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  1. I know that semi-Pistons are machined to size. Is it possible to resize a 0.010 over piston to std size for old unobtainable Pistons vs having them custom made? Thanks Dan Marx.
  2. F/S Attached are pix of the pistons. I have a complete set (6) of the pistons. 5 are sill in the box. The piston has a 3-7/8 inch diameter and 4-3/4 in. length. 1922-1928 Studebaker (Bushed) Big Six 6 3-7/8 1918-1921 Studebaker Big E.G. INC. 4 & 6 3-7/8 . Not sure which model these fit. These appear to be standard size. I don't see any markings that indicate they are oversize. The measurement was done with a ruler, not a micrometer. Thanks for the help.
  3. OK, I just acquired some NOS, in the box, Studebaker Erskine pistons. The part number is 112708. The box has the factory label. Any help for application would be greatly appreciated. Also have two additional smaller sizes, perhaps for a 4 cyl. dlmarx at bellsouth dot net. Thanks
  4. Looks like '57 Chevy, that is the same style of attachment, with the exterior grips dan
  5. Good day at the Auto Fair, found these NOS Pistons that are labeled Studebsker Erskine. There is a part number on the piston 112708. any help to ID the year would be greatly appreciated. These appear standard size, I don't see any markings to indicate over sized. There is also one babbitted (sp?) rod. Thanks Dan
  6. NOS North East coil top. part number 16989 AB-H. $35.00 plus USPS priority shipping, $6.10. Dan.
  7. NOS Connecticut Electric Rotor. I don't have a reference for this rotor. Can't find my H&E reference. Thisis new, never used. $35.00 plus USPS priority $ 6.10. The part number is 1415F. Please post if you can ID this rotor. Dan Marx
  8. There was no torque tube, this had an open drive shaft. Dan
  9. Of course there is more to the story The engine will be a GMC V-12 with an allison transmission. However, it will never be used as a hearse, just a fun creation of mine. As a pretty good wood worker, I think a wood hearse, town car creation would be quite unique. Dan
  10. How strong is the Ford banjo rear differential?. I just bought a 1942 Ford Siebert ambulance that I am going to convert to a sedanca deville wooden hearse.. Some creativity required. This was originally a 1942 Ford Sedan Delivery. How reliable is the banjo rear axle should I decide to use it for the hearse? Thanks Dan
  11. I recently purchase a 1942 Ford Siebert ambulance that I plan on doing some coach work on. First off, I want to build a Chaufer driven town car, wooden hearse. This body has "good bones" for what I want to do. What I want to sell is the sedan delivery metal from the "C" pillar back, including the rear doors. Rear fenders are not included.. This will have a unique motor with the front frame stretched 34 inches. Attached are pix of the ambulance. These are the same panels on a '42 sedan delivery. Dan Marx dlmarx at bellsouth dot net.
  12. I would look at a MOOG Streamliner parts manual, or a Toledo parts book, which became part of TRW, etc. With these numbers you can scrounge the internet and swap meets.. Dan
  13. I will have head for a '24-25 Huppmobile , '32 Chev Std head complete, '55 Gray marine head, NOS stant gas caps for cars from the '30-70's. Many locking gas caps. '56 Packard hood ornament (lower part), and a '48-50 Packard grill. If you need a unique hard to find gas cap, I may have it. Bring your old one with you. Have caps for early Fiats, and other european cars. Look for me in the Blue filed next to Chrome-it, spaces BBB 3,4. Thanks Dan 803 four two five 8649
  14. After 27 years of swap meets it's time to see the Auto Fair. I need some space to put out a few things and to go shopping. Will share a space or purchase one. Contact dan at dlmarx at bell south dot net. Thanks
  15. Thanks, the shape sure seems to match the '29 Packard. Dan
  16. OK, heer is a grill that looks like a Buick or Cadillac, early 30' perhaps? Thanks dan
  17. It would help if you have the Toledo or OEM number for the parts.
  18. Vented cap for Non Vented Fuel Tanks, has SMC Stant Logo stamped on the handle Stant Gasoline Filler Cap Made by Stant Manufacturing Company, Inc. U.S.A. Stant Part Number: G30/G20 Don't hesitate to ask if you have a question about application. 40 available • S Rivet • Paper gasket is in excellent condition been boxed on a shelf for 40 years $23.00 each, postage included in the good ol' USA. Go Army!!! According to my reference this G30 cap fits the following applications: 1937-1956 Buick 1937-1952 Chevrolet 1960 Chevrolet 1949-1952 Chrysler 1953-1954 Chrysler Station Wagon 1939-1952 DeSoto 1953-1954 DeSoto Station Wagon 1939-1952 Dodge 1953-1954 Dodge Suburban and Sierra 1958-1960 Edsel Station Wagon 1953-1959 Ford Station Wagon Skyliner Thunderbird 1960 Ford Thunderbird 1947-1953 Ford Tractor 8N & 9N 19xx-19xx Kaiser and Frazer (All) 1953-1958 Mercury Station Wagon 1941-1958 Oldsmobile 1941-1949 Packard 110 115 120 1957-1958 Packard 110 115 120 1941-1957 Pontiac 1940-1960 Studebaker (Except Lark Station Wagon) Cap Cross References to: AC…….. GT62 Dole……. DGS-30 Gates…… GAS-30 Mopar… 3-E-30 AutoLite.. FC30 Note: G-20 Chrome plated cap may be used as an alternative
  19. This is a pair of rear trim reflectors that are complete and need to be re-plated. $36.00 for the pair, includes postage in the USA. Contact Dan at 803 four two five 8649.
  20. OK, thanks for replies on identifying the other items, still no reply on the oil pan. This is a 6 cylinder flat head with numbers and a logo "CL". . Very heavy. No idea what it would fit. Thanks Dan
  21. Another head that traveled from Montana to SC. This is an over head valve 6 cylinder head that has GM valves. I suspect the water pump will help to identify this head. Has several markings with a casting number on the water pump. Early GM? Appears to be in great condition. Thanks Dan
  22. another item that made it from Montana to SC. This head has several markings on it, one being "HU" and "H', it also shows one primer cup, while there is a screw in the cap location of the other seven cylinders. Straight eight, flat head. What's it fit? Thanks Dan
  23. OK, I have posted pix of this oil pan previously but didn't have it in my possession for better photos. So, it has made its way from Montana to SC, now we can try again to ID this creature. There is a very unique logo on the bottom of the pan. Also, this pan is not pressed metal, it is a cast and heavy. Well, what are your thoughts? Thanks Dan
  24. Rings for GMC V-6 and V-12 engines are difficult to find. However, here they are listed on Amazon with a 1- 2 month delay. http://www.amazon.com/Hastings-2M6306-6-Cylinder-Piston-Ring/dp/B0049N8MI6?SubscriptionId=AKIAIN5HK5BFVBOCQQZQ&tag=weluma-us-20&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B0049N8MI6&ascsubtag=56b6bf504bf1a5.65985728 What are your thought on this.ThanksDan Marx
  25. Here are piston rings listed on Amazon, made by Hastings. Any what are tyour thoughts. http://www.amazon.com/Hastings-2M6306-6-Cylinder-Piston-Ring/dp/B0049N8MI6?SubscriptionId=AKIAIN5HK5BFVBOCQQZQ&tag=weluma-us-20&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B0049N8MI6&ascsubtag=56b6bf504bf1a5.65985728 Atomman
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