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  1. Thanks to those who responded! We were able to fix the Packard's wiring and now the lights are functioning properly. Bill.
  2. I’m helping a local friend with a 1932 903 5-passenger sedan that has erratic operation of the dome light, rear quarter-lights, running board lights and rear seat lighters. In addition to these lights operating in erratic patterns, at times the ammeter will jump to a -10 indicating excessive current draw (short)! We’ve identified two wires bringing power to the rear passenger compartment; one from the headlight switch (“hot” only when switch is “on”) and another “always-hot” wire that comes off the ammeter (and should probably be fused). Unfortunately, the wiring diagram doesn’t cover wir
  3. Here are a couple additional considerations to add to those already posted: 1)" Wiggle" and re-position any spark plug wires that touch other wires. A weak spot in the insulation can allow the high voltage to jump to another wire, causing a spark in a cylinder that may have an open intake valve. 2) Be sure there are no carbon or metallic-particle tracks between terminals on the inside of the distributor cap. These conductive pathways can also lead to a crossfire. 3) Another sign of retarded or non-advancing ignition timing is overheating. Watch your temperature gauge.
  4. As a long-time C-39 owner, I'd offer the following: 1) NEVER use an "old-stock" oil filter. You likely have no knowledge of the conditions under which that unit was stored for the last fifty or sixty years. During that time, the filter medium may have disintegrated or decomposed and using that filter runs the risk of drawing degraded filter material into your motor. Do you want to risk plugging your oil passages in order to save a couple dollars? 2) I always change the filter when doing an oil change. Filters are inexpensive compared to the well-being of your motor. Also recommend Chevron Delo
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