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  1. My girlfriend dated Tungsten Tucker in high school here in Oregon where they build the Snow Cat.
  2. Looks just like my 1926 Chevy axle and wheels.
  3. Looks like late 40's Olds backup-brake light, but I am not a GM guy. Usually GM stuff says Guide on it.
  4. Tatra? Love the green moss look!
  5. Are these for wood wheels? Do they look like this?
  6. Check with the Better Business Bureau and see if there are other complaints about them. If so, turn their butts in again.
  7. Did anyone notice the '53 or so Corvette next to the Cadillac?
  8. Ahhh...smell the rust! It's all around us.
  9. Try Andy Bernbaum Mopar on Google and there is his website with all kinds of fuel pumps for you to choose from.
  10. Try the Walter P. Chrysler Museum. They have a website and a library.
  11. The reason that the rear of the car was removed is probably because the farmer that owned it could not afford a truck. It was a very common practice for a farmer to convert a used sedan into a truck during the depression. You could get a used car fairly cheap, remove the rear of the body, put some wood down and there was a truck. Another dead giveaway that the vehicle was a sedan is that trucks did not come with step plates. Here are the 1926 Dodge trucks.
  12. Hey...I was gonna say that exact thing!
  13. Try EGGE Machine in Santa Fe Springs, California. I believe they have a website.
  14. The "Tucker Snow Cat" guys would be jealous!
  15. Still more '35 Chrysler. These are all from a book called "70 Years of Chrysler" by George H. Dammann.
  16. I guess we will never know what it is even though "flackmaster" doesn't want the flack.
  17. Saw this rust free'57 Sweptside in Arizona on a used car lot a few years ago.
  18. The Beverly Hillbillies got NUTHIN on your truck. That is one cool buckboard!