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  1. I suspect this could be an Autolite, but it has no markings (after market i'm sure). It is a deep cap that is 4.5 in diameter with 2 location pins, something I have found on delco remy caps. and thoughts, V-12 caddy or Nash dual ignition?
  2. Well as usual and not unknown to find a part that looks like one application, but could well fit another. Attached are pix of a cap that could be a V-12 Cadillac or a dual ignition something else. The cap has an overall dimension is approx 4.5 inches and 4.25 in diameter for the mounting rim. Has 2 pins for positioning. Has application for two coils and the plug wires crew in. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks Dan Marx 803-549-2187
  3. Good for a parts car, restoreable, well maybe. Dash is missing.
  4. So, found a rusted out 1953 Old with complete factory air. This is time capsule under the hood. Nothing has been removed. Still has the original washer bottle, air cleaner, autronic eye, and radiator. Located at Tim’s Auto Parts, Sumter, SC.
  5. Tim’s Auto Parts is located in Sumter, SC, approx 35 miles east of Columbia, SC. I just happened to fine a complete ‘53 Olds With A/C. There a few older cars, ‘57 Despto Hemingway FiteFlyte, old Packard, and some late 50’ Fords and Chevys. Mostly parts.
  6. This car is located at Tim’s Auto Parts, Sumter, SC. Next to Shaw AFB
  7. Even has the Autronic Eye controller.
  8. Not something you find every day in a parts yard. A 100% complete rusted out 1953 Olds with A/C. Under the hood is complete, never been scavenged. Condenser is still in the trunk.
  9. The president of the Yellow Stone Bus Company is Bruce Austin, Nye, MT. Bruce can tell you all about your car, be prepared for a long conversation. In fact I purchased the one that President Franklin Rosevelt used during his tour of Yellowstone. It is 1928 Cadillac. Bruce has it now. His associate, Sage Olson, Billings, MT has the same car as yours that has been restored. You can contact Bruce at baustin1@earthlink.net or (909) 273-4613 Dan Marx 803-425-8649
  10. The attached radiator cap is unknown, at least to me. I have checked all my references and nothing matched the R-11 number. Thought it was AC Delco, but no match there. Any one have an idea of maker and /or application. Looks to be NOS, doesn't show any use on the rubber gasket, although it has a lot of "shelf wear". Thanks Dan dlmarx@bellsouth.net
  11. #6 Posted February 25, 2016 (edited) Past references date this to '25-26 Hupp. $200.00 obo Grimy, Yes about the small bore, the '25-'26 Hupmoblle model E1's B & S was 2 7/8" x 4 3/4". Edited February 25, 2016 by Dave Henderson (see edit history)
  12. Yes well worth restoring. If for sale, I would like to look at it. Yes, become a member of the professional car society. They will be all over this body!!!!
  13. I have this Hupp head. It is probably earlier than you are looking for. Dan 803-549-2187
  14. With the advent of CNC 5 Axis machines, once the computer work is done, these type of projects are possible. However, as I have been looking at a CNC and just rebuilt the wood framed doors on my '42 ford ambulance, the computer time is going to be costly. that is for the first one.
  15. Attached are pix of a dual ignition six cap. There are many references for this cap, but no reference to the difference in the locating tab. This one has 2 pins, while the other identical cap has a full tab that sets in the distributor. Can anyone help with the difference in application? Or provide me with the correct Delco Remy number for this cap? I have lost my HE reference. Thanks Dan
  16. Well, never thought of it as a stove pipe crimper. That was unusually done with a hand crimper. any other ideas? No date on the bender or a name. dan
  17. This is one of those things that when you see it, it kinda jumps in the back of your truck. This fits in the "what's it" category. It is a metal break, but it is purpose built, of which I have no idea what for. There is no name or number on it.
  18. Bud I have found a reference for the parts. Thanks
  19. I just bought an inventory and have some older Thompson /TRW reconditioned connecting rods. Any held with an ID would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Dan dlmarx@bellsouth.net TRW: CR 1322 CR 1418 CR 1415 Cr 1351 CR 1348 CR 1405 CR 1346 TRW/Thompson CR 1325
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