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  1. This is a pair of pistons for the following early Studebaker: Parts books says they fit 1922 EJ and 1923 and 24 EM .004 oversize with 11/16 diameter piston pin. Four ring type. Special thanks to StudeBoy for taking the time to ID the pistons. $50 plus $13.95 USPS medium flat rate postage for the pair. contact Dan at dlmarx at bellsouth dot net
  2. These were bought with a set of Light Six pistons, which have been sold. I am only assuming they could be Studebaker, they have a part number of 45550 printed on the top of one of the pistons. Diameter 3.125 in Height 3.380 in calculated compression height 1.938 in Thanks in advance for any help identifying these pistons.
  3. Pistons have been sold. Thanks to all who responded.
  4. OK, I have 5 TRW CR1325 connecting rods that have been reburbished. I cannot find a reference for these to confirm the application. They were previously marked 1955-59 Cadillac. However, the '59 caddy had a 390 ci engine. Any help identifying is greatly appreciated. Dan
  5. I need the trim that goes from the wind shied, down thru the side of the dash and goes to the floor behind the kick panel. This trim held the wind lace and had the window extensions used to push the bottom of the window out attached to it. Thanks Dan Marx
  6. Trying to find an application for this bushing. I know it is a leaf spring split rubber bushing, but I cannot find any application,. Harris Rubber 60100 Thanks
  7. This has a number of FE 18120 (O). I cannot find a Wagner master cylinder with a five digit number. So my thought is that might be an O after the FE 1812. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Looking to buy fenders and hood for a 1942 Ford Panel truck. Looking for something in the south east. Dan
  9. The number on the Buick tag is 4292108. However, I can't seem to find any thing matching it. This is an NOS Sunshade. Can someone decode the mfg shipping tag? Thanks for the help. Dan
  10. Make that two spaces, fingers got ahead of brain.
  11. I am looking for two space for the June 2020 Charlotte auto Fair. Contact Dan at dlmarx@bellsouth.net, 803-549-2187. Thanks Dan
  12. Not sure which magneto these fit. A picture reference I have, The Gibson Company, looks to be either Eisemann or Bosch-Simms magneto. $25.00 pair includes postage. Dan dlmarx@bellsouth.net
  13. I need A/C, alternator, and P/S mounting brackets for a ‘79 Buick 3.8l Turbo engine. Will the brackets from a normally aspirated interchange Dan
  14. I need two window regulators, right and left, for my 1942 ford ambulance. This started out as a '42 panel delivery. found a pair from a '46 but didn't fit. I have attached a pix of the opening for the regulator. Any help is greatly appreciated.. Dan
  15. I need two, right and left, door window regulators for my 1942 ford Ambulance. This started out as a '42 Panel delivery. I have attached a pix of the door opening. Found one from a '46 Ford, but was different. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  16. OK, I'm lost on this one. Wagner master cylinder FE-18120. I believe the FE is for a Ford. any help identifying this master cylinder is greatly appreciated. Thanks Dan
  17. Original dome light glass for 1928 Essex super Six. $55.00 plus shipping. email or text Dan at 803-549-2187 cell.
  18. My wife of 46 years will occasionally help in the garage, how ever, you need someone who knows when somethings not right and get out of the way, not just a deer In the head lights. it's YOUR SPACE NOT MINE, you clean it, she says!!.
  19. Not sure of the exact application. The only references I can find is for "Chevrolet". This is a Carter W-1 that was just rebuilt by All American Carburetor and they "re manufacturer" the carbs. This car was in excellent condition prior to rebuild. Contact Dan at dlmarx@bellsouth.net, or 803-549-2187. $225 plus USPS shipping..
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