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  1. 40's bumper over riders. I have seen them on Chrysler cars mostly.
  2. keiser31

    What Is It?

    Looks like an orchard heater to me.
  3. Do the half round items in the last photo have a winged emblem? They look a lot like Chrysler Airflow fender skirts.
  4. After market oil filter cannister.
  5. The guys with the early thirties Chrysler products shouldn't worry because those cars were made for unleaded gas originally since there was no lead in the gas back then. Don't know if the Buicks were, but it would make sense.
  6. There is an International symbol on the face of the speedometer so I would say International late '30s or early '40s? maybe.
  7. I was thinking maybe 1932 Studebaker?
  8. Is that like calling a phaeton a phantom??? I hate that, too.
  9. It's gotta be real tough changing lanes with that lack of rear view.
  10. My book from 2004 says about $34,000.00 in number 1 condition. That is an estimate, of course.
  11. Anyone out there know if this radiator cap is for the 1930 DeSoto CF straight eight car?
  12. Your top is supposed to have cotton batting between the chicken wire and vinyl top material, isn't it?
  13. Some guys will put a part on ebay and add Ford, Chevy, Reo...just so other people will look at their ad besides the Packard owners. They may have friends that are looking for parts, too. And sometimes they are just uninformed. And sometimes just ignorant.
  14. When I was a kid, I would get up early every morning just to hear my neighbor start his car. It was the Chrysler Turbine car that he was testing. He was a Chrysler engineer from Highland Park and he was one of the test families who drove the Turbine car for a while. Now all I have left of that time is a book that was in the glove box of the car, a film showing most of them being crushed at a downtown Detroit wrecking yard (VERY DISTURBING TO A CAR LOVER) and of course the memories of the turbine whining sound. Oh yeah...the snow melted immediately behind the car. And yes....there is one owned by a private owner. Out of the 60 made, ten were spared the crusher/burner.
  15. My Chrysler book is a little hard to see, but I don't think they were for '66 or '69.
  16. Falcon rims are 4 lug. Will that work?
  17. Okay...I have had my 1931 Dodge since I was 13 years old. I am now 56. It was my first car and I put it together after my dad took it apart. I drove it to high school. I still have it and it has a brother now.
  18. I just removed the pressure relief valve from a spare '31 Dodge engine block and no leather anything came out with it. There should not be anything in there like that. Are you certain that it isn't simply compacted crud?
  19. 1967 or 1968 Chrysler Imperial.
  20. Thanks for the compliment. Just trying to help.
  21. Is there a dome-shaped protrusion on the driver's side of the engine block just behind the oil filler tube? If so, I believe the pressure relief valve is in there.
  22. I guess that u-turn was a little tight....spun my helmet around.
  23. If the noise goes away when the clutch is pushed in, it is probably the clutch release (throwout) bearing.