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  1. I have those NOS Rajah 9mm terminals and the proper crimping tool made by Rajah. It is also important to specified the exact style of terminal's ends. I know this is a very old post but let me know if I could help, Thanks.
  2. Optional on late 20s six cylinder Pierce Arrow cars and seen on many Trucks; $400 usd Including Safe Tracking Shipping USA/Canada. More pictures available upon request thanks.
  3. Hi Keven, do you have a clear picture of the actual Taylor pump install in your 1913 Cole? I have a similar pump and hose, but I think I have different hose's connector on mine; Cheers...!!
  4. Hi Steve, I am looking for an Intake/ Exhaust Manifold for a similar Chrysler with inline eight engines. Thanks.
  5. I am trying to I.D. some very old ignition parts and I want to ask here IF product made before 1919 by Remy and product made before 1919 by Delco were interchangeable, I've learn that in 1920 they joined together to form Delco-Remy. My problem is to find the aplication for a dual spark 6 cylinders distributor cap. Inside there is a "Delco" logo.
  6. AMACA: Antique Modified Automobile Club of America...!! Is your model "T" also is Bluetooth equiped...?!
  7. Myself I wouldnt mind much about a 30' ford "A" with 32' V-8 wheels; they are all in the family period time correct, as for the "T" with Wires I dont see what you saw but does it also had disc brake and electronic 12 volts ignitions? Well you got my point here...!!
  8. This is an outrage and also a shame that the official AACA Publication ( November/December 2018) had printed pictures of a car equiped with aftermarket chromed mag wheels. Sometimes some amateur car owners put some pseudo " Factory Style" rally wheels ( today those could also be ordered in larger diameters than stock) on their car even if they are not period correct; that, I can live with that saying to myself that those car owners are sometimes simply misinformed or try to make their car look more equiped than what they were originally ! I also saw some "Aftermarket Mag Wheel E
  9. Thanks Larry, I've just found out that this LM Gears company open its door in 1914 and they where bought by Anderson.cook that are still today producing automotive gears for the industries. I've sent them an email with my obscur request and for the moment I still feel like sending a message in a bottle !!! Any other leads toward those listings would be welcome and apreciated.
  10. That A.C.Ignition company was a sort of very large auto parts warehouse back in the day with their own parts numbers. If it would had been AC Spark Plug there might had been some indication in the small parts catalog I have. The only one A.C. Catalog I have now on hand is No: 6 and only 1 gear number match. So my conclusion might be to try to find a " Genuine LM Gears" catalog. I've post some pictures of the gears with beside them their actual casting numbers + the LM logo also punched to each of them. Thank you so much guys for your help.
  11. Unfortunately to my knowledge United Motors Service Manuals only deal with Delco-Remy with their own original part numbers !! I already have some of those United catalogs and the pictures are so small that it is nearly impossible to properly compare with the gears I have on hands. This " Genuine L.M. (trademark) Gears" LM gears co duplicated igniter gears for both Follower and Driver gears for: Autolite,Connecticut, Delco, Atwater-Kent, Northeast, Remy, Bosch, Westinghouse and some obscur others !! Thank you.
  12. I am searching for the A.C. Ignition Company ( Detroit Michigan 1915 to maybe 30's or 40's ?) Catalogue or photocopy of the Ignition and Driver Gears Section. That company had their own NORS parts numbers and they where selling the: Genuine LM Gears. Or do you have any info on the LM trademark gear company. This A.C. Ignition Company must been real big since that every dist gears that L M produced back then have an A C catalogue parts number! OR, is there an actual spotter guide of some sort that could help me identifying very old distributor gears?
  13. Can you tell me the exact condition of the left side front fender MOULDING? thanks; Gino.
  14. I would need to have my 1934 PA Eight engine oil cooler radiator rebuild or repair. Is there any reproduction or replacement available? Is there someone who had similar need and can help me find a way to get it fixed? I already bypass my oil line but would really need to properly repair this issue. I am a member of the Pierce Arrow Society Club but not much help found there. Any leads or infos would be greatly apreciate !! Thanks; Gino.
  15. 1938 and 1939 Cadillac Headlight Glass Lens Multibeam Right + Left in Vry Good Used Condition: $200.00/Pair. Same Glass Lens Multibeam Right + Left in NOS Condition: $300.00 /Pair. Email me at: gervaisgt@hotmail.com .
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