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  1. As we all know, the longer the years go by, the many stories that are told about a vehicle, the more convincing they are attached to the vehicle. In a few more generations, Tucker will have made that convertible. And yes, the number of knowledgeable folks are literally dying off that are the "flag bearers" for a past marquee brand. Wow, wouldn't be something if a PA Yellowstone bus showed up in the records. My friend Bruce would be stomping around the hillside like a ruffled ol' barnyard rooster, with those feathers just a flying. ? Thanks for your reply. Dan Marx
  2. According to Bruce Austin, jammertrust, there were no Pierce Arrow Yellowstone busses.
  3. Go to Jammer Trust.org for more info
  4. The owner is an avid collector of Yellowstone busses . These are ones that are yet to be determined and need too muck work. He has driven his Yellowstone busses in the Rose Parade. A few years ago I bought a Glacier Park bus for Bruce that was used by President Roosevelt during his 1928 tour of Glacier Park.
  5. These are 1924-25 White chassis's found in Montana. There were uses as Yellowstone Busses.
  6. This is a 2 piece hood with the center hinge removed. Fits a 1928 Essex super Six. My car is a 4 door, I would expect it to fit the coupes as well. $225 plus shipping. Locatwd in Rembert, SC 803-five four nine 2187archive (1).zip
  7. This is not a BARN FIND!!! It is a FIELD FIND. Yep, been setting in the weeds for many a year. Located in Monroe, NC with NO TITLE. Evidence that a tree fell on it. Has the complete Spitfire 6 Cyl,. that has never been picked over. Is it restoreable, well, maybe. Are there parts that could be used, sure. Has the fluid drive trans. Even has the white wall tires. Divider window with a jump seat. Looks like one seat is missing. The back part of the car has been closed up, so there is less weather damage. Any one for a complete honeycomb radiator? Contact Gary at Studley's Independent Rods, Monroe, NC. www.hotrodit.com. $1000.00 takes it all. I have guessed year by looking at pictures. let me know if I am wrong. Thanks
  8. Thanks, a heater was an option in those days. I know my '57 Ford custom was radio, heater, and clock delete.
  9. I can only assume this is automotive, perhaps some list member can shed some light on the use. Could this be an after market add on? Dan
  10. OK, I still have it, who can use it? Must be some Standard Buick owners out there.
  11. I have an NOS '31 Buick 60 series axle with spindles and I am trying to see what else it fits. It is listed in the for sale section. Thanks
  12. Will the spindles and king pins from a '30-31 60 series Buick axle interchange with the larger series? Thanks
  13. Well folks, I guess I have a different perspective on this topic. Yes, I don't need to sell the parts or cars to eat, any cars I have or will have when it is time to "be called up yonder" will have no meaning to my wife or heirs. I play with stuff to keep my sanity as i grow older, anxiety, depression, arthritis, .......... Sure I have 5000 gas caps in the loft, lots of parts to sell at swap meets, occasionally, and a couple of cars that I have some money in. They owe me nothing, there is not a lean on anything. So, If I am building a harp in the wood shop, or playing a medieval CRWTH I just finished, or working on my V-12, '42 for Ford Franken hearse, I had an enjoyable, relaxing time learning something new in life. Sorry, but I am just not concerned about the stuff in the garage when my time comes. My wife is secure for the rest of her life, and my grand kids don't care about car stuff.
  14. Attached is a 1923 coil application from the Wells Corp, Fondu Lac, WI. They are still making car parts. How many of these long lost marque names have you seen or own and where are they.
  15. While we know the wrench fits the Canuten Valve, don't forget that darn Canuten valve is connected to the Framis which is a bigger problem when it comes finding that Arkansas Speed wrench in the correct size.
  16. Sorry to inform you, but those "channel lock pliers" are an Arkansas speed wrench. Apparently not raised in the north.
  17. If the engines were numbered sequentially with the cars, this would be an early one? hey, it even looks like the distributor is intact on this one, that is until someone touches it.
  18. Some where in the back hills of Montana, Billings area perhaps, sits a Star Motors Inc Continental engine and partial frame. There is a tag on the Continental engine No.31006. Any idea what year this is? BTW, the polar vortex just went thru the area, probably under several inches of SNOW!!!!! Thanks Dan
  19. I have been teaching myself metal spinning for about a year. takes a lot of practice, practice, well, you know the rest. lot's of scrap metal laying around. Yes, a wheel cover can be made. In fact, there is a company in England that makes wheel covers. Check the internet for Terry Tynan, he lives in England but is the guru for spinning, and check facebook for earl Powell, another guru in metal spinning. Once you have the buck made from hard rock maple, then many pieces can be made. dan Marx
  20. Nice to see a car with the coach work. At the Good Guys Charlotte meet this past weekend there was a 1939(?) Judkins Lincoln V-12 Limo for sale. Very interesting to look at. $55K
  21. I have a 1942 Ford Siebert ambulance with a hood, but no other front sheet metal. I need a radiator support bracket and the front apron the hood would attach to. Please contact Dan at 803-five four nine-2187. Thanks Dan Marx Rembert, SC
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