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  1. Jim, Jeff is also an active SOC member too. Always great hearing his stories. Tom
  2. Jim, The Harwoods and Muths plan to be at the Ohio Region Spring Tour in Wooster, Oh hosted by the Canton Chapter May 15-17.Any other Forum users from Ohio should join us. Canton always puts on a great weekend tour. We should also have a local SOC event in February I think in the Lebanon area. Will sent the Gauge to you soon once our new editor gets up to speed. Tom
  3. We still have a great group in the Southern Ohio Chapter AACA and it is growing and have tour/event hosts for about every month this year. Even new officers and Gauge editor. Hopefully you can make it to some events/tours this year. I will be pestering you and West this year. Tom Muth
  4. I have two 1912 Buick model 35’s. One is a McLaughlin -Buick and is also titled 1911 as it was built probably in late 1911. This car we are discussing is definitely a 1912 model 35. They did not originally have brass radiators so this one was made for it at some point. A friend of mine got a basket case 12 model 35 a number of years ago that came with a new brass radiator. While he and I know it was not correct it did not make sense to built another one. It went on to AACA Grand National status. Have fun. Great tour cars. Gil who is pictured in the blue one at Hershey has driven his a lot as have I Tom Muth Cincinnati, Ohio
  5. Congratulations, I have 1912 McLaughlin - Buick model 35. I saw it at Hershey in 1972 when I was 14. I purchased it about 15 years ago from a guy in Michigan. I hope to return it to Hershey this year. It is a fun car for touring. Good luck with yours!
  6. Matt, Maybe if you still have it this Spring, you can bring it on the AACA Ohio Region Spring Tour in Wooster and we can detour to Dragway 42 and watch you smoke my 67 Camaro RS with the 327 two barrel with Powerglide. Tom Muth
  7. They were also called Every Morning Fixit. You see them on the pre 1916 on brass tours. Clay Green used to drive the fields at Hershey in a 1910ish.
  8. John, Thanks for the KUDO's and you are always welcome to join us again with the Southern Chapter of the Ohio Region, AACA. We had a great year in 2019 with wonderful tours monthly from April to October. We already have some neat stops planned for 2020. We had good turn out of the Southern Chapter when we hosted the Ohio Region Fall Tour in Cincinnati. We had nearly 100 people from the Ohio Region's six Chapters on this two day tour that included Jeff Wylers Collection, the Tri-State War Bird Museum, a covered bridge, Opie's Horsepower Farm and antiquing in Waynesville on the 100 plus mile tour. We even had a young 20 something couple from Youngstown bring their newly acquired 1923 Model T Ford that had not run for years until a few weeks before. After a tune up a couple days before and a couple mile test drive, they towed it down to Cincinnati and did the whole 99 miles on Saturday with out issues. Once back at the hotel, it did start to leak some antifreeze but just a couple turns of a screwdriver solved that. We also had a couple 40 year olds join with their kids and this forum poster rock star Matt Harwood and family attended in their 41 Buick. We also had a neighborhood friend and wife in their 50's with a Olds 442 attend after nearly 5 plus years of inviting. They had a blast. The key is quality tours that has stops for the non carnut spouse. While most of the car fans are guys, we have a few ladies too. Quality Tours sure beat sitting around all day waiting for $10 trophy. While I say that, I do try to do a few cruise ins taking a brass car and letting kids sit in the seat and try to squeeze the bulb horn. Besides Hershey as a vendor, I usually do the Auburn meet with group of guys in our Motorhome towing up one of our cars. Plan to be there in 2020. I also may be able to bring a brass car to the Concours next year where I will let kids sit in mine after telling them not to try that with other cars with out permission. I am always looking for new member especially younger ones. We have a neighbor kid who inherited a 1970 Ford Torino from his grandfather while high school. He got it running after rebuilding the engine himself. He did few tours then had a fender bender(not on the tour) so it sat for while he was college. He is now out of college with a good job, has the car repaired and ready to tour next year. I am also always reading these posts as we have got forum users like Junk Yard Jeff to become active. FaceBook is also a potential source of new members and many forum users like John are on that too. I am very positive about the future. There are plenty of young folks interested in cars including stuff like model t's. Just do an Ohio Model T Jamboree. You just have to push them quite a bit. As I am stepping down as our Chapter President this year and becoming a Ohio Region Trustee. It will give me more time to recruit and pester folks like you and your Dad to bring out that Auburn along with that Packard guy in Dayton, West Peterson. He has joined us in the past but is going to hear from me a bit more next year along with his buddies. Tom Muth Southern Ohio Chapter President, AACA
