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  1. After some thought. I would like $150.00 plus shipping if you take both. $100.00 plus shipping for just the unused accumulator and $50.00 plus shipping for just the older unit. See original post for what I know about condition and age of both. Questions and/or comments are welcome as I'm unsure if the true value. Thanks,Scott
  2. Thanks to great instructions from Hemi. I made the switch to a standard brake system. This has left me with some items other may want or need. First before o found out the pump was bad on the system I ordered a new stock accumulator. This was last year. It was never put on and has sat on my work bench. Also have the old brake system. Think the pump went. Not sure was just over the battle. Hard pedal. Not sure what of it has use but surely don't need it. That accumulator was new 4 years ago. Shout out if your are interested. Have not thought much about value. But am open
  3. Update...I finally got the TC up and running just in time to put in storage for the year. As much as I hated changing the original brake system....it is done. Thank you so much Hemi for your directions. Took some convincing of my mechanic to take on the job, but all is great, stops good, and under the hood looks clean. If you didnt know, would think it was original equipment. Its such a relief to not worry about those brakes anymore. I know its sacrilegious to change out, but happy to keep her on the road cruising. Question, I have the whole original system from the swap. Pump is
  4. HI Group, Looking for assistance from the TC veterans. Last week took car out of garage and got the dreaded hard brake pedal, brake light. Looked in the garage and all my brake fluid drained out on the floor. Towed it in to the mechanic and at first thought we were just dealing with a rotted hose that goes from pump to reservoir. After replacing that hose and refilling with fluid, found that we are getting no pump activation. Mechanic said he is getting power to it (relay got hot) but no pump. Wondering your thoughts, how screwed am I, can this pump be replaced. My mechanic has wor
  5. Hi All, Great time at the show! Was so awesome to meet both Jim and Bob. First TC club members I've met in the flesh..... both class acts, as you would expect from TC owners. ? As Jim said above, soooo many beautiful cars, but so little time to see them all. Camera was having issues first day so I lost my pic of our cars sitting together (Jim), you didn't happen to take any that day? How cool we happened in at the same time and got to park together. Appreciated the knowledge you both shared, seeing all the extra bits you had (Bob), was super cool. Sorry I missed you both before
  6. Bob and Jim I plan on being there both days. Never been before, to both Moparfest and Canada. Will be the longest trip I've taken in the TC. Has me pretty anxious and excited at the same time. Looks like there is a ton to see. If we're not by the car, my son and I can be identified by our new TC t-shirts. Hope to see you. Hemi I know your TC runs great. You should plan a trip some year. Its like a mini route 66 tour. Helps to fund some road work and the business in the town we stop at. And is certainly not as hot. Although us northern Michiganders complain i
  7. I like both answers, so to Canada hardtop, like the look for displaying. When I return to Michigan going to run in the Old 27 Motor Tour the length of Michigan, DeWitt to Cheboygan leg, 3 days, 12 towns, 250 miles..... a good time for the top down. Send me good mechanical karma. I'll post some pics when I get home. http://old27tour.com/itinerary.php
  8. Well barring unseen circumstances, I will be traveling to New Hamburg, ON. on Friday for the Moparfest. Has anyone ever gone, or better yet anyone going this year? Two days, around 1600 cars, and best of all... all Mopars. Had my TC detailed and she looks better then ever. Debate in the house is, hardtop or soft?
  9. Thanks, awesome advice as always Hemi. I suspect that the key is the fitting that goes between the accumulator ant the system. I see some for sale on line and would like to get one. Layman question....what is the thread size for the male and female ends of that fitting?
  10. Is the pressure gauge a standard tool? Where do I get one? Once hooked up, what am I looking for, pressure, procedure. Thanks as always for your help Hemi!
  11. On the topic of accumulators....I just replace mine today. I was only getting 5 brake pedal pumps before pump would run. I got the new one and put on today and still only get 5 brake petal pumps before the motor starts. Am I misunderstanding the testing process, if not were should I look next for the issue. I have no problem braking as far as I can tell. Lights seem to be normal except ABS is always on do to removing fuse. I was told that I have a bad wheel sensor and since I don't drive in winter or rain if it can be helped, I didn't feel the need to use the ABS. Thoughts?
  12. I live in Northern Michigan but am open to driving south. This year for me anyway is a rap but we should organize something for next year. I heard about the Museum trip....sounded cool. I had just got my TC and was still working out the bugs in it......literally, lol. Next year is the 10 year anniversary for the Old 27 Motor Tour. Even if all did not want to commit to the whole trip we could pick one day of the cruise to get together. The day that stands out this year was the day from DeWitt to Clare. Stopped in 5 cities ending in Clare. Their expecting well over 500 cars next year by Clare
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