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  1. 89Chryslerati

    Chrysler TC by Maserati VIN Update 1/30/2018

    Here's 207302 v6 01/1990 red & ginger: https://m.facebook.com/jessie.buhr/posts/pcb.353040411907126/?photo_id=10217681491051070&mds=%2Fphotos%2Fviewer%2F%3Fphotoset_token%3Dpcb.353040411907126%26photo%3D10217681491051070%26profileid%3D1577523930%26source%3D48%26refid%3D18%26ref%3Dm_notif%26notif_t%3Dgroup_activity%26__tn__%3DEH-R%26cached_data%3Dfalse%26ftid%3D&mdf=1
  2. Thanks for the write up. Definitely far more involved than it was on my LeBaron those LeBaron windows were easy.
  3. 89Chryslerati

    Must sell my '89 TC

    Hemi I like the 'Baron clip on the TC lol just having fun or is that someone's project? I'd love to see more pics of that!
  4. 89Chryslerati

    SOHC "hiccups" when accelerating..

    Reaper where can you find performance parts? They seem to be hard to find for these engines. Are there better bearings available or do they just need to be replaced? I was told my engine has about 80k miles but with the odometer failing at 7,800 miles who really knows but it runs excellent so far only thing I had to do was the timing belt when it broke.
  5. 89Chryslerati

    SOHC "hiccups" when accelerating..

    Nevermind found it was a line I blocked off because I didn't see a line anywhere. Hooked it up & now my hvac blows where I tell it to instead of only on the windshield. Sadly, my turbo is nowhere near as functional as it was with that line off for some reason..
  6. 89Chryslerati

    SOHC "hiccups" when accelerating..

    Found a broken end on one vacuum line & found this little guy hanging down near the turbo & cannot for the life of me find where it goes! Sorry for the crappy pic best I could get of it but it's the line with the white plastic circle thing near the end.
  7. My 1989 SOHC has started bogging down for a quick second when I am hard on the accelerator but if I let off the gas some it stops & if I accelerate lightly it runs fine & doesn't do it. Not sure what could cause this but it is driving me nuts. It started shortly after I put the glasspack muffler on but idk if changing that could cause this issue. My dad checked the timing & it was too high now that he retarded the timing the problem seems even worse. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  8. 89Chryslerati

    A look at the potential future values of TCs

    Midnight Cruiser can you screenshot it? I don't want to create an account just to see it. Turbo Kane that car is beautiful I can't wait until I can afford new paint! What badge is on the side? I took the Turbo badges off of my LeBaron when I scrapped it but I'm not sure they would look right on the TC I haven't decided yet.
  9. 89Chryslerati

    Odometer inop

    I just bought the car in November so idk when it failed but I imagine it didn't take too long to put 7k on it, even if they only drove on nice days
  10. 89Chryslerati

    Hard brake issue, 89 vin 231

    That looks scary! Need to check mine & make sure mine isn't on the verge. Always stops fine but sometimes my ABS & Brake light will pop on for a minute or so & then turn back off. Hopefully I don't need one of those $300 accumulators! Side question: does the swap use the same parts from the LeBaron? I was thinking about selling my '88 Convertible but I might just strip some stuff & scrap it if there's enough parts that I need. The 'Baron's brakes always worked good. As long as I can keep the TC's rear disc brakes, I might consider a swap..
  11. 89Chryslerati

    Odometer inop

    Common issue on these. Mine stopped at 7k miles & some change. I would have been at a dealership raising hell if I was the original buyer & it quit working that soon! Pretty sure I've got pretty low miles still as I'm 90% sure the rear pads I replaced yesterday were original. Eventually want to get mine repaired too. Will probably just send it out & get everything refreshed as my speedo occasionally acts up too & a few of the bulbs are very dim..
  12. 89Chryslerati

    Rear calipers..?

    Oh, wow! My father has been a mechanic since he was a teenager & he has never in his life seen calipers that do that! Unfortunately, he probably destroyed my calipers forcing the piston in with his caliper pliers before I saw your response! Oh well, actually turns out our local parts store can get them in 3 days for $79 +core their website showed nothing but the employee found a way to get them!
  13. 89Chryslerati

    Rear calipers..?

    Is there any trick to pushing the piston in? My dad says it looks like the screw-in type but there aren't any notches like most of those type have.. idk much about these older calipers
  14. 89Chryslerati

    Rear calipers..?

    Is Rock Auto the only place to buy them from now? I need new ones ASAP this is my daily driver. Here's what my old pads looked like.. pretty sure they're the original ones from 1989..
  15. 89Chryslerati

    Title Description

    Meh I only have the minimum state required liability insurance for now so if anything happens, only the other vehicle/person is compensated. I'll probably change that when I start working again tho so I'll get around to it at some point