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  1. I've had many recent additional reasons lately to part with this car, and the parts I've collected for it...$500 takes it all. TT
  2. The aforementioned Rocker Rust. The Driver's side is not nearly as bad... TT
  3. That's about the saddest TC picture I've ever seen...yes, mine is bad where you would expect, It's had brake and fuel lines go away, fuel tank strap, stuff like that...never going to be new again, but it's still got some life left (I suppose living in the rust belt gives one a distorted sense of reality at times...) TT
  4. Sorry, forgot the Location! Car is in Northern IL - 60135 TT
  5. For Sale; 1989 Chrysler TC by Maserati - $2000 or best offer. Must sell one of the toys. Yellow, Ginger Interior, Black top. 2.2 TII Auto. Not currently running. Has a intermittent connection at the Fuel Pump Connector, I had intended to fix but have not the time and would rather turn it into cash. The Good: Has FWD Performance Computer (huge difference if you’ve never had the pleasure). Brake Accumulator replaced when I first got the car about 10 years ago. New Hood Struts. Have OEM Window sweeps not installed. Original Radio replaced with newer Sebring unit so backlight would match the dash. No issues with Top Pull Down, Convertible top or Power Windows. No body damage (except small ‘Heritage’ dent left from original owner). The Bad: Windshield is broken, one original wheel replaced by original owner with Chrysler Lace. Drivers side Headlight has small chip. Odometer not working. Rust at bottom of doors/front fenders. Rubber Trim on nose loose, also lower Door Trim (see pictures) Seat Leather is worn/torn. Driver’s side Mirror is broken/hanging. Fuel Door Release handle missing, does not open door. Lots of Miles (original owner drove it daily in MI), I bought it from his Grandson.
  6. It's been a few years since I've been here. My '89 Yellow/Ginger/Black/SOHC #202033 is looking forward to getting back out on the road! TT
  7. If anything I'd be worried about clearing the brake calipers with the compact spare. My TC got a 15" Chrysler LeBaron lace wheel swapped in on the front for a damaged original when the car was a few years old (as told to me by grandson of the original owner upon my purchase). TT
  8. I had this same thing happen on a well worn '91 LeBaron 'vert a couple of years ago - the socket connector at the Fuel Pump was intermittent and acted like a bad pump - couple of years ago mother Mopar still sold a pigtail repair part that you spliced onto the harness. Now, the '89 TC is doing the very same thing, only weeks after having the tank and pump replaced (one tank strap had broken due to rust and everything got replaced). Starts up, runs fine, you'll be cruising along and zoot - motor dies, won't start, can't hear pump run prior to cranking. Go under car, wiggle plug, starts right up. Assuming the worst and that the connector does not clean up well or give me confidence, is there still a replacement available? Does anyone know if the plug is the same size/shape as used in the '91? That car is almost ready for parting, this may push it over the edge... TT
  9. I have a minor problem, I have a '90 Factory Service Manual (red cover) in very good condition that I'd like to trade even up for a like condition '89 version (blue cover). Can anyone help me out? TT
  10. Maybe way off base here, but this is very similar to a problem my brother's '89 2.2 TII Shelby Daytona had this spring...He was on his way to work one night when the car just up and died...no warning, no codes, crank but no start... Come to find out the cam shaft snapped in half. I've lived with these cars since they were new, and I've never heard of a broken cam shaft...been lucky I guess. TT (Speaking of luck, I was up in central WI last weekend and got to try out the 'antilock' portion of the brakes for the very first time...to avoid a deer which jumped out in front of us...panic stop from about 45 mph, so car stopped just in time, but blew out a brake line on the front right...I'm hoping the local guy has seen a system like this before...)
  11. Yes, in fact the radio to which I referred to was a factory unit with the 'alternate' mounting configuration, which was not too difficult to adapt with some sheet metal tabs...both harnesses were the same...and it looks right at home... It was an Ebay purchase, and since it is a factory unit, it looks as if it grew there...if I can I'll dig out the spec's on the application I'll let you know. TT
  12. I replaced the unit in my '89 with a newer style, as mentioned by TC Toy, but with the Sebring's amber backlighting...matches the dash lights fairly well...now I just need to do the heater control backlights... TT
  13. Great, thanks guys. I suspected the 'Baron parts would cross over, but was not sure if perhaps the rear axle geometry was different. Unfortunately, it was the rusted out steel fuel line that got me under the car in the first place...don't suppose anyone has new pre-bent steel lines for these cars anymore? (I expect not, but it never hurts to ask...supply line rusted out at the rubber hose which goes to the tank/pump) TT
  14. So, I just discovered the rear shocks on my '89 TII TC have out lived their usefulness...can anyone hook me up with a good current mfg/part number for a direct replacement? TT
  15. The next gen radio in this series (ie; with the same 2 output connectors and face) has it's mounting tabs in slightly different locations. With a little modification it goes in just fine. I picked up a combo CD/Tape unit from a Sebring (or a cloud car?) with the orange display to upgrade my '89. If I remember right, it was only a matter of attaching a couple of brackets to the radio to bolt to the car. TT
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