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  1. Thanks for the response. Sorry for the delay - holiday weekend and all that. I thought I'd seen references elsewhere on this forum indicating prices of $500 or so? I'm not sure what number this one is, I'll have to dig it out and see. As for other items, I'm still working my way through the boxes, deciding what to keep and what needs a new home. Here are some others that I'll likely be posting for sale at some point soon, though again I need to determine values.
  2. Thank you for your kind words, sir. I remember my father speaking fondly of you on a number of occasions and I know he treasured working with you.
  3. If I'm posting this in the wrong area, please kindly direct me to the appropriate place. My father passed last year and I inherited his collection of Buick memorabilia. Among them is this pewter Reatta model on a mirrored wood base. I'm finding very little information on it online, though I did see a few posts on this forum about them over the years. I'm trying to come up with a fair value for it. Could someone assist in that regard? It is in great shape, just a little dusty from sitting on a shelf and then in storage. Thanks so much!
  4. Hey all, newbie here. My father was a Buick salesman and eventually General Manager for a dealership in Milwaukee for many years, from the mid-1970s through the early 2000s. He passed away recently and we've begun the process of cleaning out his house. While we'll be keeping some of the Buick memorabilia as remembrances and mementos, there's still a ton of stuff that will likely be posted here for sale in the weeks to come. As such, I had a couple of questions. 1) Are there certain Buick memorabilia items that y'all might be especially interested in that I can look for as we sort through boxes and such? Thus far, I'm seeing everything from golf outing key chains (new and in boxes) to promotional flags, pens to paperweights, and a whole lot more. 2) We have a whole mess of awards that he won over the years. Is there any sort of, I don't know, museum or something that might be interested in them? He worked his butt off to earn them and I don't want to see them just end up in a dumpster or something. But, at the same time, they really aren't things that I'd expect anyone would want to display in their homes. I'd love to donate them to someplace, if possible. I'm open to suggestions, please. Thanks!
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