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  1. I would suggest you contact Diamondback Radial tires in South Carolina and explain your situation and ask them if you purchase a set of the correct size but blackwall bias ply tires could they install a whitewall of the correct width on your tires. If they won't do it I bet they can tell you of a place that can. Good luck
  2. I don't recall a 3 barrel ever being used in NASCAR, at least not during the Pontiac hey days. They did allow the use of dual 4 barrel carbs on the Fords, I believe in 1965 to offset the Chrysler hemi. I also wonder why the 62 Pontiac 421 with single 4 barrel was rated at 390 horse power yet the NASCAR GN cars had 405 horse power on the hood.
  3. Mr. Moskowitz, just so you know, I have already signed up, got my rooms, mailed my registration in and can damn near taste the BBQ !!!
  4. Host hotel is sold out. I was able to get rooms at one of the other hotels listed
  5. Forums seem to be quiet too but I signed up and got rooms. Waiting on Annual Meeting plans.....
  6. Peter, where are the Chevrolet and Pontiac FOR SALE ads? I can't find them thanks Tommy
  7. Pat, I am very sorry to hear that your dad passed away. Aways looked forward to seeing the fire trucks that you and him bring to the National meets
  8. I sure hope it doesn't get canceled, we have our rooms. Kinda concerns me that I heard yesterday that Daytona Beach has refused to issue a permit for Bike Week this year.
  9. Hey Mark, my second choice would be back to the resort in Stowe, Vermont. That was one of the better meets we have had
  10. looks like the quarters have been replaced to me and isn't real nice workmanship working the quarters/door jams. I'd say 20k tops but I don't care for these cars
  11. moving up to a more modern day photo, this was taken at the old Fairgrounds Raceway in Richmond, Va., the Spring NASCAR race, May 1966. Waiting to qualify, me in Worth McMillion's # 83, 1965 Pontiac and Curtis Turner driving Smokey Yunick's number 22, 1965 Chevrolet. This photo was taken from the announcers stand, interesting to enlarge the photo and see the crude wiring etc. Wonder how many of todays high paid announcers in their air conditioned booths could broadcast from here?
  12. 1979 Austin Mini 1000. ( known as a City Car) Very nice condition, original Snap Dragon Yellow, original interior in great condition. 26,300 actual documented miles. Have receipts for inspections. Right hand drive, original English owner passed away, car was stored in England for many years before being purchased and brought to the states by an American Serviceman. Very rare automatic transmission, engine chrome package, mag wheels with new tires, have extra parts that will be included with sale of the car.. Great little car ! $13,900 real61ss@gmail.com Richmond, Va
  13. I agree with Matt Harwood, one top notch guy right here, sold 2 cars for me last year. I couldn't have been happier, they aren't all bad
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