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  1. Im looking for an exhaust manifold for a 1931 or 32 buick 50 series please contact me if anyone has some leads jimdelano@yahoo.com
  2. do you have any steering parts left?
  3. My two 32's Ive painted the engine block,pan,starter,generator black and all the covers green. They are suppose to be black but I liked the green as well. I did the exaust manifolds in heat silver and the whole engine pops. Send me your email and I will send you photos
  4. Hi cindy, do you still have any parts for the 32 -57?
  5. the actual carb body is gloss black and the intake portion is just the pretty metal color. the updraft throttle body is also just the metal color although you may need to pain it silver heat paint to make it look proper. You do have an up draft carb...right?
  6. I need the colors for a couple of 32 Buicks. #1 JOB # 32519 #2 JOB# 32519 BODY 3220 BODY 8604 TRIM 112 TRIM 113 PAINT 280 PAINT 280 Could anyone help please
  7. after 1930 they are all straight 8's so it is long and very specific to the series and year unfortunately. 31 and above into the 50's the engines go by the series 40,50,60,80/90 and all are different size 8's per series so a 26 wont come close but thank you for answering and if you here of any 32 50 series please let me know I have been looking for a long time.
  8. still looking for a spark plug cover for a 50 series 230ci any help would be appreciated
  9. looking for a spark plug cover for a 50 series 230ci
  10. looking for a spark plug cover for a 50 series 230 ci engine
  11. How many miles are on the car and where do you live? Could you please post or send more pix and let me know if any rust. JIM
  12. bobsautomobilia now has it very cheap, apparently it wasnt in production for a couple of years, the moment I had brad make me some (very expensive) he made it for the suppliers a week later at less than half the cost, so contact bob and order it.
  13. yeah thats it, my hole is about 2.5 in and that looks like the same...now if I can just find one
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