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  1. It was Earl Scheib blue. Had Golden Hawk dash, Daytona Lark 4 speed, Twin traction diff., recromed front metal, 2 NEW fenders on front, 4 barrel carb, "suicide clutch that tore out the linkage (had to use hydraulic clutch, Black vinyl seats with original underneath, cut and re balanced drive shaft to fit the 4 speed, Truck heater for winter. I'm sure I forgot some other things. Sold it to a friend in Rolla Mo. He had to sell it. I just want to know that it has a GOOD home and warm garage that keeps it comfortable in winter. I miss my baby. ;( ! Please let me know at Looneytuner @ charter.net. Thanks.
  2. Is it Volvo that has a new electric compressor to mimize the turbo lag on their cars?
  3. Life is too short to not enjoy. I'm the Looneytuner on T-M and TD. There was a guy on TD that used to make the younguns cry when they asked a silly question. Glad you are nicer! Guess what these fit? Need a set of titanium rods for a 2.2?
  4. Five pound hammer? I used that for attitude adjustments on troublesome pianos. (driving new tuning pins)😎
  5. I was guessing automatic climate control?
  6. I have done it with the seat in. I weighed 230 lbs. Of course I used to look at my body as another tool to be used to do something. About 6 months ago, I was contorting my body for something else and had a Tia! sooo be advised it can be done if you know a good chiropractor. Probably best to follow the book
  7. It's a good thing I ate breakfast 2 hours before looking at those pics Hemi! My Chicago car was not pristine underneath but WAY better than that!
  8. ou are correct as usual. It has been a while since I have been that far into a car.
  9. Post on Facebook about a TC with a rattle. Someone did not know that one bolt hole is not not aligned with the others to make sure the timing mark was correct. Hemi, how many have you seen that way?
  10. I bought a GTS on the back lot of a new car dealer. It had a bill $175 for diagnostics due for 6 months. I got the guys name and phone and called him up. He still owed about 250 on the car loan. I told him if he transferred the title to me, I would pay both bills and his credit would be good again. Deal done.
  11. It ain't an Az car. The guy taking it is using the engine in an earlier car and the Daytona will be a v8 drag car. I do have an AZ 88 Shelby lancer with matching numbers. Demiro was going to strip it for profit but the previous owner said complete or nothing. Needs paint on the hood roof and trunk. I has 3 quarter size dings and cracked windshield from when and 80' tree fell on the building. I built that building like a brick out house! I built it for $3,000 and the damage was $5,000 to the building! We had a Turbo Dodge meet at my house yesterday and went to Pizza Hut afterwards. When we got home I went straight to bed. Those younguns can wear and old guy out! PS I bought the Daytona at an abandoned car auction. One other person was bidding. When I bid 250 I turned around and gave him a Dirty Harry snarl when I made the bid. That was the end of the biding! My mechanic collected keys for old cars for 30?k years. I went through the Mopar can and found a key that worked?!
  12. He is in better shape than me! I had to trade someone to convert my second car for a Shelby Daytona. I have brain fade and a lot of other problems now.
  13. My neighbor's Riatta has Teves brake problems. My Tc's don't have Teves any more.
  14. Some one needs to write up how to use the 89 Daytona rear brakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rock auto is down to 6 sets of rear pads. My local parts store that sources all the parts stores and could not find any! Try 50/50 brake fluid and acetone for loosening the parts. If you are replacing the flex line, cut the flex line and rotate IT of the caliper or the brake line. Then you can carefully work the flare nut loose from the brake line. I figured this out AFTER ruining a brake line! I sat there for 15 minutes and figured out how I SHOULD have done it! I'm old and don't mind sharing my mistakes. EVERYBODY makes them That is how we learn. Best to all the TC owners.
  15. Strange this should come up after I had a flat over the weekend. I never looked at the spare in the trunk. It is a donut with the same diameter as the tires. The TC has an indentation in the trunk floor where a full size spare "could" be placed. Of course it would be above the carpet. It would not rattle since it is on carpet. It cannot fly into the passenger compartment. So....the choice is yours. And if I ever find the guy that figured out how to snap the jack handle onto the jack so that it takes a 5 lb hammer to remove it on the new car,...he should have full coverage health insurance! I DID have a 5 lb hammer in the trunk.
  16. I forgot to mention that there was a yellow 16 valve TC there. As for Southern Ca., my wife's nephew transferred out there and had the good fortune to experience your earthquakes and watch burning embers fall in the swimming pool his first week. Soo, he applied for a transfer back to Mi. The reply was that he would have tornadoes there.. His reply was they also have basements there and snow plows and you get to buy a new car every few years when the old disappears slowly as you drive to work on salty roads.
  17. Ooohhh! I get to use one of my old geezer routines! I remember when I was a you lad in the middle of the last century when we were in Chicago on Easter. They had an ice storm so bad my daddy could not get the car out from the curb and we had to walk on the ice allll the way to services.
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