1911 T died just after your stop but the T experts said it needed a timer which fortunately I had so in 45 min we headed back to Port Clinton. Great weather, great roads and friendly peo
  3. John, One of my best friends is a Michelin division President and big car collector along with his father who was an AACA President. His Dad put new tubes from the “only game in town” a few years ago in 32 Chevy and had to be pumped up every week. His suggestion yesterday was to put the old tubes on. Will check if he know of tubes this size available only in Europe. Thanks, Tom
  4. Hi all. I am a daily watcher but infrequent poster. I have a 1912 McLaughlin-Buick Model 35 I saw at Hershey in 1972 at age 14 and took a picture of it with my Kodak instamatic. Fast forward to the early 2000s and I see the car for sale in Hemmings.com. The owner sent me pictures of it including one from 70 years of Buick that has a picture taken the same time as mine at Hershey when the show was in the football stadium. I ignored my brass car advise of buying a Model T Ford due to crazy cost of non Ford parts and bought the car. Was able to do a few HCCA and Snapper tours over the years. Plan
  5. Very cool trip. My daughter lives in Perth WA. Hope to travel around your country when I retire in a couple years. I have two brass Buick’s, a 1912 McLaughlin and a 1912 Flint bodied one both model 35’s. I tow them with a 1996 Roadmaster. Have good friend that has a 41 like yours Tom Muth Cincinnati, Ohio
  6. I have a 1909 Maxwell Model A. Cruising speed is 25-30 on flat ground. They are very easy to drive. Just move the lever forward while pushing the gas pedal. At about 5 mph push the lever all the way forward and it shifts into high like an automatic. A friend of mine may have one for sale soon.
  7. I have 57 t bird my dad ordered new brought me home after birth in 1958. I inherited it in 2015 when he passed with less than 25000 miles. Replaced the tires last year but everything else is original. Have the invoice from the dealer that was hand written Tom Muth
  8. I did not read all of the other posts but will throw my 2 cents. A good friend of mine who died two years ago at 94 did a lot of touring in this era of cars in the 1960-80s. He had a 13 Overland, 17 Dodge, 23 Buick and 26 Chrysler. All were tourings. He sold the Buick as he did not like it. His favorite was the 26 Chrysler with the six. It has four wheel hydraulic brakes, cruises all day at 45mph but will do 55. He had some 50’s Chrysler overdrives for it but never put them in. In the 1960’s he drove the Chrysler from Ohio to California and back. In the 1970’s he convinced another good friend
  9. Very cool! Looking forward to seeing it on a Southern Ohio Chapter tour!
  10. Very Cool! Yes the shift pattern is a backward H. I have 2 1912 Buicks that have that pattern. A good friend has a 1928 Master Phaeton that has the normal H Pattern. Rode last fall in 1926 Buick in Ridgeway, Colorado that is a replica of the first “Galloping Goose” on the Rio Grande Southern Railroad at their Musuem Grounds were they had put down a half mile circle track. It was a backwards H pattern. I have been told 1928 was the first year for normal H pattern with Buick. Tom Muth Cincinnati, Ohio
  11. Very Sad news indeed. I have signed up for the Hershey Hangover tour so as long as that continues I will be in Hershey. I plan on bringing my 1912 McLaughlin Buick that I saw as a 14 year old and took a picture of at the Hershey Show in 1972 and purchased in 2003. Someone else took a picture of it that day in 1972 and it is in the 70 years of Buick book. It has always been my goal to bring it back to Hershey. As long as the Hangover Tour continues, I plan to bring the McLaughlin to to show area Saturday even if it does not happen and get some pictures there and by the Stadium where the show w
  12. I became a Life Member about 1980 when I was in College thanks to a tip from then President Richard Taylor that the price was going up. Should have done the same with the Ohio Region AACA. Tom Muth Cincinnati, Ohio
  13. I have two Direct Lift four post lifts for about three years now. No issues. A friend has had one for 7 plus years and no issues. I looked at the Bend Pak and probably better quality but did not like the need to fire up a compressor every time I used it. Tom
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