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  1. tomcarnut

    Where Do You Want an AACA National or Tour to Be Held?

    Wayne, It was actually Bernie Golias and the Northern Chapter of Ohio Region that ran this several years ago. We saw lots of Winton places and other car makers including the Templar factory that is now a Museum with several Templars on display. The Northern Chapter is leaving the Ohio Region now because they refuse to host Region Tours. The rest of the Chapters in Ohio Region love touring. Wish we could get board member Megan Boyd to join us as she lives near Joe and Mary in the Canton Chapter. You might mention this if you see her. Our local chapter in Southwest Ohio have great monthly day tours starting in March as does Canton( I belong to both as I grew up touring with Canton). The Spring Ohio Region weekend tour is in the Zanesville Ohio area. We are also hosting the Fall weekend Region Tour in October just after Hershey in Cincinnati that will have several car and airplane collection, a Yak Farm and costume Party. The Ohio Region have not done a National Tour since the Founders Tour a few years ago run by Joe and Mary in Amish Country. We are in the process of rebuilding our Chapter with some younger doers. Taken a lot of time getting active members but have had a full schedule for two years now hosted by different members. Hopefully in a couple years we can think about a National Tour again. My motto is car shows are for wimps, Real men and women tour in their antique cars. I do enjoy being a wimp sometimes though having taken a few cars and a vintage Motorhome to Auburn and Hershey. Tom Muth Southern Ohio Chapter President Cincinnati, Ohio
  2. tomcarnut

    It looks like the Ohio winters won this battle

    Jeff, You could even take it to an AACA meet and get a HPOF or drive it on our tours in the summer if the air works. Tom
  3. tomcarnut

    Lift suggestions

    I bought two four post Direct Lifts a couple years ago and like them. I think it was a Bend Pak I also considered but believe they required the use of an air compressor.
  4. tomcarnut

    Thoughts on BJ Scottsdale

    I do not watch the auctions much either as I like touring better. I try to go to local cruise in's once in while to promote our local club tours. I took my 1912 McLaughlin-Buick to a cars and coffee and parked next to some exotic cars. Told them that real men and women drive brass on tour and crank start their cars. Lots of fun! I also let all the kids sit in the car and try the bulb horn.
  5. tomcarnut

    Advice / input on buying a late 20's - early 30's car

    I am not an A expert but have lot of friends with them. Others will chime in on what to look for in terms of correctness. The Mitchell Tranny that comes with it could be a nice addition and I believe adds overdrive that pushes the cruising speed up a bit and no double clutching and you could keep up with those 31-32 Chevies at least on flat ground. I have one friend with one and he likes it. I do not know the cost of a Mitchell but they are not cheap. Tom Muth Cincinnati, Ohio
  6. tomcarnut

    Gene Autry 1936 movie: masking identity of '36 Ford

    Yes they were not made of Pine but My Dad and his early V8 friends some of whom are still living including a former AACA president called them Pine Trims. My Dad was a very big Gene Autry Fan so he must have seen this movie and loved the accessory. He never put them on his high school 36 Sedan or his 36 Phaeton he purchased later and now in my garage but always talked about them when we occasionally saw them on a car at Hershey or elsewhere. Some Hollywood stars liked to customize their cars as some do today. At least the Pine Trims, Fender lights and hub caps can be easily changed for the purist. Other than cast iron heads, my 36 Phaeton is stock. Once I sort out some electrical issues and get some tour miles on it this summer, I hope to put in an accessory Columbia Rear end which my Dad collected the parts for years and is mostly rebuild. Yes I know that is a no no now for AACA judging but think ok for the Driver Participation Class. Tom Muth Cincinnati, Ohio
  7. tomcarnut

    Gene Autry 1936 movie: masking identity of '36 Ford

    Those are pine trims which were an era accessory. They are ugly in my opinion but my Dad who grew up in the era with a 36 thought they were cool. The lights on the fenders are also not factory but a popular addition when they were used cars
  8. tomcarnut

    Advice / input on buying a late 20's - early 30's car

    A Ford is the best bet as far parts availablity, less body wood to rot, Club help etc. Model A’s have four wheel brakes and will do 45 easy and maybe 50-55 with an overdrive. Early v8 Fords are an option too but a little more pricey than and an A. Non Fords of this era have few parts being made. You can get just about anything for an A or v8 Ford in a day or so vs a longer search for non Ford parts.
  9. tomcarnut

    Glidden Tour

    I have a good friend with a 23 Lincoln he took on the last Colorado Glidden a few years ago. Took it up Mt Evans and had no problems going up or coming down as Second gear had perfect engine braking avoiding heating up the two wheel brakes. It will do 55-60 but he keeps it 45 due the two brakes.
  10. tomcarnut

    Safety Glass

    Jan, Just saw this now. I have used Jacks Glass in Covington,Ky for my 12 McLaughlin and my 1911 t windshield I crack when we Took it off for the engine rebuild. The did the 1911 brass windshield in one day this past August Tom Muth
  11. John, Wish I had known. A local member, in fact the one doing the New Years Day tour to Rabbit Hash just sold a nice 57 T-Bird. I have one too I inherited from my Dad who bought new and now has 25000 miles on it and probably the last car I would sell. PM so I can get your contact info and answer any T bird questions as I have been around them all my life including my first ride in 1958. Tom
  12. FYI to all of you Mike, John and Lump. Southern Ohio Chapter AACA is still alive and well and would love to have you on some tours next including one to Rabbit Hash 1/1/2019. Tom Muth, President, SOC AACA
  13. I have Hankook whitewalls on a 66 Impala, 67 Camaro and 96 Buick Roadmaster for about 2 years. Probably 6000 miles on the Roadmaster that I use to tow a boat and brass cars in a small trailer. No issues.
  14. has parts section too for a nominal cost. I see lots of engines for sale but do not know the sellers success. Tom Muth Cincinnati, Ohio
  15. tomcarnut

    Passing of forum member and friend BillP

    Matt, Sorry for your loss. I have lost multiple old car friends over the years since I started in the hobby with my parents as a teenager in the Canton Chapter AACA in the 1970's. We had a group of teenagers that were kids of club members that enjoyed being on tours, shows, Hershey and interacting with the older members as peers. The relationships with the older members helped all of us in getting successful careers. Several of us from that Club are still friends even though we now are starting to hit 60 and live all over the country. At Hershey each year, we still talk about those members , their cars and crazy stories of unique people that helped us grow up. Thing is we are still doing it. I am now in the Southern Chapter AACA and enjoy doing the same stuff on Ohio Region weekend and local chapter tours. Best way to honor you friend is to help other younger old car fans enjoy the hobby and promote their careers too. Tom Muth