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  1. One of the tasks in reviving my triple black 16v TC was replacing the front brake hoses and calipers. Parts were readily available and the job seemed to go well, including the bleeding. Then I noticed a leak at the lower left hose connection. Tightened it up as much as I dared and still it leaked. So I checked back on our site and found a post from Reaper about the copper washers supplied with the calipers being too thin. That was the culprit. I installed thicker washers and no more leak. Parts guy said, "Oh yeah, that happens a lot". So Reaper - many thanks. That would not have occ
  2. Absolutely one of my all-time favorites, and not just because of the Mopar connection. Question - I don't want to be a spoiler for anyone who hasn't seen the movie (if you haven't, make the effort to see it, just make sure you get the original, not the later, somewhat lame remake), but it looks to me like the back half of a 69 Camaro in a certain scene - what do you think?
  3. For BOTH reasons (maturity & end result) you made the right call. If it was a regular WRX he would have known you were there. If it was an STI, maybe not even that. The AWD systems in those cars allow them to use all their power all the time making them very quick off the line. 50 years ago when maturity was not a factor I was waiting at a light in my 69 'cuda 340 when a white Challenger pulled up next to me. I was in the left lane and the road curved slightly to the left after the light. I knew I had two advantages, weight and geography. The light changed and we both nai
  4. Thanks for the reminder. They appeared ok so I didn't have their replacement on my immediate to-do list. Needless to say, fuel hoses are one item where "appearing ok" is not good enough. I'll get right on it. Hardtop had not been off the car in 14 years; turns out it is in very nice shape, dirty, but it cleaned up just fine. For a car that sat a while, some of the usual problem areas like brakes, power antenna and odometer work great, altho the leather has pulled back from the top of the gauge cluster, the portholes are a mess and the wiper arm bushings are toast.
  5. The three most dreaded words in the car collector universe. For the last couple of years I've been trying without success to convince one of my friends to sell me his 90 triple black 16v Cali TC. Recently it became necessary for him to sell the car. He provided what turned out to be a very honest description of the car and it's readiness to be loaded onto my trailer - one or more flat tires, stuck brakes, ran when parked last July. All we needed to do was move the car about 15' so it could be maneuvered onto my trailer. Plan A - Put on a spare tire, but it someho
  6. Thanks for your kind comment. Got 4th.
  7. Hey Reaper. - I'm wondering if your shift cable connections are tight enough and/or adjusted properly as my Getrag handles my ham-handed high rev gear changes with aplomb. https://vimeo.com/440180904 and https://vimeo.com/440180182 . Another advantage of the 16v is the sound! - Nile
  8. Reaper - I have no idea if this will help, but a few years back I bought a TC that had been started regularly, but not driven. The prior owner was very open about a brake problem and had replaced all the calipers, rotors, & pads. When I drove it, the engine & trans were sweet, but the brakes were horrible - the right front was dragging and was the ONLY one that worked, meaning a stab of the brake pedal produced a dramatic pull to the right and smoke from the brake. Turned out the LEFT front brake hose was plugged. Replacing that hose, which was an inexpensive and straightforward jo
  9. This little guy/gal is about 4-6 days old. He's got quite a bump on the head , but can walk normally. After 5 hours he & Mom reunited. Sure hope he makes it as we've got a lot of predators.
  10. That same motor was used as a trunk closing motor in some full size GM sedans a few years back. If you can find one, it's an easy part to replace. There may be some posts providing more specifics.
  11. I purchased American Racing AR919 16" wheels, 7" width with 225/50x16 tires and have been very pleased . The wheels have held up well and are easy to clean. They look very similar to the T8-2 wheels you showed. I also like the way the 16" wheels fill the wheel well. If you want 16" wheels remember to go with a slightly lower profile tire, say a 50 rather than 60,; that way the tire diameter will be about the same so you will not have clearance issues. Double check the diameter of any tires you are considering to make sure they're within a tenth of an inch or two of stock. Offset is also
  12. Given Hemi's comments, there is probably not a problem with your clutch, but since you've had the car for 7 seven years and it feels different, there is a problem somewhere. I'd check to make sure all the large hoses connected to the intercooler and turbo are tight, actually make that VERY tight. I experienced the same phenomenon (easily rev to redline, but feels down on power) on one of my 90 16v cars and found a loose hose clamp at the intercooler. I tightened the clamp and the car immediately felt the way it had previously until the problem reoccurred. Sure enough, the same clamp had co
  13. Had something very similar happen with my 90 16v car - the culprit was a loose cable at the transmission. It may take a couple of tries to get it adjusted exactly right. If the cable actually came off the trans it could very well be touching the exhaust which would cause the smell.
  14. I also have a 90 16V and have recently spent some "quality time" with my fuse box. Hemi, as usual, is correct, it is #6.
  15. Regarding the play in the shifter - probably loose cables at the shifter or, more likely at the tranny. A clear indication of this would be if the shifter is difficult to engage either reverse or first. It is MUCH easier to tighten the cables on the tranny than at the shifter as the center console is quite time-consuming to remove. If one or both cables are loose it might take a couple of tries so you get the adjustment exactly right. Regarding the rattling noise - if you're lucky it's just a loose tor broken timing chain cover. Easy to check - large plastic piece on the pass
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