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  1. any photos available? your e-mail does not work for me anyway
  2. boy with all of the freon talk going on i want something different. i need a shop manual for my 89. does any one know where to go and get one i dont know what to pay and i know that they are on e-bay what is one worth??????????i would trade r-12 for one if i had some oh well just need the shop manual also still looking for a reatta tire guage. thanks for all the info and i agree REGISTER
  3. i have a one owner car and i do not have a paint code on the car...the only place i have the paint code is on the orig. window sticker....is this possible mmmmmmmmmmm
  4. cant find out who repairs cassette players. have mine out and it is far to complicated for me sooo i need help who can i ship it to. any help would be appreciated. i need it back by spring thanks the big B IN WICHTIA
  5. Booreatta


    had that problem with a car once and could not find a key so i finally took the car to a tire shop and they used a power chisel and were able to make a groove in the lock wheel nut and turn them off. it took all of 15 min and $25.00. locks off locks destroyed mission accomplished
  6. well i read my codes and i dont have any in the ecm and bcm but i have a history code it is c553????? anybody know what this is and does it need attention and how is it cleared. thanks [color:\\"red\\"]
  7. i was looking for a seat switch and found a 1988 riviera in a salvage yard here in wichita. i still has the touch screen and the instrument panel intact. the owner of the salvage yard could only tell me that they light up and appear to be in good shape. the overall condition of the dash was good. i found my switch and it works ok but i dont need any of the other parts. if anyone needs more information, let me know...oh i asked how much for the parts and he wanted $50.00 for the crt and $70.00 for the instrument cluster, the car also had the cassette still in tact dont know if it works or not contact me at igor@wichitausa.com and i will try to get any more info if you need it
  8. great information, the real ?????is, why would any body buy anything from a person like him. where i come from you can still do business with a hand shake, people like him ruin everything for honest people around the country and it no wonder that nobody has any trust in mankind any more
  9. i have a 16 way seat and the thigh part of the seat quit it is stuck in the out position and it wont move either way has anyone else had this problem and how did you fix it. i dont know anything about seats but i guess that it is just motors and wires, but do you have to remove the seat and how hard is it. any known tricks. thanks for any info
  10. mine is a 1989 sapphire blue firemist paint code 83u so everyone is right
  11. i was at a car show this past weekend and was told about a car show to be held on 10-05-02 in wichita kansas. it will be a caravan from a baseball park to one of the few remaing drive ins left in this country, i was told that there is only 76 drive ins left and they are looking for a bunch of cars. it will be a short 5 mile drive and they are going to have to close off some streets and have a police escort. more info is on the web site www.automobiliausa.com. oh by the way i was the only reatta at the show not too many reattas around wichita kansas. automobilia is also a neet store and they do one of the largest carshows in the summer in july sometime around 1000 cars last july
  12. when i turn on my headlights the console does not light, how ever when i turn on the fog lights then the console does light. i would not think that the fog lights would have to be on all the time at night. is it working correctly...anybody know. all of the dash lights work the right way so i am thinking that its normal [color:\\"red\\"] thanks
  13. yah mine come on with the parking or head lights also you would think that the hood light would come on when the hood was opened and off when the hood was closed. i had a riviera that did the same thing so it must be right. i am never wrong just confused............
  14. red reatta coupe spotted for sale in wichita kansas on a car lot vin number 1G4EC11C5JB903404 i think the car is a 1988 no sunroof and no 16 way seats the car is in fair to good condition and the mileage is 116400k. the car is not in the data net it had a $5995.00 price on the windshield and the dealer was not open so i dont know how well it ran anyone needing more info i will try to get it for you. [color:\\"red\\"]
  15. The same thoughts and prayers from Americas heartland.
  16. ok i still dont see the light and i know i am not that ?????? but the real ? is is there a bulb or is there not a bulb, im going bald scratching......................
  17. as my wife would say "now that is a really dumb question" but here goes, on my 1989 reatta the key hole lights up on the drivers side but does not on the other side, now my question, is it designed to??? any body know, now that is not so dumb is it.....
  18. Well here we go, put a tape in the tape player and all it does is just clicks then i took the tape out and it continued to click and it did that for the next few min. has anyone seen this before and what could be the place to start looking for a fix??? any help would be appreciated. thanks
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