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  1. Hey everyone! I'm still alive lol. I'll be getting some work done soon, I'm just saving up to do as much as possible at once. I'll have more updates in a few weeks!
  2. thanks Bill! I have a Holset HE341 turbo and downpipe on my engine stand at the moment, I'm just patiently waiting on the head to get back from the machine shop. More updates soon ?
  3. Nothing super secret. The water outlet was done with a spiral wheel and brown bar, then a loose wheel with white bar. The intake was done the same, but I had to sand it some. I'll have more updates on the car soon, I'm just wanting on some more parts to come in ??
  4. Polished my intake as well. I'll be doing the air bag strut brackets next.
  5. Are you looking for a factory SMEC?I have a factory one, but Rob Mercer is making socketed SMECs now. I run one and it's nice to be able to tune your own car (or at least tweak an existing calibration)
  6. I'm working on a different polishing technique. I'll have more updates soon.
  7. Mucho polishing is going down this winter. Anyone have suggestions on a budget, quality t3/t4 turbo?
  8. I went back to a full size radiator. There car is down for the winter for repairs and upgrades. I'll add a pic of what it looks like later when I can get to my phone. Going with a fully ported +1mm valve 655 head. Not sure on the turbo yet. I have a 60 trim t3 on there now, but I'll most likely go with a t3/t4 turbo when I replace the head. No sense in taking it off more than once. Also getting new control arms, new rack, and new power steering pump and lines. I will also have the airride going as well. It's been awhile since I didn't need to daily the car, so hopefully we can get this right the first shot. May freshen up the block and put a clutch that can hold the power at the same time.
  9. Haven't been on long enough to comment recently, but it looks real good! Looks real clean under there. Thanks for the tip!
  10. Small update ? I went ahead with the air to water installation. I had to switch to a smaller civic radiator to make it all fit with my setup. I'll be going to a large civic radiator when $ allows. It was getting a lil hot, so I flushed the water that was in it, and refilled with water plus Royal Purples version of Water Wetter. I also installed a oil cooler, and the combination has helped a lot with the temps. I Bought a catch can, but I have to go pick up more hose. Going to put a smaller battery in, and work on "cleaning up" the look of engine bay. I'll post some more here soon.
  11. That's the Home Depot vinyl special! I have some pretty cool things going on that imma get done as soon I get some free time. I've been pretty busy lately, but there's gonna be updates within the next 30 days.