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  1. yep snaps solves the problem, The down side to the snaps is if you plan to have your car judged at a National meet there would be a deduction but it is not a big deal
  2. Back in the mid 1970 there was a new Ford dealer in western Kansas called Per Hole Ford He had an advertising tag that was on the front of all new cars sold and most used cars sold I kniw the dealership was in business in 1974 and 1975 At some point after the mid 70s it became Liberal Ford in Liberal Kansas Kansas does not have a front tag so dealers make their business tag and put it on the front of cars sold Per Hole had a tag that pictured a Pear with a hole in it I am searching for one of those tags there has to be lots of those around and most have been thrown away please take a look at old stuff that you might have laying around i have searched salvage yards and have not had any success If you have one or can find one i will offer a finders fee contact me direct at 316-655-1099 pr booreatta@cox.net THANKYOU VERY MUCH Chuck Kerls
  3. For sale a complete zippered portfolio in great shape complete with the sined log the booklets how the Reatta was built road atlas tire guage working flashlight Reatta Pen 1990 owners manual $150.00 OBO Photos on request
  4. It was always story time with Bob He told me 2008 in Flint that this was his town My wife and I spent time at an ice cream store a couple of times. He was one of a kind and will be missed by all who was lucky enough to have known him. I remember the TV News spot he did on the Reatta cruse in Flint in 2008 Thanks Bob Rest in peace
  5. Jim just melt a set down and have them painted yellow to look like a Coors cans. Stop by Colorado AND GETEM FILLED WELL YOU KNOW THE DRILL
  6. Now thats cold GO AHEAD AND KEEP IT
  7. Huh. Hey Jim I have a bottle of warm air and I could send it to you. I has just a pinch of B** S***. stay safe and get your vaccine
  8. Matt I can understand all of the hoops that you have to jump thru to get the car to drive friendly The lane departure would drive me totally insane..the only feature I like is the auto on headlights. My Camaro has auto on and i think it works well I hate the bluetooth phone hookup so i dont use it The other issue i have with new cars is the headlights that I have to look at being so bright.. sometimes its hard to see the road when they are comming at you. if they can develop all of the stuff that new cars do why cant the fix the bright lights in the city this is a safety issue that needs to be fixed Im with Pete new car manufactures have lost the way AGAIN
  9. this is an offer if you are new to the reatta and dont have one well now is your chance MAKE ME AN OFFER booreatta@cox.net
  10. WOW some more mis information that some body will quote as fact in the future There was a couple of turbo cars built but were never available for sale if memory serves me one of the turbo cars was totaled due to torque steer and from the press they were scrapped. Barney or Jim Finn might have more info on the cars I think one was a Polo Green Convertible ( LOL)
  11. Jim getting back to values the pewter car is rare and the last one that I know of was sold in the $500.00 range in Arizona but that was several years ago there were 3 different versions that Barney has found One was the select 60 tag on the base. the one that you have and one that read Pacesetters on the tag on the wood base. The pewter cars mostly likely all were molded at the same time as all of the ones I have seen all rocked slightly when put on a flat surface and I have seen 9 or 10 from to 2003 to 2015. Check on the muffler I have seen PROOF, PROTO. and a number engraved on the mufflers I dont know if that makes a diff in value or not. I think Padgett is correct the interest in the Reatta is down somewhat so who knows what it will bring in the long run I have seen the clock and the flag but I dont remember prices My suggestion would be EBay or FB marketplace there are folks out there that are looking for the items It would be really nice if when you dig out the car if there is any information as to who made the pewter car. I have searched for the mfg and I know Barney Eaton has also with no luck As far as I know there is no information as to how many pewter cars were made. Good Luck Chuck
  12. I have one zippered portfolio for sale I has the 1990 owners manual, Craftsman log, writing pen, flashlight (it works) Tire guage, How the Reatta was built, road atlas, un cut plastic keys These complete portfolios are getting harder to find asking $250.00 incl postage or best reasonable offer contact me at booreatta@cox.net
  13. in 1999 GM even did away with a dip stick and the thinking is dont do anything with the transmission..I put 250000 miles on a malibu and never touched the tranny why bother if it aint broke why fix it
  14. The mind is the 2nd thing to go Stay healthy and tell Nancy HI
  15. Barney I was not looking for radio buttons but rather an hoax vent rubber button thanks
  16. I had very low freon pressure and was having all kind of strange issues I finally unhooked the battery and rehooked it and system would then let me add freon and no more issues
  17. i am missing the rubber tip on one of the air vents on the dash I dont have a clue what happened to one of mine. anybody have a parts car I would appreciate if you would check thanks
  18. I got my Select 60 out to take some photos for the Buick Club photo car show it would be nice to see a lot of photos of our cars in the Bugle
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