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  1. Thank you all for the information!
  2. Here are the numbers on the bearings.
  3. I actually just sold this on eBay!
  4. Can anyone tell me what years these go to? Value? Also, you all are awesome! I really appreciate all your replies on these items I have.
  5. Fits 1930s Willy Knight. It was an after market option. $100 or best offer.
  6. I'll have to go find them and see.
  7. On the inside of the box it says 0.010. Could it be in the wrong box?
  8. Can anyone help me figure out what these would go to? Year and model? Is there some where I can look? Thank you!
  9. What year and what part of the car does this go to? Also, what value could I place on it? Thank you!
  10. mathgirl


    Or 1930s Oldsmobile
  11. mathgirl


    Ok the bearings are not in there. But how do I tell if they are for bearings or babbits? Sorry I'm kind of clueless on some of this stuff. The closest I've found through searching so far is a 1940s Oldsmobile.
  12. mathgirl


    Here is all I could find. They all have 00 but then there are other numbers 24, 36, 46, 47, 80... I didn't look at all of them because the numbers seemed random. I can't tell if those are the bearing or not?
  13. mathgirl


    I looked for any identifying marks or numbers but didn't see any. I'll look them over again to make sure. Looks like the bearings are already in there to me?
  14. mathgirl


    It's me again! I really appreciate everyone's help. I'll have a lot more to identify. I have no idea what these go to. Obviously to an 8-cylinder. Help!
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