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  1. Agree. Interior photos do not show dickey seats, so car is likely a short wheel base series 4 or 5. Steve 1927: 343-290
  2. SSMcDonald

    1927 packard

    Hi Marc. I own 1927 Packard touring 343-290 s/n 223163R. Mine was built for the UK market to compete with RR & Bentley, that's why the R on my serial number. I viewed your prospective car; older Packards are simple & straightforward. I suggest the following. 1. If the radiator is chrome plated, it will have to be stripped and replated nickel; Packard wasn't into chrome in our vintage 1927. 2. DeLuxe model? My car had every conceivable option for 1927 because of being sent to England to compete; I never heard it termed a "deluxe." 3.Insure that the seller has the drum headlights. 4. I assume the "deluxe" included the windshield mounted small spotlights, and the tire air pump attached to the transmission. 5. Mine is not restored, it is 91 years original including the upholstery, so I cannot state what the restoration problems will entail. I can say that there are few advertised parts available as Packard support today starts about 1931. So much of my minor repairs have entailed machining the parts myself or having a machinist make the part. 6. Does the seller have the top frame and side curtains? If not, you'll have to find patterns, same for seats. 7. Does he have the spare wheel & carrier for the back of the car? The correct carrier may not be obtainable. 8. The price indicates to me that the seller is trying to recoup some of his restoration costs; very understandable. If he has all the above parts and missing nothing (bumpers, single taillight, etc.) make him an offer he cannot refuse. All the best Steve
  3. In the absence of obtaining an original, borrow one and make an aluminum casting. Probably not a big deal.
  4. SSMcDonald


    I did not mean to discourage you. Part of the fun/adventure of our hobby is the successful search, discovery, and obtaining parts for our "project." My experience is with top end very rare cars, for which I have several. In my experience, parts and support from type clubs for pre chrome plated cars (yes, that's my dividing line, about 1927) is scant at best. Of course, being rare makes the search harder. Because I also restore early and rare airplanes, I have learned how to make parts when no source exists. That is also part of the game. I believe my object is to protect the cars we have so that the next generation may enjoy them. For we are not owners, just stewards of our cars.
  5. SSMcDonald


    My experience with finding parts for my '27 343 is that Packards before about 1929 are unsupported. That said, parts can be found (or made) if you make an extra effort to find them. Steve
  6. 1. Driveline Inc. on Lane Ave in Jacksonville, FL built a new driveshaft from scratch for my 27 343. A family business for decades. I recommend them. 2. If you want to investigate an antique in Cropseyville that my great grandfather owned, drop me an email. Steve
  7. I own a '27 Packard 343-290 touring. My answer may not be germaine, but my interior lights only function when the headlight switch is turned on
  8. Here's what the 1927 343-290 tail light looks like. Red is running light. Amber is brake light. White is backup, but only works when headlights are on. 1927 is nickel plate. 1928 and newer would be chrome plate. Steve
  9. I recommend the car remain with 6Volt. That said. The Owen Dyneto guru of the world is Glenn Cheaney ( 5770 East Midland, Wichita, Kansas 67216. He did both my generator & starter for my '27 343. He may have passed on by now.
  10. Welcome to the abandoned models by Packard. Finding parts for earlier-than-1928 or so is getting tougher. I have had to make a few parts for my (1927) 343-290, s/n223163R, engine 223291 (8 cylinder)
  11. They are similar, with some differences, to the plates on my 3-43 (1926-27) touring car. The raised up area on mine are ribbed and there is a diamond on the foot section, not "Packard."
  12. Not being critical, but I believe Packard only made a -26 and a -43 chassis in 1926-27. I suspect a seven passenger limo is a 3-43. I'll investigate and maybe I can send photos of the linkage and maybe some dimensions. Steve McDonald I am in North Central Florida if you'd like a look-see.
  13. 7/25/2016 NO solution, but for the record, my 27 343 trip odometer resets ok, but does not track mileage. It just sits on zero. The main odometer works correctly. Speedometer unit was recently returned from a "professional" overhaul.
  14. My '27 343-290 touring car is supposed to be one of six built for the English market. It has every accessory available. Investigation reveals mine is the only remaining of the six. In original condition, I do not plan to restore it.