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  1. Thanks everyone for your comments. I am not going to put a coating on the inside of the water jacket. I'll use corrosion inhibitors in modern antifreeze and hope the metal of the water jacket doesn't have any pin holes. That was my only concern. Also, here is a pic of my car taken on July 4th 1931 when the car was 6 years old. The man driving the car is my great-uncle Gilman of Glenwood , Minnesota. Thanks again everyone. Jim
  2. Any thoughts on some type of coating that could be painted on the inside of a 1920's steel water jacket. The steel water jacket looks good on the outside with the original paint, but lots of pitting on the inside. My car is a survivor car and I don't want to paint the outside of the plate. I did bead blast the inside. I am having a new metal distribution plate made to replace the rusted out plate. It would have to be some type of coating that would not flake off and cause troubles in my radiator. Perhaps I shouldn't worry about it and watch to see if it springs a leak rather than risk a coating that won't adhere??? Thanks, Jim
  3. Thanks West, I'm sure there is a top boot for a roadster out there somewhere. I'm sure I'll find one someday.
  4. Would anyone have a original Packard roadster top boot for sale, or one I could use for a pattern? Any condition O.K. I believe the canvas boot is the same for 6 & 8 Cylinder cars from 1926 thru 1929. Third thru Six series. Thanks, Jim
  5. Yes, Right-On 1937hd45. This Great Link is for American CCCA Classics!!! Not Micro Cars, A Hudson Street Rod P.U. or Race Cars.
  6. With all due respect, this car is not a 1932 Super 8 9th series 903 Packard in my opinion, but a 1931 Packard Super 8 8th series Model 840 with the factory/dealership (mainly front end & bumper upgrades) to make it look like a 9th series 1932 Super Eight to help the dealers move the last of the 1931 Packard's.The pure 1932 Packard had a much different dash board and a very stylish thin slant windshield and the top would fold into a recessed area behind the front seat rather than sitting on top of the rear body section. This car has the thick straight up and down (no rakish slant) windshield in the style used in close Packard's sedan's and coupe's from 1931 and before. More attractive on this car with the top up rather than down compared to a true 1932-34 Packard Conv. Coupe. when the top is down and almost even with the top of the rear body. From the ad I take it the seller is using a NADA price of $352,300 for a true 1932 Super Eight rather than this car a 1931 Super Eight. Still a very nice car and the Disc wheels are great looking on all 1924-31 Packards as well as the rear spare, hence showing off the long front fenders and body lines
  7. Thanks for the info Huptoy!!!! Greatly Apprecitated
  8. Can any of you Hupp guru's tell me what is the proper color for a 1932 Hupp 8 cycle fender coupe? Thanks, Jim
  9. I also got a message from claiming to have a 1925 Packard oil pan and other parts. He also had used the name of John Howard. I replied to his email address for the number of holes in the oil pan and a pic. He did send me a pic and it turns out to be a 1935 Packard Std.8 oil pan. He grabbed the pic of this pan from eBay. Here's the names and email address he is using below: 1925 Packard 8 cylinder Aluminum Oil Pan Wanted Yes. I have these parts and could check for other parts if you make a list to jh8246907@gmail.com A working phone number will be great too. Regards, John Howard Elizabeth, NJ 07208
  10. Hi, looking to buy a 1925 8 cylinder Aluminum oil pan. Might be the same for a 1924, maybe 1926??? I would like one that is not cracked, dented, or repaired. Thanks, Jim
  11. Hi, looking to buy a 1925 8 cylinder Aluminum oil pan. Might be the same for a 1924, maybe 1926??? I would like one that is not broken or repaired. Thanks, Jim
  12. Thanks guys for your thoughts. I think Ed nail it again. Again, thanks for the info. Jim
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  15. Any of you Packard guru's have any idea what this distributor is for? See photo's for the tag. Not dual points, single points. It says "Engineering Sample" and the first letter of the model # is EX, maybe experimental???Packard Testing single set of points rather than dual points???Thanks, Jim
  16. Any of you Packard guru's have any idea what this distributor is for? See photo's for the tag. Not dual points, single points. Thanks, Jim
  17. I have a couple items on eBay now. I've been under the weather with the flu the past couple weeks. Hope to list some more items this week. Ends tonight on eBay is the Rosco Mirror/Light. I also have some automobile American 48 star flag sets listed. One set for the radiator/hood, plus one I have never seen before for the bumpers. Below is a link. Good Luck to everyone!!! http://stores.ebay.com/Classic-Car-Parts-and-Accessories?_trksid=p2047675.l2563
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