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  1. I actually found a right rear caliper at my local auto parts store. Unloaded, unbracketed but other wise identical. How did that happened ?? I guess I’ll have to start this job in earnest tomorrow... Larry
  2. The plot thickens.... , it is impossible to remove brake line flare nuts from the fittings. Flare nut wrench is no good, he’ll vice grips are no good. Left side brake line from the 3-way to the hose connection looks like it’s also on borrowed time. Right rear brake caliper is a ball of rust and doubt it’s even functioning. It looks like it’s time to drop the fuel tank, fab new brake lines from the 3-way ( if I can get them off) back to to both rear brakes, new hoses and replace the impossible to find right caliper. Oh, should I do something with that fist size hole in the muffle
  3. Hemi, Do you know if this is standard 3/16 line or metric? Larry
  4. Greetings to all, My last post was May 2017 at which time I was starting to replace hoses on my ‘89 8v early block. Yes, the car sat for a year but in my defense I acquired a John Deere 2240 for the homestead. I spent the winter not restoring but we’ll call refurbishing the tractor. I went back to work on the TC last week and and completed all the belts, hoses, timing belt, water pump, both pan gaskets and all 3 shaft seals. I fabricated a crank sprocket puller. It was ugly but it worked, pulling from all 5 screws. The car started fine and idles good but when I was pulling the car
  5. I have 201838 - 03/89 Exotic red - Ginger - Tan 2.2l turbo - automatic 41350 on the odo located in Missouri Too Fuzzy
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