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  1. Dale, Thanks for the lead. I'm hoping I can find something without too much rust. I'll see what shakes loose. But I will keep it in mind. Thanks again, T
  2. !959 chevy wanted, I'm looking for 2 door, convert or possibly a wagon. restorable car or unfinished project. Im located in Michigan. willing to travel a reasonable distance for the right car. Let me know what you have, Thanks in advance. Terry
  3. selling a set of six restored full wheel covers. $1200 OBO email for pics or call for info. terry54999@yahoo.com (734)444-6173
  4. I traded my 32 roadster for a '65 vette roadster. 40 year old paint that looks sweaty and tired. just beat up enough that you don,t mind parking it at the grocery store. don,t have to wash it, and never have to wax it. PERFECT. I love driving this car more than anything I have ever owned.
  5. Selling a '54 Jaguar XK120 roadster, This car is an excellent candidate for restoration. It is a matching numbers motor and trans. However, The cylinder head is from an earlier XK. The car is sold as a running car. it will need full restoration. it is complete, Car is located 20 min. west of Detroit Mi. asking $55,000 Please feel free to call with any questions. (734) 444-6173 Terry. Thank You
  6. Im going to be bringing some misl. Pantera parts from a project that I sold to Hershey. If you have any interest, give me a call and Ill give you a price (very reasonable) on one part or a package deal. (734) 444-6173 the following is a list of what I have: > very early Pre-L fuel tank. has the three holes for the early style fuel sending unit. passenger side rocker and b pillar assy. it is a take off but is original and is excellent and rust free. very usable. > Passenger side outer rocker and lower B pillar. this is a take off but is original and rust free. very usable par
  7. The sale is legit, I am going there Sat to look at the '65 and '66 Imperial converts, The seller took a few days to get back to me with an address, but came through. I'm sure he has had quite a few e-mail responses. I'll try and post pics after my visit.
  8. thats for sure, I'm looking at buying a '48, If it werent for the barn/shop already being full, I could hide another one in there, but since the only open space left is right nect to where my wife parks in the front garage, something has to go. I need a bigger shop. Never heard that before eh?
  9. I'm giving some thought to selling my '58 HD XL, I believe it may be one of the best examples left. this was a low production bike, with only 577 XL's made in '58. It is an original 14 thousand mile bike, that was treated to a full nut and bolt restoration and is absolutly gorgeous, it is a low serial number and is all matching numbers and correct. I have seen a few '57 and '58's but never anything even close to this level of restoration. the bike rides like a dream. If I find a buyer, I will deliver to Hershey. I am selling @ $20,000 USD. The bike looks dusty in pics. they are of the bike a
  10. I have close to 500 original working blueprints from the Wm Brown Co. of Ohio. they cover 1921 to 1936,They are mostly related to headlamps, tailamps, and cowl lamps. they are all to scale and include Chrysler, Dodge, Hudson, Franklin, Nash, Cadillac, Ford, Seagraves, Mack and many others. Brown was a supplier to a large number of manufacturers, these prints are very detailed and make for great framed art. they are also very important to someone who has no reference and needs to make parts or an entire light. I'm going to sell them individually, prices will range from $5-$25 each. unless I g
  11. 5 1/2 to six feet is pretty close without pulling out the tape
  12. at first I was thinking, kiddie car, or some type of childrens car. but I got to thinking, why would they duplicate a late thirties frame with a passage for the driveshaft and independent front suspension. also, the rear frame horns are definitely late thirties. I found this picture of a full size '39 ply/dodge frame online. looks pretty close.
  13. thanks guys, I got 'em to load. had to ask my 16 yr old daughter for help. teenagers know everything.
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