  9. I love this post as I have been sorting out several post war cars I own the last few years. Now my focus is on several prewar cars including three brass cars and a 36 Ford Phaeton. I also try to drive all the sorted out cars once a month to keep them that way. Amazing the more you drive them, the better they run. I also have a 1911 T that is running great but a starter I added last year is now on the fritz. I have early Ford V8 guy giving me advise over the phone on the 36 after rebuilding the distributor and walking me through the wiring. The real issue with the car was the fuel system as the pump failed from probably from the alcohol in the gas. He rebuild it with a new diaphragm and it ran for a short period but it would try to die if I try to rev up when warm except if the choke was out. I put in new cork gasket on the top as the one that was new or old stock came apart. It then died after running just 30 sec and now will not pump any gas. The fuel lines appear clear as when pushing air from the line to the tank, I can hear gas gurgling in the tank. I am picking up a new fuel pump this week from Midwest Ford in Springfield to try before I drain the gas tank and take out. I helped my Dad do that on this car over 30 years ago and it was checked out and sealed. Don't know that was used to seal though. The lines look good and do not appear to have leaks. I may set up a separate post on this in the tech area if the new pump does not solve the issue. One question for this topic is have anyone used Thermocure by Evaporust to clean out cooling systems. While my 36 runs cool if I keep it moving, it will heat up a bit when at stop lights. While I plan to put in some new water pumps that the V8 guys say move the antifreeze better, I thought it would not hurt to run some Thermocure through first to clean out the radiator and block. I also have 1912 McLaughlin-Buick that runs ok but am taking to a brass guy soon to put on a starter and maybe solve some excessive leaks. Next on list is 1909 Maxwell that I got running a few years ago with lots of smoke but now will not stay running. After that is 1912 Buick( Flint body) that had a ground up restoration 20 years ago but was not fully completed or sorted out and now has Scheblor Model L Carb issues and probably other issues. Enough rambling. I really appreciate those that contribute on this forum including Ed and Matt. Matt, his wife and boys joined us on Ohio Region AACA tour we hosted a this past fall and were a delight to have. Hope to see them on the Ohio Region Spring Tour that will be closer to their home in Cleveland. I also invite any of you in Ohio to join us on local chapter monthly chapter events and tours or the Ohio Region Tours Spring, Summer and Fall. They are generally pre and post war friendly. Tom Muth .
  10. Good to see the 55 on the Fall Ohio Region AACA Tour despite the tranny issues!
  11. Mike, I did not know about that road. Look forward to trying it out and camping at one of the National Forest campgrounds on the route. I will definite look you up or likewise if you are back east to maybe Hershey where I am a vendor. It will probably be a couple years till I get back but will be retired by then and hope to make Colorado part of our summers even if our daughter leaves Denver. Tom Muth Cincinnati, Ohio
  12. Mike, Lots of good advise here. In Cincinnati where I live, we do not have a lot of snow so I can get the most of the cars out for a drive even in January or February most years as long as there is no salt on the roads. Sometimes I resort to just starting them up. Two of my cars are on four post lifts that say not to use if below 40 degrees. I also check the antifreeze on all and run the gas out of the carbs of my brass cars. My barn has about 8 mouse traps always set and most years they stay away check them all year round. In the summer insects eat the peanut butter so have to replace. While I always put Stabil in our boat, I rarely put in the cars since I try to drive a tank of gas through each of them every year and have had little or no issues with ethanol gas. As a side note, I have been through Buena Vista every year for the past three and many times before over the years as my parents took me on summer vacations in Colorado to explore Ghost Towns and were the first out of state members of the Colorado Ghost Town Club. One of the best at least back in the 1960's was St. Elmo which is near you. Haven't had time to detour off 285 for some time but think it has been maintained. In 2017 we stopped for lunch at your micro brewery on the way to Leadville with my son-in-law's parents from Australia. Last year we buzzed through in our new motorhome and early last month we drove through on a crazy weekend trip to Ouray which is my favorite place. Tom Muth Cincinnati, Oh
  13. Jan, You should bid on it and come on some of our local AACA Southern Chapter tours. Would run faster than your Moon. Tom
  14. I have been coming since 1970 at age 12. Missed a few years in High School and College but none since 1982. This year's had the best weather I can remember with 5 straight days without rain and mild temps. Our area in the Red Field was much fuller than recent years and bigger crowds. Hats off to Hershey Region for all the work. I heard the Hershey Hanover Tour had good weather too. Hope to have my 12 McLaughlin on it next year.
  15. Matt, I will be at RNA 15-18 Light Post 7 By the Football stadium. Look forward to seeing your cars this week at Hershey and next Weekend on the Ohio Region Tour we are hosting. Tom Muth