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  1. Padgett I have always liked the look of that Caddy but then I found the Mercedes and went thru all of the leaks. is yours the NorthStar. really a nice looking car and the right color
  2. Glad you guys are ROCKIN AND ROLLEN take time to wash your hands just an FYI
  3. As a past meet chairman I have to side with Jack however a date within the next couple of week to decide to postpone or cancel I know all of the hard work and the fixed costs are spent. Make a decision in the next 2 weeks. At this point in time I think we should cancel. If shirts and awards are done the money is already spent so in my opinion NMC needs to start looking for a way to market shirts etc. Hotel contracts if we have a cancel contract cancel In the next week or so but whatever the club just needs to cut costs to the bone This virus will continue to kill so it is what it is. Salvage what we can and move on. WASH YOUR HANDS AND FIGHT ANOTHER DAY
  4. Good article good work Barney ,Marck and Pete. its always good to see press on these fun cars. I only take my S60 to a few car shows a year but it always gets gets a lot of thumbs up. Don't known if the Reatta will ever be a true collector car but I plan to drive mine till it wont go anymore. My kids will most likely send an old worn out car to a salvage when im gone. Mine is driven period.
  5. my camera on my phone does not work kinda like my boomerang wont come back { that goes back a few years}
  6. Padgett it is the Laserdisk I wish I could play it
  7. Jeff thanks for the offer but I am in the process of down sizeing
  8. yes I have both the poster and the laser Disc but I cant post a photo to this forum Have tried many times I can send a photo to your email if you want to send me a PM
  9. Just one more thought the last time I walked the show field I wanted to find cars older than me and there were some then I looked for members and cars younger than me and there were not many Does that help explaining member decline 😬
  10. OH Crap it looks like someone got up in the morning and took a poke at the sleeping bear. Cant argue that the membership is in decline and there is many reasons for the decline. Hopefully someday that will become a non issue. When I was on the board a lot of good ideas were not acted on but that's the system of many parts. I had the feeling many times that I could wear the Rockies down with an eyedropper than some members with a fire hose. I cant say that I agree with asking board members canned questions. It is clear that some changes need to be made but change is slow and to put pressure on any volunteer is screwing up a 2 car funeral. A very small part of the membership takes part in the management of the club which is not a fault of the BOD its a fault of the members. I have watched what has been going on the past few years and it is interesting. There are a lot of members that have been around longer than me but since I joined and ran for the Board I have listened to tons of complaints but very few real solutions. I will stand on any soapbox and say the Bugle is the BCAs strong suit. The club will continue to change and will change like the cars on the National meet will change. Lets support our BOD and if change is necessary great. My hat is off to Pete and Cindy and the BOD the board is un paid and I have served on several boards and I have yet to find a way to fire a volunteer. When my wife and I can make it to a national meet we always have a good time and that will never change
  11. there was also a large window poster with the same theme that was displayed with a laser disc. Any body still have a laser disc player the size of an LP vinyl record?
  12. Darn I guess I should sell my s60 A few more miles but really nice Buy the complete portfolio for $15000.00 and it comes with the car
  13. The real test of value will be the Select 60 with a 1000 miles at Mecum Friday
  14. like Padgett said plus no cd option and a missing horn button no mileage stated
  15. I read this thread and have found the judging manual that was written by Stan Leslie in summer 1999 first edition and revised May 2002 which is the last update that I know of At the time that the judging manual was written the following was written about Tire Valves/Stems/Caps Points should be deducted for painted stems and weights the 1988-1990 valve stems are 1.25" in length, black rubber with gray plastic ribbed caps the 1991 valve stems are 1.25" in length black rubber with black plastic ribbed caps although not visible for judging the valve stem cap on the compact spare is a grey plastic ribbed cap for all years (88-91) that was the standards that were used for the first judging in Flint in 2003
  16. Oh darn I meant RED CAMARO it’s a red and green time of year
  17. Thanks John I was looking for the reputation of a dealer in Asheville. he had a car advertised and I am 1000 miles away. I appreciate you getting back to me he advertised a Camaro that I had an interested in Chuck Kerls
  18. thanks Jim ill call him A dealer there has a polo green conv Reatta. and its $2500.00
  19. I am looking for someone who lives in or close to Asheville NC I am looking at a car that's for sale I would appreciate the help Thanks Chuck Kerls Wichita KS booreatta@cox.net 316-655-1099
  20. looking for someone in or close to Asheville NC. looking foe info on a dealer or would be wiling to look at a car. any help would be appreciated Chuck Kerls 316-655-1099 booreatta@cox.net
  21. you guys are still lookin good
  22. still for sale make a reasonable offer
  23. the zippered portfolio still for sale it is complete with all the goodies I am asking $200.00 but make me an offer Call me and leave a message I will have to call you back 316-655-1099
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