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  1. It is 16 gauge, although the one I got sold is 14 gauge with 16 gauge on the box, don’t know why. Thanks for the conversion chart, helped a lot!
  2. Does anyone know offhand the gauge of the wire that the links go into? I know the rule is two sizes lower, but I don’t see any markings whether it’s 12 gauge or 10 gauge wire. Already bought a 16 gauge fusible link, but I’m second guessing myself before I splice it in. Appreciate it.
  3. **UPDATE** found a blown fusible link. Read in a forum that he also lost his ac fans from the exact same issue. Will update when replaced and if it fixed the issue. Source forum:
  4. My coolant temps seem to be normal, usually hovering around 195 when moving, and the fans would come on at 212. But even if it was the coolant temp sensor, shouldn’t they still kick on with the ECM override mode? And I know fusible links rarely go out, But would it be possible for the relay to still receive power while having a burned up fusible link? I’m not very good with electrical, hence the all questions. Ironically, I had just ordered some R12 and it came in Tuesday and my blower fans stopped working the day before.
  5. I’ve switched around working relays to no avail. I was hoping that there would be something obvious I was missing. I did check the fuses and they’re fine, although volt meter testing will be up next. Does the fan motor ground with the relay box? I know those relays can be seriously temperament, but I can’t imagine to this extent.
  6. My ac doesn’t work, but after a code reset you get some time before the computer restricts operation. But even with the ac on briefly, it didn’t turn on. I will note that with an override to relay 2, I can hear a click of the relay but no fan. Relay 1 doesn’t do anything. The puller fan motor was just replaced a few weeks ago and worked great up until now. After a BCM code reset, climate control sounds like it wants to turn on briefly but can’t. I’ve heard the control module may fix that. Either way, I’m back to square one with my fans acting up again. I almost want to blame it on a ground or fusible link, but I cannot isolate the issue. The cooling fans continue to be a thorn in my side with this car.
  7. Thank you! It’s an 89 coupe.
  8. Recently, my (new)radiator fans and my interior fans stopped working. I imagine that there is a reason for both going out at around the same time. I can’t figure out what has gone wrong. Fuses are fine, relays swapped, nothing changes. I must be missing something big here.
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