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  1. I believe that the caps for that car would be the steel or stainless caps with a small bump on top and no notch for valve stem removal.
  2. Hoping that all of you folks on here have a super safe and fun 4th of July!
  3. Beware of "Things that go bump in the road".
  4. You really don't want to mess with the lower anchor bolts. You really should try to get a shop manual for the car. It explains everything about how to adjust the brakes.
  5. Don't really know if it's vapor lock, but my truck will run o.k. for a while and if I stop somewhere, it will be hard to start .
  6. I have a 1967 Dodge truck.....does that count? If so, send me the questionnaire.
  7. That would have been Leo Carrillo. I don't know how you could drive this from the long 8 cylinder hood.
  8. There were a few car makes that used that body style.
  9. Nice car. There used to be one of those in a showroom for some antique auto sales place in Pontiac, Michigan back in about 1974.
  10. You will need a "pitman arm puller" more than likely. Either that or a "bearing splitter/wheel puller" combination of using both tools may do the trick.
  11. Back in 1970 I had a chance to buy one of those for $200.00 when I was 17 years old from a little old lady in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Her name was Mrs. McKim and I bought a 1936 Dodge sedan from her for $25.00. All I needed was the rear gears from the '36 and I already had four antique cars, so I passed on the Marmon (the front was just like the one in the photo above). It was a V16, but the body was the only thing missing. She also had a Packard center window divider type limousine that I passed on for $200.00. Heck, I was a kid with very little money. Had I only known about V16 Marmons.....
  12. Very nice paint job and color.
  13. Glad it worked out and I will be remembering your method in case it comes up in one of my projects. Happy 4th to you, too. I always celebrate with vigor because I am related to John Morton, one of the signers. He was my great, great, great...grandfather. I was named after him.
  14. Just about any MOPAR truck rim from another 1/2 ton should work. I believe they used that bolt pattern for a VERY long time. In fact, I think I can fit my 1967 Dodge truck rims onto my 1931 Dodges if need be. What you might have to worry about is if there is an alignment pin on your drum. You would have to drill a hole for that or find a rim with alignment holes.
  15. Sometimes, if you turn the wheels one way or the other as far as they will turn, the oil pan has enough clearance to slip in without removing suspension parts.
  16. All I can add is to be certain to ALWAYS adjust shoes correctly prior to bleeding. I agree with John1918.
  17. Excellent! I love it when a plan comes together...or apart, in this case.
  18. A friend of mine had a '38 Olds 4 door like yours when I was in high school back in 1969/70. I can hardly wait to see your progress.
  19. Looks like the same guy painted both of our trucks! Same paint color.
  20. Dean...Is there a place that we can see the results/article of the 1st interview? I would love to see what others have submitted to you. John
  21. Try Egge Machine. They have a website. egge.com
  22. Here is a poor photo of a radiator emblem that matches the radiator cap that is on your car.
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