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  1. I noticed your car had the hard top on. For whatever it's worth - on all of my TC's the hardtops leak and the soft tops do not. I don't know whether that's due to a design or manufacturing flaw (that the hard tops leak, not that the soft tops don't). The soft tops are easy to adjust which may help the situation. Now if I could only adjust the soft top on my S200 I wouldn't have to have a rag handy!
  2. That "winning" bid doesn't vibrate right to me. No one who's into TC's would bid that much for that car given the color, miles, wheels, seats, etc. I also doubt someone not into TC's would open an Ebay auction that high on that car. It's located in Montana and it's winter. Lots of times people have a buddy open bidding on a "No Reserve" auction to get other bidders into the bidding process. They can claim it's sold, but it really isn't. I bet we'll see it again.
  3. I looked all over when I replaced mine and never did find specs for the 16v engine cover nuts. The 8v engine calls for 105 inch pounds which would be about 8-9 foot pounds. I used that and it's worked out ok.
  4. My favorite is the "California Car Cover". They're custom made for each car so they fit perfectly, even have "ears" for the mirrors. They're gathered on the bottom which keeps them on if it gets breezy. That's the good news; the bad news is they're pricey - over $100 depending on options & shipping.
  5. That was my first guess, but it moves freely. I can manually put the needle at zero and it simply goes up and up.
  6. The odometer in one of my TC's quit, so I installed new gears and it worked fine, however the tach needle only went up - sort of like an old school tell-tale tach. Naturally I ran the engine thru the upper ranges of the lower gears, convincing myself that this might somehow reset the tach, but the needle just stayed at redline. It would not go back down to zero. I put in another cluster and the odo , tach and all other gauges worked great. Any ideas?
  7. I bet that 273 turned a lot of heads, no pun intended. If I remember correctly the Mopar small blocks of that era had a higher nickel content which led to greater strength than other V-8's. I realize the aftermarket has embraced the LS3, and they certainly are cheap enough, but I'm just not impressed with their durability. Two of my friends have done the LS3 conversion with their RX-7's and they do run well, when they run.
  8. I agree - sure sounds like a bad speed sensor. Usually when they go the tach acts just as weirdly as the speedo. It's a cheap part, but is not the easiest thing to get at.
  9. It's a 340 with some mild engine mods to get more revs (balanced, ported, hotter cam, recurved distributor, larger carb). Obviously, a lot of lightening.
  10. Answer #1. - The lightest car, by 15 lbs under the S2000, verified by official scales, is the 'cuda at 2820. The TC weighs hundreds of pounds more. Answer #2. - While the S200 has the highest top end due to its aerodynamics, 6 speed tranny and 9,000 rpm red line; and the 'cuda wins the 1/4 mile due to its 3.91 gears and power, the 0-60 sprint is won by my wife's Infiniti - 328hp, AWD, 7 speed and traction control - it simply erupts off the line.
  11. Since I'm as guilty as any of us as far as flogging a TC (all of it legal, of course), Hemi's comments got me thinking, and I agree. The TC is a wonderful car, having just about every convenience one could want. The driving dynamics and comfort are equal to most modern cars and there is simply no other convertible available in the TC's price range that offers what the TC does. While I thoroughly enjoy beating the hemi Challengers in autocrosses, including a Hellcat (rookie driver, so it doesn't count), one of my friends just got a Civic R, and it is just one example of the amazing group of pe
  12. Hey Bob - You can add my new toy to the list - it's a triple black 1990 Cal emissions 16v car, VIN: ZC2FR1202LB206510. Thanks. - Nile
  13. It's the little one - about 7& 1/2" long. Any recommendations on where to get one?
  14. That's it. Works great on pine sap, decal residue, pinstripes, etc. Just be careful not to get it on your skin.
  15. In case the cable or internal release are sticking and the safety catch isn't broken, have someone pull the hood release as far out as possible while you pull up on the hood. If that doesn't work, try rapping on the hood with your fist near the catch while someone else pulls on the release. Next attempt would be to spray some penetrant (PB Blaster, WD40) through the grill onto the catch.
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