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  1. It should look like the one on this engine.
  2. I'm sorry, but I just have to add that if you have been giving folks the same advice, you had better study the car in question before giving advice. I am NOT trying to be a jerk. It's simply a matter of knowing about "special" cars. The 383 Dart 4-speed production was only something like 92 made. There was a reason for that. They were hard to steer. To the "average" Dart or Barracuda, your advice would be well taken, but NOT the big block cars.
  3. And by the way, Rusty.....you would not have known that the power steering did not fit unless I had told you why.
  4. Rusty...I certainly did not mean to give you any doodoo about the car being a 383. I just figured you would have seen the profile and list of cars that clearly says "383 Formula S". So...yes...he DID tell us. Sorry about that. And yes....even the NEW '68 big block A-bodies were hard to steer. Ask the man who owns one. John
  5. Looks like 1929 Franklin hubcaps.
  6. I was a little disturbed to see in the ads on t.v. that they used a 1936 Chevrolet front end since it all took place in 1934 and prior.
  7. It DOES scoot...so much that I have a 1931 Dodge engine block in the bed for traction. I have seen guys stuff a big block in them (does the name "Little Red Wagon" ring a bell?), but not without a goodly amount of cutting and altering. The turquoise one is what I want it to look like again.
  8. I think I found out why the power steering stuff wont fit...oil filter is in the way. It's hiding on the driver's side behind the wood.
  9. You can go directly online to "Galen's Grey Sheet". He is a buddy of mine and the "GURU" of MOPAR muscle cars. He can tell you everything about whether the power steering will fit or not. He could probably tell you which '68 383 Barracuda you own! Tell him John sent you.
  10. I just read in an article that I was certain I have read before that the big block cars did not have the power steering option because it "did not fit". I can totally believe that because the engine bay was so small that they even had to "pinch" the driver's side manifold to pass around the steering column.
  11. You are forgetting that he is talking about a 383 "big block" A-body car.....little old ladies had slant sixes or 273 V8s. Those 383 A-body reviews from 1967 and 1968 and even 1969 are all about the heaviness in the front end of those particular cars. I had most of the information on these when I had my Dart and it was great as a "straight line" machine, but with the big block, handling STUNK. There was a world of difference in the weight of a small block vs. a big block MOPAR engine.
  12. Or...you can go directly to the Chrysler Historical folks in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Give them the serial number and $45.00 and they will send you a copy of the car's original "build-order sheet". It will show exactly how your car came (options, colors, wheel style, etc.) and who originally ordered it. They have a website. I just have not figured out how to attach one to the site.
  13. Was my daily driver until the clutch went away and I got laid off. Originally a wood spoke wheeled car, the previous owner switched to wires. Got the new clutch and after surfacing the flywheel, will soon have it back on the road as a daily driver once again.
  14. I could be wrong on this, but I am fairly certain the seat "buckets" were wood. It almost looks like the original seat cushions, but it may have had diamond tuck on the bottom seat cushions, too.
  15. My daily driver...1967 Dodge A100 compact pickup. Automatic, 273 V8 (original). Was originally Desert Turquoise with a white stripe. Somebody painted the turquoise parts red and then someone else painted it the puke yellow. I rebuilt the motor and transmission.
  16. Which body side molding do you need?
  17. I think it's all in what you want for comfort. I left my 383 4-barrel 4-speed Dart manual steering because I wanted to keep it original. I never got to drive it, so I can not tell you if it was a bear to steer. I can imagine with manual steering and all of that weight of a big block, it would be a chore.
  18. Yep...the burnouts. Here last year there was a fool who let his bigger fool of a friend drive his 440 6-pak 'Cuda in the cruise. Guess who decided it was a cool time to do a burnout. Guess who rear ended a nicely restored early 50's Chevy. Guess who pushed that Chevy into a building injuring people...the fool driving the 'Cuda. That's why there are dragstrips doing for that stuff.
  19. Who's gonna argue with the color he chooses if nobody can prove otherwise?
  20. Looks like the car just got across the tracks of the street car, did not notice that the truck was passing the streetcar and WHAM!! You just gotta wonder where the truck driver ended up...
  21. I was there during the big blackout when some guys from out of town were sucking gas from cars in the neighborhoods around Woodward Avenue. We had to park with our gas filler on the car up against the house. Then they poked a hole in the gas tank.
  22. Maybe about a 1915 Locomobile by the look of that radiator.
  23. This is from a 1956, 1957 and 1958 Chrysler shop manual. I would imagine that it is similar torque specs to what you need.
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