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  1. Hello Joe, for me the fan is torn too. Where can I find and buy a replacement fan? Thanks for an answer.
  2. Spider Hill, thanks for the hint. Unfortunately without success.
  3. Spinneyhill, danke für den Hinweis. Leider ohne erfolg.
  4. Hi Joe, I am looking for you. Please send me your complete new E-Mail adress. Thank you Gerd from Germany
  5. gebo


    Hi SSmcDonald, thank you for your message. My problem is that I am at home in Germany. Spare parts for these vehicles are not available in Germany. I can not buy parts on a parts market. I always have to buy from a dealer in the USA. The last dealer called for a package of 1 kilogram, $ 70. I find that very much. I have 2 American pre-war cars and I do not feel like having problems anymore. I do not want to buy a third problem now. The last sentence of your article is a very good sentence Wish you a good time. The last sentence of your post is a very good sentence. Gebo
  6. gebo


    Hi, Many thanks for your response. It was very helpful to me. I think I will not make the purchase. I already have two cars. The spare parts procurement there is also difficult. I do not need a vehicle where the replacement parts are hard to come by. Gebo
  7. gebo


    Hi, I could buy a 1928 Packard 526 Convertible Coupe. What is the spare parts supply for this car. Can someone give me an answer. Thank you very much. gebo
  8. Hi Jon37, many thanks for your answer. I think about buying the vehicle.
  9. Hi, I could buy a 1928 Hudson Roadster. What is the spare parts supply for this car. Can someone give me an answer. Thank you very much. gebo
  10. Mark, Thanks for your help, but where can I find the address, if I am not a member of the Club? gebo
  11. Rod, looking at some pictures on the web I noticed that the inlet/thermosthat housing is slightly different, as you can see in the attached picture. There are even differences within the Series' of one year. Mark, that is a very nice car your son has. Do you know where I could get one of these radiator caps? Also do you happen to have a picture of this car's inlet/thermosthat housing? Can you tell e te size/diameter of the cap?
  12. Thanks for the answers everyone. @ Bob Engle: I checked the engine and the there is no water in the oil and the head gasket is still fine. Also there is no white smoke when the engine runs and all cylinders have full compression (I did a test on it). @AzBob: Thanks for the link, I will try to contact the guys behind restorationstuff.com, I alreadyd contacted Bob @ Bob's Automobilia, he does have some parts I maybe able to use. How much water should actually be in the radiator when the engine is not running? If I do fill it to cover the core, there is not a lot of room left to the top of the ra
  13. I have a big problem and hope you can help me. I bought a 1929 Buick 29-44 Series 121. The vehicle looked good. At home, I realized that there were 1,85 gal. water missing in radiator. I filled in the water and started the engine. The water came up out of the radiator opening. I realized then that the gaskets were missing on the radiator cap. I tried to find rubber gaskets, but could not. Then I wanted to check the thermostat on the radiator. I realized there is no thermostat. The radiator seems to have been rebuilt, probably in Europe. I assume they could not find a thermostat with housing so
  14. Thank you for the answers, but how is the ride?
  15. Zeke01, Thank you for your answer. The model 72 has actually been produced without shock absorbers? How is the ride? Is there anyone here who has a suggestion on how to solve the problem is? gebo
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