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  1. If you switch the ignition ON-OFF 50 times it will clear the fault codes. Another way to clear the codes is to disconnect the battery for 10 minutes. See URL this is a great website on faults but not as good as Hemi and Reaper.
  2. You are correct the pegs are not adjustable. The pull down mechanism in the tonneau well can be adjusted a small amount. There are 5 bolts, 2 on each end and 1 in the middle. It will slide up and down. One typical problem is that the soft top when not used much needs to be stretched back out. Also attach the pegs first and then the 'J' hooks. You can also get a little more play by screwing the 'J' hooks but this can allow rain to enter the car.
  3. Here are 2 good videos on repairing the gears in the odometer. I suggest watching both but the first one is better. Repairing the Odometer
  4. And you think your porthole has a problem! This one is so ugly it is pretty with all the colors.
  5. This URL did not work for me. Said there were no results.
  6. The socket and ratchet are for working the pull down thru the trunk.
  7. Your TC has a built in fault testing system. If you go to the following URL it will explain how to use the system and get the fault codes your TC has. If you have a service manual there is a brief table of the codes on pages 14-24 and 14-25 but the URL is far superior.
  8. The top piece goes on the lower back of the seats to cover the rails the seat rides on. This piece fits either seat. The other piece I have never seen before.
  9. This is not a quick fix but over the course of a couple of days you will know where your problem is. With a charged up battery pull about 4 fuses and see if the car starts in the morning. If it does not start, charge up the battery again and try 4 different fuses. Eventually you will find the 4 problem circuits. Then using those 4 fuses keep the process going until you find the specific circuit that is causing the problem. Then look and see what is on that circuit.
  10. The black plastic box looking thing goes in the trunk around the latch. The black plastic loop coming out from the side in front of the light is the manual release for the tonneau hold down.. There should be another one on the other side of the storage compartment. The electrical wires are unknown.. They are not factory.
  11. Turbo Kane, As you know I liked these so much I ordered and received a second order of these key chains. They are as nice as the gas levers. Thanks, Bob