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  1. I purchased a replacement antenna shaft from 'The Antenna Source' on AMAZON for $29.99. It fits and there were NO PROBLEMS. The part # is A015-CR172-2. Good Luck.
  2. Thanks Marty Mopar. Picked up the 1990 Service Manual & Brochure today. Very Satisfied, Steve
  3. Thank you for your reply.I agree that most drivers feel that if a tire is covered, not in the sun or away from the heat, it is not effected. According to the tire manufactures Association, tires age from the time they are made. I had a tire on my Studebaker that looked great on the sidewalls & thread and it cracked open at 21 years (newer than most of our TC spare tires). So from past experience I will use a can of 'Tire Inflator ' as my cdhoise instead of my spare bomb.
  4. I am new to TC's, so I have a radio question. I am considering replacing the original infinity radio. Since the infinity ha s amplified speakers, con I replace the original speakers and then use only 2 of the or5iginal connector wires. (I will check the service manual to see which wires to use.) Does anyone have experience doing this?
  5. I recently purchased a 1990 TC. I checked the spare tire for it's condition. While it looked OK, I also checked the production date. The result was that it was made in June, 1988. Since I also have another collector car, I have had experience with old tires. There is NO manufacturer that6 recommends using a tire over 10 years old. Since the newest TC is over 27 years old, we should not be use an original spare tire with our cars. I have made the decision to keep a can of flat tire repair in the car and NEVER use the old tire. An old tire whether on the road or a spare (on the car) is a time bomb.
  6. Recently purchased a 1990 TC. 206895, 1990, Built 12/89, Red, Black leather, V6. Thanks, Steve
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