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  1. Which body side molding do you need?
  2. I think it's all in what you want for comfort. I left my 383 4-barrel 4-speed Dart manual steering because I wanted to keep it original. I never got to drive it, so I can not tell you if it was a bear to steer. I can imagine with manual steering and all of that weight of a big block, it would be a chore.
  3. Yep...the burnouts. Here last year there was a fool who let his bigger fool of a friend drive his 440 6-pak 'Cuda in the cruise. Guess who decided it was a cool time to do a burnout. Guess who rear ended a nicely restored early 50's Chevy. Guess who pushed that Chevy into a building injuring people...the fool driving the 'Cuda. That's why there are dragstrips doing for that stuff.
  4. Who's gonna argue with the color he chooses if nobody can prove otherwise?
  5. Looks like the car just got across the tracks of the street car, did not notice that the truck was passing the streetcar and WHAM!! You just gotta wonder where the truck driver ended up...
  6. I was there during the big blackout when some guys from out of town were sucking gas from cars in the neighborhoods around Woodward Avenue. We had to park with our gas filler on the car up against the house. Then they poked a hole in the gas tank.
  7. Maybe about a 1915 Locomobile by the look of that radiator.
  8. This is from a 1956, 1957 and 1958 Chrysler shop manual. I would imagine that it is similar torque specs to what you need.
  9. Very respectable paint job! Sure looks like you are well on your way to cruising!!
  10. Actually, it's a 1936 DeSoto. There were fleets of '36 DeSoto cabs. I like the 1931 Chrysler product roadster in the right foreground.
  11. I have seen the older mechanics do the water thing. You just run the car with the air cleaner off and drip water into the carburetor without allowing the car to stall. It is supposed to "steam clean" the cylinders and valves. The big trick is to feather the throttle as you pour the water in. The non stalling is the important and very tricky part. Actually, I remember that I did it once on my 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner 383 engine.
  12. I have also seen other examples of the horse head mobile.
  13. Barry...did you actually hoist that boat onto that trailer with a fork lift and a chain?
  14. Have not seen it, but it sounds like a good idea. Now if they made one that detected someone stepping onto that plate to steal parts or vandalize, THAT would be GREAT! Or better yet, ZAPPING them as they step on it so they will learn to leave other people's stuff alone.
  15. Kiln dried ash is what early Chrysler products used...the other makers probably did, too. Oh...I just read in a wood body structure book that they "were framed in oak, ash, elm, beech, sycamore, willow and other medium and hardwoods, varieties often simply native to the locale of production."
  16. Happy to know that I was correct about the year and make. Is it a George Barris? Alexander Brothers? Hollywood set car?
  17. I believe that the appropriate word is "hideous"!!
  18. I originally thought that it was a terrible thing to change the format and have to get used to doing new stuff to get through the site. Now that I have experimented and gotten some help, I am much better. Aside from that nervous tick..................just goes to show you...an old dog CAN learn new tricks.
  19. I know that "Moss Motors" in California does mostly MG parts, but there may be someone there with United Kingdom Rolls-Royce connections. If that fails, you could go to someone on ebay who has reproduced glass lenses for early Dodges (1931) and see if they can make you one.
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