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  1. Thanks, D Yaros, I've started making contacts and yes, I agree, this is going to be a bit challenging. I've got some newer photos I will post to hopefully clarify my immediate needs. By the way, how reputable is Mr G's Enterprises. I've not done business with them yet. Ralph
  2. Hello all, Beginning restoration of a 1941 Oldsmobile Series 76 Anyone know where I can obtain these very large moulding clips that hold the larger stainless steel trim on the rear quarters of this car? I've enclosed a photo of the rusted ones that I am removing
  3. Jeff, I am shocked to learn through your post that Ralph Cartonio passed away. I've had some financial setbacks since the offshore oil industry tanked and have been working like mad for the past 18 months hauling cars for a living so I have not kept up with the group. Wow! I am just so blown away. Yes, I DID in fact meet Ralph. Alina, my wife and I had the pleasure of stopping over to his home when we were almost finished with the Denver, CO to Bucksport, Maine, trip we took in 2013 with the 1950 Desoto we had purchased. Ralph took us around and showed us his very compr
  4. Hi all! We are offering up our 1927 Peerless Six-80. It has, as far as I can tell the original green and black paint and interior. The rear fenders were sandblasted however and need to be painted. The car turns over but will not fire off. I am thinking it's a combination of carburetor and ignition. I am the 3rd owner and know who the previous two owners are. You could be the 4th. Interested? Please feel free to contact me. We are located in Bangor, Maine
  5. Hello group members! This is going to be BIG! I am starting a “GoFundMe” site for a 48-state and Canada car/trailer hauling service. Would you take a minute and see what I can offer you when you become a supporter? link: 3rd Millennium Express
  6. Hi Larry, Did you ever sell this '67 Marlin?
  7. Hello LeBaron Bonney, We have a '65 Marlin that we are doing some work on. SO far, we are still searching for the correct (very deep) pile carpeting. Ours is a teal color and we can send a sample to you. Ralph
  8. Hello all, After more than a year at the person's location, I finally had my 1927 Peerless grille shell returned to me albeit unfinished. Now, I am attempting to get the grille shell restored with new nickel plating with someone else and have a question about it. There is a hole near the bottom for the crank. Is that hole round or is it supposed to be slotted? There is also a very tiny hole just above that opening. Is that supposed to be there as well? I have included a few photos so that you may see what I have for a shell. It looks quite bad as that is how is was returned to me b
  9. truckmen

    The 1927 Peerless

    These and future photos are of our 1927 Peerless Six-80. We are preparing to do some restoration and have nickel plated some of the parts as of this posting.
  10. Hey Jeff, Thanks for the tip but I am unsure of that dash. By the way, I might be in need of a grill shell for the Peerless. I dropped mine off at a re-chromer's shop in Montville, Maine, and it's been more than a year since. I've called and emailed and he still keeps avoiding me saying he still need to do some work on it. I have a sick feeling about it. I think it's no longer of this world. To say I am a bit "miffed" is a severe understatement. Ralph
  11. Hello Jeff, re: those serial numbers: I need some time to make that determination. Our Peerless is in storage some miles away from us. Interesting; I should have known the answer right away. :-/ I did not see this ad about the complete dash. Would you have the link to the forum site where that add is located? Ralph
  12. Hello Jeff (and all readers), Wow, this is quite a nice little project. It's out of my range at the moment time-wise as well as financially. I'd be interested to see this beaut back on the road some day. Ralph
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